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Monday, December 23, 2013

Movin and Shakin

So its Monday again... but its the Monday before Christmas and I'm off of work!!!
I am already enjoying this break, but I had a pretty chaotic week leading up to it.
But when it comes to my weekend. It was pretty busy as well.

one//I went to my first Hockey game on Thursday (that still counts as sort of the weekend) and I had a blast. Charlotte Checkers had Teacher Appreciation night so of course I went with my BFF who is an amazing 4th grade teacher, BJ!! A whole crew of us went and to top it off it was $1 beer night. It was such a win! I definitely will be going to another one!
two//Always a good time hanging out with one of my besties. Hockey games are colder than I thought, so I found it interesting that I had to stay bundled up like I was outside.
three//Friday night was party time! The warm weather was upon us so it was a great night to not freeze and put on something cute! Uptown Charlotte was busy and it was such a good time!
four//Such a fun Friday night meant Saturday was strictly recovery. Chipotle is my recovery food. Yes I had it 2 days in a row and no I don't feel bad about it. My addiction is real. But it helped and by Saturday night I could function normally.
five//I woke up Sunday morning doing some last minute packing and cleaning before I headed to D.C. This is the first time in awhile flying to visit my parents. Usually I drive so I can pack as much as I want and bring back a large amount of shopping. But I had to be strategic about my bag. If I wear all my bulky stuff that saves room!
six//My flight was so empty. Since it was 2 days before Christmas I thought it was going to be a animal house. But it was very quick, easy going, and stress free. I guess Monday and Tuesday will be the days of chaos. Glad I'm already home!!!

So the next couple of days will be spent hanging out with the folks and enjoying the Holidays. I will be preparing posts, but probably not posting anything until this weekend.

Hope everyone has an amazing holiday!


Friday, December 20, 2013


So today marks the start of my Winter break from work. This means that I have 14 days to really enjoy the holiday season. 2 whole weeks no dress code, no early rising, and most of all, NO MORE children (I love them all I promise I do). Its been a long week filled with sugar and chaos. Glad to be done. I head to Virginia on Sunday to visit the parentals. I'm really excited because its a whole week with them and holidays are always interesting. But I'm not that ecstatic because its a whole week with them. I can't be the only one that loves to spend time with their family but on day 3-4 you are like "Help me!" Well this may be due to the fact that I'm an only child so there is no one else to focus on. My parents read my blog now (its relly quite crazy) so they know I'm just speaking the truth joking!!! They need to get a dog. Maybe that should be my Christmas present to them. Time for some wine, Christmas movies with my mom, and shopping to my hearts content. I don't know how things are making it home since I am flying and I would rather listen to One Direction on loop than pay a suitcase fee. #firstworldproblems I know. But no seriously, I'm just going to wear everything at once and then pack all my shoes. That just might work.

Tonight to celebrate, me and my fellow teacher friends will be heading downtown to get a little "Spicy". The weather is supposed to be in the 50s and I hope it stays that way. Can you believe it? This weekend the high is planned to be 72! In December!!!!! Hows that 5 feet of snow New York? I know a lot of people that will traveling to be with their families this week so I am praying they make it safe. Anyone else out in blog land making there way into the abyss that is the North please take precautions. Make sure you have lots of music and snacks to prevent getting "the zone" and be on the lookout for "crazies" from the South who don't know how to drive in the wintery white! I recommend Beyonce' or Bruno Mars and White Cheddar Popcorn. My favorite.

To treat myself I am headed to Chipotle for the first 3rd time this week. Nice weather, a burrito bowl, and some Patron. Sounds like a good Friday to me! So to keep the party going I will #backthatazzup with Whitney. It's Beyonce'. Enough said.

What is everyone doing this weekend?


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Guess what day it is...

ONE: I really want my nose pierced. I think I like the way I look with it. What do you think? I'm 99.9 percent sure that my parents would freak out. Plus I tough my nose wayyy too much (the lovely perks of allergies) and it would hurt and possibly get ripped out.


