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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Nav-Bar!!

Anyone who visits my blog can see that I've been slowly doing some changes.

I'm slowly doing this so my blog doesn't does accidentally get deleted (which has happened before so now I tread lightly). My biggest accomplishment so far has been my Navigation Bar!!! 

Lame i know for me to get excited about it but since I am learning as I go its awesome to see something finally take shape after staring at the computer for hours!

I have an About Me page now!! You know you want to see me in my Disney Cast Member outfit :)

Look at my 101 things I plan to do in 1001 days! I am slowly getting things done on this list!

I have a button!! You can take it!! I'm so proud...its my first one! I want to start button swapping!

Please check it out if you get the chance.

And if you haven't done a 101 things to do in 1001 days I high recommend it :)

I am going to be posting about most of the things when I accomplish them.

**All my followers were deleted when I had blog issues...so if you were already following me from my old blog...hit the "Join this Site" button again so I can keep the same readers!**


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Self Portrait


Obsessing over…
Shoes. That's nothing new. I can't get enough. YesI am an addict. This week I bought a pair of black oxfords, black combat boots and leopard wedges. My next shoe purchase is definitely going to be a pair of wedge sneakers!

Working on…
Getting a new full-time job. Two part-times DO NOT equal full-time. I need to start a career!

Thinking about…
How I'm going to be doing all my traveling this year...there are a lot of trips I would like to take (Vegas, Colorado, New York) but I don't know if I have the time or the funds to do so. I love to travel and I always have great stories when I come home!

Moving into my new house...Ill be writing a post about it later.

Listening to…
Grey's Anatomy. I'm 2 weeks behind and its been pretty crazy!!

I had Subway today for lunch but there is some spaghetti downstairs with my name on it!

The weather would stay warm. All this cold to hot is going to get me sick!

Linking up with The Paper Mama for her Self Photo Challenge!


Monday, February 25, 2013

Its Monday again...

Well its Monday again...time to go back to work.

Maybe not me...I decided I needed a personal day to do all my household stuff that I haven't been able to do. 

My last day off was two Tuesdays ago. I need this day!

Some awesome shopping and getting my hair done are also on the list.

But I did have a really good weekend.

One of my bestest friends ever BJ had his birthday house party! So Saturday night was dedicated to him.
Its always a good time when we all get together.

So Greg, Nicole, and I headed over there to drink, dance and be merry.

1. Me and Greg with our regular bathroom pic
2. Flip Cup...Ladies vs Men and the Ladies were triumphant!
3. The Dos Equis guy was a topic of discussion for some reason when we arrived and yes that is a BB Gun in Nicole's hands!!
4. BJs birthday gift; Crown Royal Maple (tasted disgusting)
5. All night BJ and Greg quoted movies! Glad he has someone to do that with besides me!
6. "No one knows what it means...but its provocative" "Gets the people going!"


Covered in Grace  

Friday, February 22, 2013


Happy Friday everyone!!

This made my day...hope it makes you smile!



Thursday, February 21, 2013

Feb Monthly Playlist #1

Oh yes...this is normal.

Greg and I LOVE music...
We are always talking about it and always debating about what songs are going to take off,
be popular, win a Grammy, etc. 

We are always in search of new songs no one has ever heard yet.
 I can definitely say that we are all over the place with genres. 
We listen to pretty much anything (okay not anything , but I promise Greg will at least give it a try before vetoing it). It's so much fun looking at all the music sites. 

So I thought it would be a cool idea to collaborate and create a monthly playlist of songs we cannot get enough of! I wanted to share them because I think its great to share music with new people. Sometimes you may not know about a good song until you hear or see it from the most random places.

Check them out because I definitely suggest listening to these songs if you haven't already! 
Each of us chose 20 songs each because since its once a month it gives us the opportunity to have a wide variety of songs! We also included some reasons why we love these songs.

My Playlist
1. Maroon 5 - Lucky Strike
2. Chris Brown - Don't Judge Me
3. Justin Bieber - Beauty and a Beat
4. Will.I.Am feat Britney Spears - Scream and Shout This song makes me dance and I love the beat. It's so different and can put you in a good mood and of course make you want to go out and spend a night partying with your girls!
5. Mr. Vegas - Bruk It Down

6. Ke$ha - C'mon
7. The Lumineers - Ho Hey
8. Ed Sheeran - The A Team
9. Macklemore - Thrift Shop I saw the video along with hearing the song for the first time. I have to say it made me love it even more. The song is so random and hilarious plus Macklemore is such an interesting group. I love thrift shops in general so it made me want to search Charlotte for more so I can find a deer sweater!
10. Tamar Braxton - Love and War

11. Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble
12. Flo Rida - I Cry
13. Melanie Fiona - Gone She is my favorite female artist right now and this song I have to sing along when I hear it. Such a pretty song, but so sad. 
14. One Direction - Little Things
15. Rihanna - Pour It Up

16. The Vines - Get Free
17. Katy Perry - Wide Awake
18. Sevyn Streeter - I Like It
19. Frank Ocean - Lost
20. Phillip Phillips - Home When I first heard this song I thought it was a Mumford and Sons song, so I was surprised that I enjoyed the overall feeling of it. But its a very upbeat indie song so of course if the song is catchy I'm gonna dig it.

Greg's Playlist
1. Mark Ronson feat Amy Winehouse - Valerie
2. Mumford and Sons - I Will Wait 
3. Alicia Keys - One Thing
4. Republic of Loose - Comeback Girl
5. B.O.B. feat T.I., Juicy J - Still in this B*tch

6. Bruno Mars - Treasure
7. Michael Jackson - Bad
8. The Fratellis - Flathead
9. Miguel - The Thrill
10. Avicii - Levels I want to party when I hear this song! It reminds me of being home in New Jersey at the shore. I can't not dance to it. I feel like I'm in the video. 

