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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Currently #2

reading... Lauren Conrad "Style" such a cute book!
writing... trying to get ahead of my blog posts for next week...
listening... Calvin Harris's album is AWESOME...go listen!
thinking... I need to pack for my trip to Georgia next weekend!
smelling... Laundry. That's all I did this weekend.
wishing... this weather would make up it's mind! I want warm weather so I can wear my wedges!
hoping... this week goes by quickly
wearing... everything I can to stay work working softball outside (scarf, gloves, blanket, tights, beanie)
loving... Trader Joe's Powerberries. If you havent had them...TRY THEM! I am addicted.
wanting... some Starburst JellyBeans. Since its Easter I want some!
needing... my door fixed! I hate that it still won't close all the way. My landlord needs to come over!
feeling... sleepy! Since this week is Spring Break for the schools I should be able to get some!
clicking... on job websites. Still looking for a full time job *crosses fingers*

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's Ok...

Its Ok Thursdays

...to be late for work. 
This is the first time in weeks! I was just really tired and wanted to sleep that extra 10 minutes. 
Then it turned into 45.

...to eat cereal for dinner. 
This last week I have come home so tired that I don't want to make dinner. 
So Frosted Flakes it is.

...to be against the "Diva Cup"
If you have't seen it check out Divacup.com
I am just not down for the "emptying of the cup" 2-3 times a day.
But to each his own.

...that I have not done my hair in a week.
The weather has made me and my beanies best friends.
So until Spring appears I wont be doing it. 
Fishtail braid expert right here.

...that Shoedazzle forces me to purchase shoes. 
When you take 10 dollars out of my account I have no choice but to purchase.
And Daily emails are basically TELLING me that the shoe is on sale for ME to order.
Well done Rachel Zoe. Well done.

...to not accept made up children names.
For the record Rejouissance, Giselangel, and Zah'Laiye are NOT names. 
The children were nice, those names are not.
I'm sorry to judge but it makes it hard for subs like me to take attendance.

...for me to check out 15 library books and 
continue to renew them until I finish reading them.
I'm currently on book 5.
I've renewed twice. 

...that I am addicted to Instagram. 
I feel some type of way when I don't get to post a pic for the day.
I'm proud of my 712 photos.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

March Madness!

Perception Is Everything

So we are more than halfway through March, but I always have a list of things needed to be done!
I usually do them weekly but I wanted to participate and make a month long list!

  • Get a Bed. Point blank. I want a mattress! The Bed frame will have to come later. My boyfriend rocks by giving me a futon for me to sleep on so I don't have to bring out the air mattress, but I am not going to have that for too long. I have high hopes of the decor for my room. However my money is not matching my ambition. So my priorities are furniture first, then I can decorate. Guess I will be staring at these bare white walls for a little while longer.

  • Finish Reading the Divergent Books. I finally got the 2 books on my Kindle Fire and I plan to take my evenings and sit and read. This goes along with cutting back on watching so much TV , Hulu, and Netflix. 

  • Make guacamole from scratch. Trader Joes sells this Guacamole Kit and I thought it was such an awesome idea to pack everything together and sell it. I bought one and plan on making it this month!
  • Eat in during the week. I am so quick to be lazy and pick something up to eat close to home so I don't have cook. This is costing me lots of money (money I could be using for fun times) so I want to try only eating food from home during the week. This should be doable because since I am a substitute teacher during the day, so I'm not tempted. 
  • Create my budget for house bills and trips. I go on way too many trips, shop too much, and have too many bills to not know how much I money I need to make monthly. I plan to create a sheet of all the bills I need to pay and when I have to pay them. I want to use this as a checklist so I don't forget things. This will also help when I have unplanned expenses.
Lets see how this goes!

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Monday, March 18, 2013

No Luck of the Irish

This weekend was pretty laid back. Stayed out of the St. Patricks madness. Not because I didn't want to, but more because of funds. I didn't budget it in with buying stuff for the house. Y'all are going to get sick of me talking about this house! LOL I'm just so excited!