TWO: I take photos of myself in outfits because i don't trust the mirror. Its a problem. I have a perfectly good full length mirror in my room. But I choose to use the huge one in my bathroom. I think the lighting is better in there too.

THREE: Beyonce' addicted right now. That new album. Fire. I am not even a hard core Beyonce fan. I have a couple of friends who do anything to go to her concerts. But this visual album makes me want to stand in line and head to her next concert. Some of my favorites include "Haunted", "Blow", "Drunk In Love". Partition is the BEST!!! Such a great vibing album.

FOUR: These braids have reached the end. I wanted to have them last until the New Year, but I hate when my hair is not up to par; I feel some type of way. Time for something different. It may be time to bring the bangs back. I've missed them.

FIVE: I have dropped the ball with my TV shows this season. I did not watch a single episode of Glee, The Mindy Project, and New Girl and I'm so sad for it. But that's what DVR is for. I guess that's what the winter break is for.

Dateless in Dallas

Hope everyone has a great week!


Thursday, December 12, 2013

You like me....you really like me!

I got really excited last night because I received an email saying "Congrats you now have 100 followers on BlogLovin". I was so excited that I literally got up and twerked did my celebratory booty dance.

Its kinda cool to think that over the last year that I have been doing this blog, there are at least 100 people who even for one day decided that my blog was interesting enough to read. I don't post all the time so I know I don't have anyone running to their computer to see what I have posted daily, but hey its still nice to feel the love.
I won't take away from the GFC followers either. Even though it is basically obsolete, bloggers are still using the follow counter and I know that giveways are still asking bloggers to follow on GFC. Strange but whatevs.

Thank you to all who read at all and see the progression that I have made in my blog. I do it all for fun. And I read other blogs for fun because its nice to know that if I'm not going on adventure I can always read about it in blogland. For the record I am not trying to become a household name; I just want to make some friends. The ladies that are in the blog world are pretty freakin cool. So who wants to be my blog friend?

Shameless plug time; If you haven't already done so you can find me all the time!

Follow me on BlogLovin
Look at my lovely face on Instagram
Read my random thought on Twitter
Stalk my favorite things on Pinterest
Or even email me straight up at bourgiechronicles@gmail.com

Enjoy and have a great Thursday!


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hump Day

It's Wednesday!!! 
Today I joining in on a new Link-up with Bella over at Dateless in Dallas
Her blog is so great I am excited to be a new follower!

So I present to you my first week of Hump Day Confessions.

1. I am doing link-ups all week on my blog.
It's a rough week...don't judge me. But its been so long since I have posted everyday so that's a plus. I have started reading a lot of new blogs lately so I am excited to jump in on their link-ups. My creative button is broken this week for post ideas. Stay tuned next week for some different stuff...hopefully.

2. Weekend Shenanigans is ending...for now and I'm devastated.
Sami who is an amazing blogger has ended one of my first and favorite link-ups ever....Weekend Shenanigans. I was never religious with the Monday posts. But I really did enjoy the diversity of all the people who participated. Not to mention I'm sure a lot of my new readers/commentors have been from that link-up. So sad its ending but I'm excited to see what new stuff with be popping up on there. If you haven't checked out her blog....you should!

3. I am unhappy with some of the Grammy nominations this year.

So on Friday the list of Grammy nominations were put out and I was very shocked. Justin Timberlake was only nominated for like 2 awards (which wasn't album of the year or even song of the year) and J. Cole wasn't nominated AT ALL! His album was awesome and I think some of the categories were a little off. Even though I love Macklemore I really was confused as to why they had so many nominitions. But I'm really rooting for Katy Perry to win something. So many years and not one Grammy??? Doesn't make sense since her songs blow up charts all the time. Oh well. We shall see how things pan out next month. My house is already planning the Viewing Party! Did anyone else see any other nominations that were just crazy?

