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Friday, May 25, 2012

Im going back to Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte ::LL Cool J voice::

So i officially announced my departure from Orlando, FL to head back to Charlotte, NC. And by officially I let my sorority sisters know and gave my job my 2 week notice. So its been a pretty emotional week. I need to add some sort of countdown clock on my blog lol. Im leaving in 25 days so I dont even know if that would be worth it...

Im behind on a lot of posts just because there is a lot of stuff going on and blogging just slips my mind. I plan to work on that this summer. Somehow I feel like there will be more time to do that. But now that its official I need to get into "move" mode because I have a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it. Procrastination is my game and I am an expert.

So this weekend I am heading to my cousins for a family BBQ and I need to bring the first batch of my stuff. But I need to start purging. I love moving!! ::pause for reaction:: and I love to throw away stuff I dont need or use ::pause for same reaction:: I like the idea of being very mobile and having a crapload of stuff to lug everywhere does not follow that idea. Plus when you get rid of old stuff it means its time for new stuff :) So that is what I will be spending hours of my day after work doing. Purging and packing up the car. I leave bright and early tomorrow for Charlotte.

Random Pic of the Day: Last week I went to a Food Truck Bazaar (sadly no pics) and the first place I hit was Chicken and Waffles. Sooooooo delicious! I am such a fat kid and I can back this up because this photo is my Facebook profile pic smh...but it was fun and the next time there is food truck event I plan to spend more time trying everything. And photograph it all!

I have a lot more photos on my Instagram so follow me :) missnewbourgie 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Surprise Visit

So this weekend I took a trip to New Jersey. This was to surprise Gregory for his birthday. I literally had been planning this trip for 2 months with his best friend and it happened without a single hitch! He was so surprised! I even had his mom in on the surprise. Gregory really thought I wasn't coming because I kept making other plans the same weekend so I "couldn't make it". There was one point that he was honestly sad and a little upset that I couldn't come. But little did he know that I had my flight booked since March and I was ready to surprise him with his gift (me!) I think he went through several emotions in one minute. I hadn't seen him since Christmas so it was so nice to see the grin on his face when I walked into the club!!! All of his close friends were there to celebrate and we all danced and drank the night away! Such a good time! The club was called Red and I appropriately wore my red dress! I didn't take a picture of the shoes but I wore my Nude pumps that I just bought at the beginning of this month and they really made the whole outfit hot!(the pic of them is in my last post). I also recently just got my hair redid so I was feeling pretty good with how I looked!

But even though my time in New Jersey was short I had a blast. Hit up a couple of bars, ate some White Castle, and hung out with some really great people. There was one more big surprise of the weekend and it came from his parents. Ill make a whole separate post about it because it is just too awesome!

So now that its almost June the Summer of Trips has begun. I leave for ANOTHER trip to New Jersey  in 2 weeks and I am really looking forward to it. I hope to do all the things that I didn't get to do this time. I definitely want to hit up Six Flags :) I am heading to Charlotte this weekend for Memorial Day Weekend with the family. Should be a good time! My parents, cousins, and Aunts and Uncles will be there. My cousin just bought a house with her fiance' and they are finally having a get together. The house is gorgeous!!! There will definitely be pictures to capture all that happens. Then in July I am heading to NY for a weekend filled with my Upsilon Family, Stepping, and Strolling (all some of my favorite things!) That should definitely be a good time!

Until next time!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May Catch-Up

So I thought I would do a little catch up of my month so far...these are just a few photos of the beginning of May!

Left to Right: Outfit for Firestone Henry Santos concert, New D&G glasses, Shoedazzle shoe Solara, Me, Anne and Ashley heading out for a graduation celebration, Cinco De Mayo Outfit, Shoedazzle shoe Insatiable.