Here's a quick rundown:
1. First dinner made in the new house! I cooked some Turkey Burgers, waffle fries, and some baked beans! Topped it off with a cold Yuengling and it was a successful dinner. We sat in at the dinner table with no phones and everything! Nice time chatting and not on social media. After I took this pic of course!
2. Decorating the house is a slow and steady process. I predict the house won't be furnished fully until around the summer. But for now the guest bathroom is going to have a "zen" feel. Red and black and promoting "peace and harmony".
3. Saturday night we had a little gathering. I spent most of my time not on my phone so I didn't really take a pictures like usual but we had some drinks, played some games, and chatted about life. My team won Taboo (of course) and I was so excited to have gotten "Amazon". The connection is that the Amazon Woman is the mascot for my sorority. I thought it was pretty awesome that I guessed it right.
4. Geronimo (my baby) hit 90,000 miles on Sunday. Such an achievement. He has been up and down the East Coast on some fun road adventures. But he has been taking a break, and hasn't been on the open road since January. Put come April, he may be heading back out!

Hope everyone had a good week!

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Currently #1

reading..."Something Blue" the book after "Something Borrowed".
writing... lots of To-Do List. So many things that I need to do for the new house!
listening... 20/20 Experience. Justin Timberlake's new album is amazing!!
thinking... this is going to be a long week with all the places I have to go.
smelling... Hookah times...i don't mind the smell of them.
wishing... that this warm weather would stay for good...its supposed to be cold again tomorrow :(
hoping... the start of my eating healthy mission survives the first week
wearing... fishtail braids are my obsession right now
loving... the TV Show on Spike TV called Bar Rescue...its pretty awesome!!
wanting... to get my taxes done....i have put it off for too long
needing... some furniture in my bedroom! I don't mind sleeping on my futon...for now
feeling... a little lethargic...its that time of the month and all I want to do is be in my bed.
clicking... on some shopping sites like Shoedazzle and Zooshoo

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Friday, March 15, 2013

I say Bloglovin 8 times in this post!

Happy Friday!

Just a quick tidbit...

This whole Google Reader disappearance has everyone in a tizzy....yes I said tizzy. For the record I understand why they are getting rid of it. I always felt it was a hassle and annoying and when I really wanted to read someones blog specifically I would just go straight to their page. If i am following your blog and you have a BlogLovin button, you better believe I'm following you on both, but only reading through BlogLovin.

I recently had to sort of start my blog over...because my GFC followers weren't working. I didn't think this was a problem until I started to see that if people couldn't follow my blog with GFC, they were not using the option of BlogLovin and just not following at all. Which made me realize how many people didn't know about the site. This is now the chance that the site has been waiting for....BlogLovin must be having the Best Week Ever! (thanks VH1)

To be completely honest (don't be mad) a majority of my blogs that I read daily or weekly are on Bloglovin so I have no problem switching over. If I follow a blog on GFC its mostly because I have been told to do so in order to be entered for a giveaway. But BlogLovin is way more organized and I can see the actual blog and appreciate all the time people spent making their blogs.

Sooooo with that being said....

If you would like to continue following me and currently are using Google Reader, go ahead and get it over with and switch to BlogLovin now and click on my button in this post or on my sidebar. When I first started blogging last year, signing up for BlogLovin was the best decision I made. It gives me the chance to put blogs into catagories (I have my favorites, my fashion, my link-ups, etc) and its EASY!

Follow on Bloglovin


What is everyone's thoughts on this whole Blog switch?

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

We got a house!

This week I moved into my new house with my best friend Nicole and her younger sister Joy. 
We found this amazing 4 bedroom 3.5 bathroom for a great price!

I love the idea that I will:
1. Not have to live with Cousin and her Fiance'
2. No longer have to look for an apartment and deal with Rent spikes
3. Have more space to hold all my shoes and clothes!