4. My Secret Santa gifts this year rock!
So I have 2 major SS gifts to get. One for my job and the other for my "Team" and I have to say both are going to be pretty awesome. I love giving gifts that aren't generic and are catered to the person. No gift cards from me! I just hope that both of my gifts are just as awesome.

5. The Sing Off is back and I love it!
Yes I am a music geek and I love this show dare I say it more than Glee. It was cancelled 2 years ago but they brought it back! Acapella groups always take me back to my high school/middle school show choir days.


Dateless in Dallas

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Me and Santa

When I think of Christmas as a child I think of doing 2 things; putting up the Christmas Tree and meeting Santa. I would get so excited about the idea of pulling out the tree (we had a fake tree) and going through all the ornaments to figure out which ornaments are worthy of being viewed by all for a whole month. My handmade ornaments from school always made the cut...until about the age of 10 and then they started to be replaced by embarrassing awkward school picture ornaments. I also always got to put the star on the top. My father would lift me up and it would be such a signature moment that to me as a kid and it wasn't really the holidays until I did that.

5 year old Nikki!

Since I am an only child I was really close to my parents. I still am really close with them, but most of our Christmases were spent with just the 3 of us. To me it was awesome. Throw in a couple of puppies to join in on the action and my memories are complete. But then it was time to meet the man in charge. Old Saint Nick himself. And for some reason I was never really down to do it. I refused to do it because he was creepy and I guess I didn't like the idea of sitting on a strange man's lap. Go figure lol. But I did it. Because I knew that this was my only chance to talk to him about my list. LOL So I took one for the team so to speak. I would have rather just written a letter and called it a day. But year after year I did it. And there was a picture to capture it. Don't let the smile fool you. I loathed it.

1987 I had to sit on my moms lap because I refused to sit on his.

I was only 2, but I knew what was up.

Over it. But mom wanted a picture. And I had a cute outfit on so....cheese!

Despite dreading meeting mall Santa, all of my Christmas' as a child were awesome and magical. Exactly how they should be. As I got older I definitely took them for granted, especially when we started visiting family and travelling to see them. Being in college the holidays to me were more of a time off from school going home because that was supposed to happen. Instead of enjoying my time with my family since I rarely saw them anyway. I feel like now I am at an age where I look forward again to being around people I love and enjoying giving gifts instead of giving them. Well that's not entirely true....I mean who doesn't love presents?!?! And this year will be no different.

What are some things you looked forward to as a kid during the holidays?


Helene in Between

Monday, December 9, 2013

New Life

Hope everyone had a great Sunday. 
My weekend was pretty low key, but with one big event!
I'm ready for this week to get started because everyday that passes means I'm closer to Winter Break and a full 2 weeks off of work!!! Woot woot!

 I brought out the new shoes Friday and Saturday. The weather last week was crazy! It was in the 70s on Thursday and Friday so Friday night was spent letting my feet out and showing off some cute flats I picked up at Old Navy during Black Friday. I'm in love. I'm already making plans to order more around Christmas. Hopefully there is a nice after Christmas sale that I can take advantage of! I had also been looking for Cognac riding boots forever. I've probably mentioned it once or twice. But I finally got them! Avenue is a plus size website that caters to my lovely calves. They are super comfy and I'm so glad they go with most of my wardrobe. I think I may have to get another pair in black.

Excuse my grainy pictures lol. I spent most of my Saturday in the hospital. I was supposed to go to the ACC Championship game (Florida State vs Duke) but I found out very early that my friend Sabrina was giving birth! 10 days early!! The last time I had been to the hospital in Charlotte was when my other niece was born 6 years ago. So trying to find the right place was quite a journey. The 8th floor was so elusive that only 2 elevators could get you to it, and we pretty much found every single one that didn't. It was such an accomplishment when we were able to click the elevator button and make it to the maternity floor!

