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Sunday, July 1, 2012

July....2nd half of 2012!!!

With a new month comes...new hair!!! Okay its only temporary, but I am loving the curls right now and I think for July I may stick to it! I love changing up my looks!

BTW: I am excited to have new followers on my blog! It makes me happy to know that 8 PEOPLE (pause for effect) check out the bourgie-ness that is my life :) XO

So it is now officially July 1st. This means that the first half of 2012 is over. I cant believe how time flies. In the last 6 months so much has happened and changed that its hard to even think that it was all in the same year. It was filled with hugs and tears; drama and stress; party times and low times but as my life mantra goes 

"Everything Happens For A Reason"

We learn and we grow. The most important thing that happened in the first 6 months is definitely making the decision to restart my blog! I think it has been really good for me so far and its so cheesy how I light up every time I talk about it to someone :)

For this 2nd half of 2012 I plan to be a little more open and adventurous to whats to come. I have a couple of trips planned (NY and ATL) plus I am still on my lovely job hunt (i finally got a part time to help out a little). I also want to really improve my relationships with my family and friends now that I am back in NC and be able to reconnect with some.

How was your first half of 2012?

FYI: Later today I will be posting my 101 in 1001 list. FINALLY!!! I'm so excited to be doing this and July 1st is my official start date for it.

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simplyevani.com said...

I'm one of your bloglovin followers! I really like your hair and sunglasses in that pic. I'm eager to see your list, I've been thinking of making one for awhile but I have a few life goals I want to accomplish before I make one for recreation :)