This is the Living Room! I love the hardwood floors and how open the space is.

Our kitchen has an island! Whenever I'm at someones house I'm always hanging out on their island. 
We may get some stools to put in here. I already know this will be the main place everyone gathers!

The house has 3 floors! Bottom floor has its own apartment pretty much built in!

I'm so excited to get to decorate my room without having to remember that I will be moving after a year! I want to paint my walls, get a new bedroom set, and accomplish a bunch of DIY crafts to add special touches to my room. Hopefully I'll be able to document it all!

Awesome photography right? 
LOL I will say that I'm not fond of the stripes in the bathroom. 
But I will make it work. Any suggestions on color schemes or accents? 
Greg says black or do all white accents (towels, candles,etc)

Our Deck is amazing! So happy that Spring and Summer are coming because its time for BBQs and this deck is the perfect place to do it! We are going to get some killer patio furniture, a grill, and an above ground pit (for me and my s'mores). I can't wait until Memorial Day!

We wanted a big backyard for Nicole's puppy Rizzo. 
That Lab loves to just run and run so hopefully this will  be acceptable for her.

Its been a crazy couple of days but I'm excited for all the new adventures in the house!


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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How Eventful...

Friday Night was spent having a low key evening of dinner and movies. 
Greg and I ordered Chili's To-Go and got some Redbox movies. 
Taken 2 was awesome!
Earlier in the day Greg and I were discussing what we should do for our date. 
That text message is what he came up with lol.

Saturday night we went out.
The trio (me and my best friend plus boyfriend) went out to club Label.
All I can say is that it was quite an interesting night.
Duke was also playing Carolina (and won!) so I wore Cobalt Blue completely by coincidence.
As usual we had our photo shoot before we left. Too funny!

Sunday night was recovery time.
 Had some wings at Hickory Tavern, where we watched the Pistons play the Clippers.
Did anyone else see that crazy dunk???? It was awesome.
Its being called the dunk of the year!
We also had a long conversation/quote session about Mean Girls.
That movie is one of the greatest!
I found this Instagram post with all the best quotes.
My favorite is "She doesn't even go here!!!"
And no weekend could be complete without a trip to Target.
We have been on a hunt for a nice patio set and I saw this one.
 I thought was really cute! It even comes with the umbrella!

Hope everyone else had a great weekend!


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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Random Things

So here are some random things that I have realized so far this week:

* Being a No-Reply blogger was the worst!! But I fixed it and if all goes well I can now get email responses from comments I make on other peoples blogs! Its a small thing but I was excited about it. *shrugs* I also completed my "Contact" page on my Nav-Bar so now the whole bar is complete!

* I'm WAY more excited about OZ: The Great and Powerful than I thought. Greg is supposed to be taking me tomorrow! I have ties with this movie so I feel such a great urge to see it. In 8th grade our school's musical was The Wizard of Oz. It was the highlight of the year and who got to play the Wicked Witch of the West...(the coolest part of the play) this girl!!! I wish I had a copy of me in full costume and make-up. It was awesome! My mother even made my costume from scratch! So let's just say I'm stoked that the Witches are heavily featured in this movie!

* Tinted moisturiser comes in handy on days that I don't have time to/don't want to put make-up on. That tiny bottle is great! Yes I'm late, but I definitely feel like no one really wants to see my blotchy face at 7am in the morning.

* Choosing a color to paint my new room is more stressful than I thought. Its a full commitment and I have to stare at that color for a LONG time. Who knew that a shade of grey was so serious. I'm leaning more towards Arabian Veil. The title of the paint if making me lean toward it. Sounds so exotic!

* Substitute teaching is hard core! Its been about 6 months but I'm starting to get the hang of it. I'm finding out what I like and don't like (early morning schools, middle vs. elem, etc) and I am still on the fence about if I am still wanting to go back to school to become a full time teacher.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Time for Green Beer and Basketball!