Welcome Sebastian Joel to the world! He is so cute and has a head full of dark black curly hair. At 21 inches long he is all legs and I already can tell he is going to be tall like his dad. I was so proud of my friend Sabrina. It's so crazy to see her as a mother. Now she is always going to be a 2 person deal whenever I want to hang out. But I'm so excited for her journey. The hospital was beautifully decorated for the holidays and even Santa made an appearance that night. I thought the Christmas trees in all the waiting rooms were gorgeous. I wish I could get my tree to look like that. Blue and green actually looks really nice together. A mental note for my mother. She changes her color scheme for the tree every year and I think this one would be nice.

Sunday was really lazy. It was cold and a bit rainy. I prepped food for the work week and made a delicious dinner. If you haven't tried the Kraft Seasoning Packets you really should. I made some Southwest Chipotle Chicken that was tasty. I'm looking forward to leftovers! Football was pretty crazy. A huge storm hit the north and it was snowing almost everywhere north of Virginia. You could barely see the players or the field during the Eagles game. Constant flow of snow the whole game. I felt so bad for the players. I makes me think how crazy it is for the Super Bowl to be played in NJ. There is definitely a possibility for it to be like that during the game. It's New Jersey after all.

Happy Monday!


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Black Friday Madness

This is pretty random but I wanted to post about it.

Black Friday.

Yeah it was a week ago but it just keeps on popping back up.

In the last couple years of shopping with my family, 
I have been lucky during this chaotic time.
No issues. No fights. No fuss. 
The biggest drama we have had is not getting coffee at Starbucks for the wait time in line.
I love the thrill of a sale, but nothing is going to make me fight or act crazy over some $100 TVs, 
or some 5 dollar headphones. (Even though I kind of wanted that TV)

So when my mother asked me about if I had heard about the fights that broke out over the country during this popular shopping time I wasn't surprised.
What I was surprised about was where.

Victoria's Secret.

A freaking Victoria's Secret.

I read the news report and there really wasn't even a real reason for it.
Just too many people in such a small space.
But this isn't even that bad compared to what happened in a mall in Philly.
A stun gun was used.
For real.
As funny and mind blowing these videos are I couldn't help but also be annoyed that these videos were all women and that they were acting bat shit cray
Its not that serious.
I don't know what the stun gun fight was about, but clearly it was in a mall,
 so shopping had to be involved somehow.
Bottom Line: Chill out and shop on Cyber Monday. Unless they are giving out $100 TVs again. Because that's just crazy for a 32"!!!! lol (jk)

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holiday Cheer

It's December so that means...
 time to spread all that holiday cheer!

Secret Santas are sprouting up all over the place.
I have one for my job, one with my group of friends, and another one with my roommates.
So I will be spending these next couple weeks on the hunt for some really great gifts.
Now usually Secret Santa gifts usually have a limit like 20 bucks or so, but I created my wishlist as if there was no limit! Wouldn't that be great if we were all rolling in the dough?
So here are a couple things that I think would be great to get from my "Santa".

one Naked Palette 3. 
I've never tried any of the other ones but there is no better time to start than now! 
I love the variety of colors and guaranteed I would wear this palette all the time!
two Kardashian Kollection. I cant believe their collection is at Sears! 
This cutout dress is definitely not made for the winter but could be a possibility for New Years.
three Michael Kors Watch. Everyone has one. I don't care. I want one. I think I saw a really cute one in gunmetal too. But they are so classic its pretty much a staple piece of jewelry.
four Ipad Air. This thing is so cool. 
So light and perfect for my giant purses and trips on the plane.
five Ray Ban Eyeglasses. I need some new specs and the bigger frames are in right now so I thought these were super cute! Now I just need to try them on and see how they look...
six Infinity Scarf. Old Navy has amazing scarves! 
I love Royal Blue and Grey so those will be the two I plan to get! *When I made this post I hadn't been shopping yet. I wasn't able to get the Royal Blue, only grey*


Monday, December 2, 2013

Where's Thanksgiving?

