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Monday, July 2, 2012

Photo Fun Monday #1

1. I reunited my line sisters finally and we decided to go to this restaurant called Pinky's. It was this funky little dive that had amazing food and crazy drinks! I tasted this Green Chile Pork sandwich and their waffle fries rival Chik Fil A (dare I say) and I definitely have to go back again. The honey cilantro coleslaw was amazing!
2. My girls Melissa and Sabrina :)
3. The menu of crazy drinks. They had some outrageous names like Kraken Krunk and Dirty Blonde and my favorite Mr. Miyagi!!
4. I went crazy at Forever 21 the other day and got some really awesome things to wear for my trip to New York in 2 weeks
5. Back in VA this week visiting my family for 4th of July and my mothers birthday!
6. Relaxing at home finally getting to read Hunger Games (don't judge, I haven't seen the movie either) and enjoying the air condition as it cooks people outside lol

Hope everyone had a great Monday!


simplyevani.com said...

Honey cilantro coleslaw sounds RIGHT up my alley. Yum. And who doesn't go crazy in a Forever?!


Savanah said...

I loved the Hunger Games! I'm kind of depressed it's over :( can't wait of the movie to come out so I can watch it again!