(i know you love the Reptar shirt!)

It's already March I can't believe it!!! 
We are now almost through 1/4 of the year.
This means busy busy times are ahead and I'm ready.

Some things coming up:

Moving into my new house! (7 more days!)
Stroll Competition (ill definitely do a post to explain)
Birthday Celebrations!
St. Patricks Day Bar Crawl!
Possible FL trip!
March Madness! (college basketball)

At least most of it is fun! 
I'm still trying to complete my 101 in 1001 along the way...
 So posts about that will hopefully show up this month!

Hope everyone has a great week!

***If anyone wants to do a button swap with me let me know!
I'm new to the "Button Game" and I want to dive in!***


Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend of Chaos

Happy Monday!

This past weekend was jam packed and Im exhausted to start he new week. 
It was CIAA weekend here in Charlotte. Tons of events, parties, and basketball games! 
I spent the entire weekend with some of my favorite people and I had am amazing time. 
I had to work Sunday afternoon, but I had been moving around so much that work almost felt like a break!

Here are a couple of pics that highlighted my weekend.

1. Me and my best friend Nicole at Boardwalk Billys. Its a local restaurant/bar that we used to frequent when we were in school, but we decided to head down memory lane. Can't beat 2.50 Yuenglings!
2. I always take pictures of the parking decks I park in when I got out. That way I never forget. Does anyone else do that?
3. My outfit Friday night. I'm loving my leopard flats. I got compliments all weekend!
4. Me and Nicole heading to a Day Party Uptown Charlotte. So much fun but so tiring! I'm definitely a night-time girl.
5. The Step show was great! I love watching them. The was movies and my favorite was definitely the Zetas who did "Black Swan"
6. Saturday night I stayed in and chilled with my friends. Well maybe not chill. Lots of fun times, dancing, listening to music and hookah :)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Trip to PA

So I recently took a trip to PA! I met up with my sorority sisters for a weekend of Spicyness :)
I flew into Philly and we drove to Bethlehem where I stayed with my sister Carolina.

There was about 7 of us in the house at one time and with one bathroom it was kind of crazy! But we made it work and I had a blast! Breakfast laughs and my huge hangover from Friday night Shenanigans really stuck out on the trip.

Bullet points of my journey to PA:
  • If you are low on gas DO NOT try and find the cheapest station first. Put in like 5 bucks and then search for another one. We almost learned the hard way getting stuck on a bridge right outside the Philadelphia airport at night!
  • When traveling its always cheaper to check your bag at the gate...not when you first arrive. Its free!
  • When its snowing outside...texting gloves don't provide any protection from the cold!
  • Make sure to take all pictures of outfits before leaving the house. If pictures are taken at the location make sure to take them ASAP before the drinking begins!
  • Set a schedule that leaves an extra hour for food and travel. Day drinking and no food will cause exhaustion to sink in and nothing productive will get done.
  • Overpacking is not advised but if it happens make sure the extra items are logical. 6 pairs of pumps to choose from when its snowing outside is not the smartest!

1. Waiting at the airport in Charlotte. I always have to travel in style 
(i love my new leggings! They were warm!)
2. I loved my gate number (my greek number is 3)
3. I made it to Philly as soon as it started to snow. I avoided a major delay
4. TeamSpicy made it to the bar just in time for $3 Long Islands!
5. The Saturday night step show was a major part of the weekend. My org won first place!
6. The snow that awaited us when we left the show. Everything was buried!
7. My friend Lupe is from Colorado. This was nothing! She took charge!
8. I Love You TeamSpicy
9. Step Show afterparty. It was sooooo hot in there. Party was okay but I had way more fun Friday night
10. My and my sister Sam. She has so much swag I love it!
11. I had a great hair day everyday in PA. Even with all the snow!
12. My last day in PA we went out for Malaysian food. This dish is called Nasi Goreng. So Spicy and delicious!