Hope everyone had a great 5 day weekend (or however long).
I really needed the breather from the children. 
But I'm refreshed and ready to handle the cray cray before Christmas.
There are only 24 days left until Christmas, and 15 of them are school days, so those days are going to be filled with lack of focus, talks of toys, and teachers counting down until the next vacation.

I noticed as I was writing this post that I really didn't take too many pictures. When I am around family I really forget to take pictures and I am kind of just wrapped up in spending time with my aunt. I wish I did get a chance to take more pictures, since I am a blogger it should be expected. This weekend I nervously let my family in on my blogging venture and they all thought it was pretty cool *whew*. I didn't want anyone to think I was trying to pry into their lives, I just like to talk about mine.

This post doesn't all the wondrous pics I would like. I really didn't need to take pics of my food though (we all mostly eat the same stuff), and I left my phone in the car during Black Friday (or Grey Thursday as I've heard it be called). So no pics from those adventures.
But enjoy the ones I have.

one// Charlotte Uptown is so pretty at night with all the lights in the trees. They were up before Thanksgiving even hit. They couldn't wait! But I like it. Makes going out more festive!
two// My outfits for Thanksgiving dinner and Black Friday Shopping. I wanted to stay warm and I think I made good choices.
three// Randomly my Grandmother wanted a Red wall so my Dad got to painting and the end result is pretty nice! I love that my Grandmother knows about accent walls!
four// Out for drinks with friends. I am so happy about scarf weather. This express one if my favorite for obvious reasons.
five// The turkey my Aunt cooked had a serious tan. It looks deep fried, but it definitely wasn't. So yummy!
six// Fox socks at Old Navy $1!!! I hate that Fox song but that was all I could think about when I bought these socks. I also got some polka dot and bird socks. Ah I love Old Navy sales!
seven// Tree shopping is a pain for me. I can't have a real tree because of my asthma but I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg on a fake tree. Luckily Wal-Mart had some decent priced nice looking ones. Tree trimming with the roomies soon!
eight// Holiday donuts on the road trip with the parents to Atlanta. There was a major sugar high mixing in coffee and milkshakes too.
nine// Ahhhhh! I went ham in Old Navy and sadly even though I didn't get my Royal Blue Infinity scarf I did get a grey and black one. They are so soft and awesome.


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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!
For those who don't celebrate, hope you enjoy some much needed family time, great shopping deals,
and awesome football!

Take Care and Be safe!

Next time I post it'll be about my Black Friday shopping adventures :)


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Carabox Reveal!

Oh my how time flies! 
I had been meaning to write this post for 2 weeks and I'm just now posting it! 
But I wanted to make sure I did because I got a great box! 
Just in time to make the link-up

Cara Box

My box came from Pam who blogs over at Stolen Moments. It was so nice to be paired up with a fellow Carolinian (She lives in South Carolina while I'm in North Carolina) and a teacher! I'm currently a teachers assistant and ready to head back to school to get my Masters in Teaching. It was nice getting to know her and read her blog all about her adventures. She is also a great writer.

Check out my amazing box. I was so excited to get it!

My favorite piece is the Fleece Throw. I will be bringing this with me on all my plane rides.
Its the perfect size and so soft and pretty! I already have 2 other ones and in the cold months you can never have too many on the couch.

I really thought the Auto Coasters were cool because I had never heard of them. They prevent my cup holders from getting gross and dirty. They are now safe from all those energy drinks and coffees.

Other things included are:
*Leopard Socks (currently have them on)
*2 Picture Frames
*Leopard Paper Lamps
*Mini Notebook
*Mini drawers (i've already found a use for it in my scrapbook box)

My box went to Megan over at Barefoot Blue Jean Princess.
Check out her blog to see what was inside!