11. Guy - I Like
12. Lecrae - Gravity Its a very personal song that I relate to as a Christian. The beat is hot and the lyrics are dope. Its an amazing rap song about God.
13. Ne-Yo - Don't Make'em like You
14. Kendrick Lamar - Money Trees
15. David Guetta feat Usher - Without You

16. J. Cole - Get Free
17. Wale - H20
18. Rihanna feat Kanye West - Diamonds (Remix) I enjoy the original song because its cool but I like the remix better because its classic Kanye and he is my favorite rapper.
19. The Game feat 2 Chainz - Ali Bomaye
20. Justin Timberlake feat Jay-Z - Suit & Tie this song makes you want to dress fancy and its something that describes me since I work at Express and exemplifies who I am.

Let me know if you check any of these songs out or which ones you agree with us on!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

GFC Button!!!

My GFC Button is working again!!!! 
For the last month I have not been able to gain any new followers.
 I also could not see all the blogs I was following.
It was seriously the weirdest thing ever.
I had to do some maneuvering and now its back in action!

If you are already following my blog please just click my Follow Button AGAIN.
I just want to make sure it is properly working. 
And if you are a new viewer of the blog.....WELCOME and now you can properly follow!

I will check back tomorrow to make sure all my followers are being accounted for!
You can still follow me using Google+ and BlogLovin' so those are good options too! 

Thanks so much! :)


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Weekend!

My weekend was very short. I basically worked the whole time....story of my life these days.
But there was a nice little surprise Saturday afternoon....SNOW!!!

It literally came out of nowhere and for the first couple hours I was not happy about it. 
But then I realized that its kind of awesome and I hadn't seen snow in almost 4 years! Not counting my little visit back to Charlotte and being snowed in in 2009, and PA at the beginning of this month.

I am a constant weather checker and the news said that it was going to be too warm for it to snow. And when you live in Charlotte that's usually true. Up in the mountains it snows all the time and its inches upon inches. Down here, nothing ever sticks. 

But after work on Saturday I walked out of the Rec Center to a literal blizzard. Wind blowing snow everywhere. Geronimo looked so sad (as if a car had feelings) and I wanted to just get home safe.

Now being that I live in the South it is always a giant headache trying to drive in snow; that's because people STILL haven't learned how! They are either driving 2 miles an hour holding everyone up or speeding down the road at like 80 miles an hour in a SNOW STORM I guess trying to get home faster. 
Both are terrible ideas and I try to avoid them at all cost.

The snow stopped after about 3 hours and the evening was beautiful with all the fresh white stuff to play with. I had a birthday dinner and outing that didn't get cancelled despite the snow so I was able to enjoy the quiet streets. Uptown was pretty dead. I guess no one wanted to deal with the cold AND snow. 
One is enough in Charlotte.

I do wish that I had gotten the chance to stay inside though and cuddle up in bed and read. 
That's what I really want to do when it snows, not go to work or out to dinner.

Oh well, maybe next time.


Monday, February 18, 2013

My Valentine's Day

I love this! Maybe you have to have a large chest to feel that this is especially funny!

I know its Monday and its been almost 4 days since Valentines Day, but I still wanted to share. Plus its been about 2 weeks since I last posted and I need to catch up on all that has been going on in my life!

So first things first. V-Day!

This man is so awesome! My boyfriend Greg! This was our first Valentine's Day together in 2 years (we just recently got back together) and he really wanted to make it special. But our work schedules are really crazy and opposite so we had to make sure our Thursday evening was at least free. 

My Vday gifts are so cute!
Lets talk about my watch for a second! 
I literally couldn't say anything for like 10 minutes I was just in awe of my new watch. 
Greg knows how much I love leopard print, but I didn't even know Express had a watch like this! 
I'm not a big wearer of Gold, but this watch is amazing and I don't even care. 
Its a great combo of all that I love. Sparkle and Leopard. Well the main 2 things that I love :)

You know I love any excuse to dress up so I decided to go against the holiday (even Greg wore Red) and wear one of my favorite colors....royal blue! My black leggings had a tuxedo stripe of sequins down the side and since it was freezing I decided to nix the pumps and go with calf high boots. I'm glad I did because I wasn't cold at all, mostly because there was no exposed skin.
Topped it off with my leather jacket and I was so happy with my outfit choice!

Greg has started to become obsessed with sweaters so he was dying to wear his new Guess sweater. I love it on him and of course he had to pair it with a dress shirt and tie! He always looks good when we head out. 
I hate that he tries to dress better that me!!! Lol

 Dinner was great! We went to Hibachi and had some amazing food!
Greg and I made a deal to put our phones away as soon as we sat down to eat so that we could really just spend time with each other. Its sad that we have to do that now, but we were just being realistic.
We both LOVE each other AND our IPhones!

We topped the night off with one of our favorite things....basketball!
Yes, not the most romantic thing, but so very us! See the Heat were playing the OKC Thunder and the Lakers were playing the Clippers. Both awesome match-ups and being that we both have players we like on each team and I am a Clippers fan (Chris Paul is awesome sauce) and Greg loves his silly Lakers, it was only right that our date had to end with our rivalry being fed.
We had a couple drinks, some appetizers (yeah we are fat kids) and watched all the games.

And guess who came out on top....ME.
Heat won AND the Clippers won :)
So all in all it was an amazing night and Greg made our first Valentines Day back together so very special and fun!


Covered in Grace