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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Confessions #4

1. I really am over this heat. It makes people grumpy, irritable, and snappy. Or maybe that is just the people I have been dealing with. Thanks God next week it will be in the 80s. Its also supposed to rain so that will be a nice change.

2. I am addicted to Instagram. I am constantly refreshing the app looking at what people are doing. Its annoying when one persons account is only filled with pictures of just them. The point of it is to see your life; not just profile pictures. But I still look lol. Follow me @missnewbourgie (shameless plug lol) but I also post some of those pics on here too.

3. I want to try the Insanity workout. I saw the infomercial today while watching TV and I got pumped up (like I always do) and really considered ordering it. But then I stopped. I knew that if I got it the DVD would just sit and collect dust without someone yelling at me to do it. I need to find some motivation for these 20 pounds I'm trying to lose. Insanity seems a little bit more doable that joining a gym. Anyone ever tried Insanity?

Hope everyone has a great week!


Georgina said...

You should definitely try Insanity (I've never done it so can't really provide valuable advice) but starting a new workout routine always seems like a great idea :)

Newest follower!

xo Georgina

Alyx said...

YES! Do Insanity for sure. I've done it 1.5 times (I didn't finish it the second time bc that's when we left the country... shame on me), and it is amazing. I could tell that my cardio health had improved immensely after just a week. It's great. Seriously.
Thanks for linking up !

Nnenna said...

I am sooo glad that it cooled down today- it's just miserable when it's so hot outside!

S. Franklin said...

I'm just getting into Instagram and it is really addicting! I'm still making my rounds from the Aloha Friday blog hop and I'm now following you.

I'd love a follow back at www.thedivvyspot.com. Thanks and have a good one! :)

Melissa Enault said...

Thanks for linking up at the GFC Blog Hop today!