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November Weekend Fun

one// Chipotle and Wine for dinner while catching up on Reality TV
two// Date to Steak n Shake. I needed a Cookie Dough Milkshake. So yummy!
three// A new Michael Kors store just opened up 15 minutes from my house! Just in time for Christmas!
four// Boot shopping is so frustrating when they can't fit my lovely calves.
five// Saturday night fun with Tequila and Games!
six// My phone case rocks. I couldn't let this Wonder Woman beauty get away.
seven// Brunch at Zana Jane's. Mimosas and French Toast. Heaven!
eight// Thrift shopping with my lovelies and we all purchased these Buddha earrings....so in love.
nine// Charlotte 49ers basketball beat ranked Michigan....oh yeah!!


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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Great Sunday!!!

Sunday Funday!

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday.

Mine is filled with friends, Football, and lots of pictures!

Lets go big blue!!


Friday, November 15, 2013

Food Fun: Polka Dot Bake Shop

When you take the time to slow down and spend time with your friends 
you learn new things about the city you live in.
I've been back for over a year and there are still so many places I have yet to venture to.
So now that my life has calmed down a little I plan to blog more about new places 
I finally get a chance to experience.
Everything from a restaurants to a festival or bars.
Of course only if there are good pictures to match!

So with that being said I needed to make sure I blogged about this yummy place!

I love me some cupcakes!
I have officially transitioned over and I don't even like the idea of regular cake
(unless its Ice cream cake)
But cupcakes are great for any reason,
any occasion of just because.

My friends Shamecia opened my eyes to the cupcake place after lunch one day and now I'm obsessed!
Polka Dot Bake Shop
They serve different flavors based on the day, but they have some regular ones too.
I walked in and the smell was the so yummy!

My mission that day was the Tuxedo Cupcake. 
Chocolate cupcake with a gooey chocolate chip center.
Heaven in a wrapper.

This cupcake was delicious!
They have a red velvet that is next on my list to try.

Whats your favorite cupcake?


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

No but for real...


(my #icant face)

This is a phrase I use a lot.
I'm talking daily.
Its pretty bad.
But truth is....it suits me.
It better than saying "f*ck that" right?

So when I saw this link-up from Jenn @ Bad Luck Jenn I had to participate.
I'm always looking for new blogs and spreading the love.

So I narrowed it down to 3 very important things that I simply CAN'T.

1. Excessive Selfies.

Its really annoying when I scroll down my Instagram feed and literally the only photos I see of you are selfies with inspiring quotes. Nothing else. All within 2 hours. I'm not saying don't take them at all because I definitely love to take some myself. But unless you have drastically changed your hair, are documenting your outfits for going out, or really like a lipstick you are wearing (okay maybe not even that too much) there is no need for 3+ selfies in one day. Lets limit it to 1. Okay thanks!

2. Twerking.

Now dont get me wrong. I love to dance. I can get down when I'm out, had a couple of drinks and enjoying the music and friends. But I dont understand the hype and constant focus on "twerking" or the idea of it. So now you aren't worthy of dancing with a guy unless you bend over and make your butt move in ways I don't understand? I have even been at a low point and googled how to do it. I immediately regretted it. A black girl who doesn't voluntarily twerk when a song comes on? Yeah I might as well be a deerbra. I don't even thank Miley for that one, she just added fuel to the fire.

3. Bad Hair Weave

This might be my own personal #Icant, but it really irks me that there are still women out in the world with just terrible hair. Visible tracks, wig lines, and even nappy frizzy messes just to name a few. There are so many Youtube Hair tutorials out there that it is not possible to still not know how to do your hair. Search "how to put in extensions" and I promise 100+ videos will pop up. Education is the key to success.


Hope everyone has an amazing rest of the week!


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Currently...

Reading: Allegiant. The 3rd and newest book in the Divergent Series. I have to say I am liking this book the least. My favorite is the 2nd one Insurgent. But I am really looking forward to the movie. But I feel like I'm the only one!