Henry Santos concert was a disaster! We ended up leaving the venue to go visit people downtown before the show started (he didn't even perform until 1am) but we weren't allowed back in the club when we returned even though the bouncer TOLD us we could before we left...smh. It did end up being a good time anyway because we club hopped and that is always fun. I broke in my new black wedges that I got from Charlotte Russe and my feet didn't hurt the entire night!

I am so happy that I was able to get new glasses after 3 years of having my old ones. I'm always late when it comes to updating things like prescriptions, but 2012 has let me get things in order. I love these frames and I am so happy with my choice. Not gonna lie, they look exactly like my old frames except they are all back and not black and red  ^.^

Christmas came when I received my Shoedazzle shoes in the mail! I had been waiting on my insatiable shoe for A MONTH!!! They are limited addition and super high but I love the way they make my legs look. Because of the height and the platform these are definitely NOT clubbing shoes so I will have to find a nice event to wear these where I wont be moving a lot or perhaps sitting down lol. The Solara is the nude shoe I have been waiting for! I still want patent leather ones, but these are so classy and I am excited to be wearing these this weekend!

Graduation has come and gone at UCF but they sure do love to party down here. So the Friday night of graduation we headed downtown to see everyone after SEVERAL venue changes (i like to club hop, but not with so many people). After a long conversation we decided to visit and stay at a club one of my good friends started working at. It was an interesting night to say the least. We had a stalker who refused to speak to us, stayed within 10 feet of us the whole night, and when we didn't give him any attention THREW BEAD NECKLACES at us....who does that????? It was weird but fun. Didn't get my usual slice of pizza at the end of the night but my feet were killing so I wouldn't have wanted to wait.

CINCO DE MAYO was awesome! Early dinner at a Mexican Restaurant called Maria Bonitas :) and really strong Margaritas!!! That night we headed downtown (yes I frequent there) and drank Coronas all night and danced the night away! I had a blast! My outfit was so much fun. I had bought my tribal skirt weeks before and was saving it for this outing. My good friend Anne let me borrow her shoes because I admired them so much the night before :) They are by Wild Pair are sky high but ridiculously comfortable. Unfortunately I have been trying to find my own pair but cannot find the EXACT ones. They only have a snakeskin or red leopard. But i am not complaining because I WILL be getting the multi colored snakeskin. Ill probably add them to my June wish list :)

So that's all that has been going on so far in the month of May...but its almost over! Ill recap the last couple weeks once its over...Memorial Day in Charlotte is coming up and a bday celebration that will probably be a little chaotic!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

So its been about 10 days since I have last written but I wanted to make sure I at least was able to do a Mothers Day post.

Happy Mothers Day to all the great women out there who have dedicated their lives to taking care of their children and giving them the world. To those who aren't with us, may they Rest In Peace and know that we are still thinking about them. ♥♥♥

When I think about how many women in my life are mothers or have a "mother like" role in my life I realize that I am truly blessed. I will always remember something from each and every one of them. My own mother, my god mother, my aunts, my cousins, my line sisters, and my Nana who is no longer with us. Each of them has impacted my life in some way and has helped me figure out what kind of mother I want to be when I'm ready.

I'm starting to get better at gift giving on special days like birthdays, mothers days, anniversaries, etc. Usually I forget or I send something late. But this is 2 years in a row that I have been able to send my mother flowers and I love how excited she gets because I always send them the day before so she doesn't expect them.

 My dad had flowers sent to my mothers office on Friday so she got double to flowers this year! I was not happy because my dad is actually there so he can get her OTHER stuff besides flowers lol Its my thing. But she was happy non the less and that's all that matters.

I also realized that I have not been able to spend a Mothers Day with my mom in 8 years. This has been due to me having to work in college during the summer and my parents living overseas in Japan for 6 years. But now that they are in VA I'm going to try and make more of an effort to find my way to them on special days.

These next 3 months are pretty killer on celebrations. This month was Mothers Day and Memorial Day, next month is my Dad's birthday and Fathers Day, and July is my Mom's birthday and 4th of July. Whew! Hopefully I will get to see my parents for most of them.