Writing: catch-up blogs. I was MIA almost the whole month of October so now I'm working on a plan to blog better in November. My random blog just got more random.

Listening: to the silence in the house after all my guests have left. Plus my house is officially clean so now I can relax and be on my computer for the rest of the night.
Thinking: that I need to start my budget. My first nice paycheck was 2 weeks ago and now I can figure how to spend this money every month. Maybe Ill be able to start the new year with less debt!

Smelling: popcorn that is a little burnt :/ The bag says 2 minutes and 30 seconds but I guess my microwave is nuclear and cooks everything in 1 minute. I can't ever walk away from the microwave. I'm always afraid it'll explode.

Wishing: that the weather would stay a little more consistent. Friday night it was in the 30s, Saturday night was in the 50s and today was in the freaking 70s. This is how you get sick. I am so confused.

Hoping: that this week is a good one! The new job is holding steady and I will finally be getting a rotation schedule for classes. I'm praying I like the new girl that starts Tuesday and the classes I will be spending the year with.

Wearing: Basketball Shorts and a T-shirt. I have been super lazy today because this weekend was so eventful. I just wanted to lounge around.

Loving: having groceries in the house. Shopping for food is something I enjoy since I love to cook, but not when a chunk of my paycheck disappears just like it does with rent. But having snacks to blog with again is awesome.

Wanting: a cupcake. I have been craving sweets lately. I think its because my roommates and I steadily don't buy it. I also always crave chocolate after Chipotle. Its the perfect end to my meal. Ugh now I want some Chipotle. 

Needing: Some new sweaters! Old Navy has had some really cute inventory this Fall and I have been meaning to go down there. But I'm afraid to go too crazy and spend all my money. I did however order a Navy Blue Peacoat from Old Navy.com so I'm looking forward to it coming in the mail.

Feeling: Exhausted but Excited about all the Sorority Events that went down this weekend. I got a total of 8 hours of sleep but it was still a great time bonding with my sorority sisters! I'll definitely do a post about it later.

Clicking: Zooshoo.com is a Shoelovers Dream. I have been staring at these boots for a month now. These need to be purchased soon.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Yes its the 6th of November and yes I'm posting about Halloween...

So lets talk a moment about my favorite holiday....


I love dressing up, the planning, the fun, and of course the adventures.
This year I was rather busy so I didn't get to go ALL out,
but I have had a long standing ambitious costume in mind and I decided that I would do my best to create it.


Now since its not 1995 I wasn't able to track down a matching jacket and skirt I needed to think outside the box and think 'What would Dionne wear?"

I had to include a hat of some sort even though I really don't wear them.
But once I got a hold of that plaid skirt my outfit took off from there.

My favorite part to hunt for though....the nose ring.
I'd always wanted one and this gave me a preview as to what I would look like with one.
I kind of dig it.

I posted several pictures on Instagram and I was glad to get a really good response.
It made me feel so much better about my interpretation of this iconic character.

So much fun!!!

In usual celebratory fashion, the crew headed downtown for the Halloween Bar Crawl. Who cares that it was on a Thursday? Luckily I didn't have to work on Friday (Thank You Teacher Work day). Our entourage included Clark Kent, a Greek Goddess, and Michael Jackson as a detective (don't ask).

Until next Halloween!


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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Weekend Woes

My weekend was pretty lack luster.
Despite me flying to Boston to meet up with one of my favorite people,
road tripping to New Jersey and New York,
spending 2 days house hopping and even playing 
"Who dressed the least appropriate for this weather?",
my weekend was pretty dull.

And now I'm sick.
I have a mild case of Bronchitis.
And mixed in with my asthma its not a good time.
So now I'm back, at work (because its not contagious) hiding my horrendous 
coughs in the work room with the copy machine.

I haven't really had to desire to post, but I did make the promise to myself I would at least post once a week until my life decides it wants to get back on track.

Now I'm off to go get my car serviced.
It decided not to start yesterday when I wanted to go to Urgent Care.


Hope every has a much better week than I am starting to have!


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Friday, October 25, 2013

UNCC Homecoming

Homecoming weekend was amazing! 
Or as I like to put things "Off the Chain"! (yes I still say that)
There was so much going on and so many people.
I loved it all!

But I do have to say that tailgating is such an exhausting ordeal that there really is no choice 
but to drink once you are all settled and finally enjoying yourself.

I was in charge of coordinating the whole thing; 
making sure everyone was assigned to bring something, finding a spot, and coordinating gear.

Aside from a few setbacks and a some time issues 
we managed to end up on the craziest side of the parking lot.

Just one side of the tailgate!

So many drinks, food, and loud music. 
It was hard not to get caught up in the madness.
We provided a tasty that we cleverly named NORM-NDY (Our schools mascot is named Norm).
We never finished the 2 coolers we brought..

The funny part was once the game started this whole section did not clear out for another 2 hours.
Apparently all of the alumni (including us) did not plan to go to the game.
We just wanted to celebrate finally getting football and reuniting with friends from years ago.

My best friend Nicole and my sorority sister Sabrina. baby's first tailgate! 
No she didn't drink but that doesn't mean she cant join in on the fun!

Shirts I made for us! Reppin our Class!

Communications Majors reunited!

I can't believe I graduated 5 years ago. Sometimes it feels longer. 
But it was really interesting to see alumni who graduated BEFORE me turn up at the tailgate. 
Makes me not feel so bad about wanting to show up for a few more weekends

Until next year!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Blog Catch-Up

Its been about 2 WEEKS since I last wrote a post and I have to say its been quite eventful.
But in my coffee induced euphoria this morning I thought it was finally time to crack down and get back.

So to play catch up I'm making it as easy on myself as possible. Lovely list!

1. Birthday times! The 9th was my birthday and I have to say the week of events made turning 27 feel pretty awesome. If you have been following me on Instagram you probably have already seen the debauchery (okay maybe not full on debauchery) that ensued. Strip club, drunkaoke (yes that is a real thing), and a visit from the parentals. No birthday would be complete without a argument with the ex boyfriend and a cupcake. I'll do a separate post with more awesome details.

2. UNC Charlotte's first football homecoming. This was such an amazing experience. It overlapped the visit from my parents so needless to say my weekend was very busy. An alumni bar crawl started the festivities and it ended with a tailgating extravaganza that had me feeling like it was 2008 again (my Jose cuervo induced time of my life) Truly a reunion of sorts. This is the only time where it is okay for all my ex boyfriends to be corralled and it be okay. As long as I have my 49er punch to distract me!

3. I am actually writing this post in the teachers lounge of my new job! As a nice little birthday present I was hired as a teacher assistant for an elementary school. I interviewedTuesday and was hired Wednesday (woot woot)  Pro: full time status and benefits (hells yeah!)oh how the priorities change as an adult (well adult-ish) Con: now a 30 minute commute and a punch in time of 715. I am the epitome of not a morning person so it should be interesting when the children experience me without coffee. Should be a good time. Ill definitely do a post about my first week here. Very interesting to say the least.

4. Your girl is moving up in the world. And by up I mean off the floor. Thanks to ikea and the parentals no longer wanting me to sleep in my house like a crackhead (not a nice image) I am now the proud owner of a queen size pillow of heaven. My room no longer looks like a squatter made camp in our house and brought a whole bunch of shoes with them. As a hardcore sleeper and lover of naps (since 1986) I am so happy to be off of a futon and enjoying slumber like the rest of my roommates. My lower back pain can suck it.

Those are pretty much the most important things to touch on. Of course there will be more elaborate posts once my body gets used to operating from 6am to midnight (having 2 jobs is kicking my butt right now). But for now its whenever I can squeezed some time in.

Have a great rest of the week!