I hope everyone is able to enjoy time with their mothers today and let them know how much you appreciate them. I leave you with one of my favorite pics of my mother and me.

Me and mom Summer 2007 in Okinawa, Japan :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wish List for May

So every month I always make a small wish list of things that I intend to buy that month. Keyword is INTEND since I always end up getting other things that catch my attention. I suffer from small doses of shopping ADD but its a touch and go thing. But for the most part I always end up with what I intentionally went in to buy. Except for Target lol I can't go in there without looking at the no-no areas (shoes, beauty, jewelry, and clearance!)

I organized my closet the other day by color because I read in a magazine that if you do that its easier to see what you have a lot of. Well low and behold I found out that I love to wear black, grey, blue, and purple. Those are my go to colors and I need to stay away this summer; or at least cut back.I am trying to focus on adding things that are versatile and colorful to my wardrobe so we shall see how it goes.

White Jeans/Capris/Bermudas: I have a love hate relationship with white because of the "dirty" factor. But I have a really great navy blue blazer that I want to wear and I think it would look great with white jeans instead of dark ones

Brown Sandals: I really don't have any flat shoes. I live in heels! But since it is the summer I know there will be a lot of times that I need flats. Mostly during the day and even at work. I like to be comfortable at work so I never wear my 6-inchers to the job. But a couple of cute pairs of sandals in colors OTHER THAN BLACK would have my wardrobe a lot. Maybe i choose more colors to wear up top.

Maxi dresses: Now I already have one but I figure I cant just wear one all summer. They are more comfortable than I thought because there really is no effort to wear these dresses. I love the idea of slipping it on and going. But I plan to get bright colors. The one in my closet is BLUE lol

Shoes!!: I said I buy shoes every week and I really wasn't kidding. I'm going to have to post a picture of my collection just so it can be known how bad my addiction is!

Suede Mary Jane Wedge: I have been staring at these for a month now and I haven't decided which ones I really want. Blue or Fuchsia. If I get the fuchsia I would have to find something amazing for them to go with. I already have so many things that go with the blue ones!

Cork Wedges: I really love the way cork wedges look. They seem lighter and a couple I have tried on were. I am not a fan of the original espadrilles because they felt bulky and I could never find ones that didn't cut into my skin. But we shall see. The tribal ones look awesome!

Blue Keyhole Pumps: These a elusive just because they are sold out everyone on line except for one place. I want to replace my old blue pumps with these. I would be adding blue again to my collection but I feel like switching out doesn't count right?

**Sadly this is only my wish list. What I end up at the end of the month will be a whole other story. Ill recap at the end just to see how I did**

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The beginning of May

May is here....we are already 1/3 of the way done with 2012. That is so crazy! But I don't like starting my months off on the wrong foot. This month I have a really odd cold. When I'm sick I never want to leave my bed so tonight I was armed with:

I guess I should have seen it coming when I went to a bonfire Saturday night and it was really windy and cold. Plus I have not been getting enough sleep and we all know how important it is. I cant count how many times I have gotten sick from staying out late a whole weekend and then Monday feeling like crap. Ill learn one day.

I didn't want to let the 1st day of May pass by without writing anything so I would write a little bit. Nothing special but just a small reflection. I guess it is to start the process of training myself to write everyday or at least every 2 days.
Some blog goals for the month of May:
* Carry my camera charged and ready to go. I have my IPhone but sometimes an actual camera does the trick.
* Write about my summer plans. Time to start thinking about how my summer is going to be. Big things coming!
* Write at lest every other day. My Sundays should be easy because it would be just a recap of my weekend :)

Tomorrow will hopefully be better. I'm heading to sleep earlier than usual (I'm usually ready to lay down around 1230-1am) and I already know what I want to write about in the morning! Hopefully work will not be too painful but you never know...