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Sunday, July 1, 2012

101 things in 1001 days

I'm ready. This should be fun and interesting. I keep telling anyone I can to do one of these lists! Some are silly, some are important, and most are things that I am really just hoping to do! I will definitely do updates regularly on what I am able to accomplish and hopefully there will be pictures along with it! :)

Start: July 1st, 2012
Deadline: March 29th, 2015

1. Get a new full-time job
2. Pay off all FL debt
3. Wear heels at least once a day for 2 weeks
4. Ride in a hot-air balloon
5. Sign a lease to a new apartment
6. Cook a pot of curry myself :)
7. Wear false eyelashes correctly
8. Go to a bed & breakfast
9. Spend 24hrs without a cell phone or computer
10. Go to a driving range
11. Play paintball
12. Take a athletic pole dancing class
13. Host a dinner party
14. Lose 20 pounds
15. Read 10 new books (list to come later)
16. Get a full body massage
17. See 10 "Classic" movies (list to come later)
18. Take a cooking class
19. Apply for Grad School
20. Take a kick-boxing class
21. Go to a drive-in movie
22. See a Broadway show
23. Try 10 new restaurants
24. Write 10 reviews on Yelp
25. Shoot a gun at a gun range
26. Spend a weekend in a beach house
27. Accomplish 5 Pinterest crafts
28. Buy a unique piece of art
29. Go to a "festival"
30. Go to a pumpkin patch, buy, and carve a pumpkin
31. Bake a dessert from scratch
32. Organize my entire laptop (files, folders, pics)
33. Ride on the back of a motorcycle
34. Have a housewarming party
35. Ride on a boat
36. Be in a wedding
37. Go on a Road Trip
38. Follow a workout schedule for a month
39. Donate Blood
40. Go on a picnic in the park
41. Wear color in my hair
42. Give gifts to 5 of my closest friends on their birthdays
43. Finish my list of tattoos (5)
44. Go to 2 concerts
45. Volunteer for a cause
46. Give up soda for a month
47. Attend a Carolina Panthers game
48. Complete Student Loan payment
49. Participate in a MudRun
50. Host a game night
51. Go wine tasting
52. Plan a wedding
53. Invest in a classic leather jacket
54. Visit my Nana's grave in Chicago
55. Attend a NY Giants game
56. Gamble at a casino
57. Make guacamole from scratch
58. Watch all Star Wars movies in order
59. Have a Harry Potter marathon
60. Film a youtube video
61. Spend a day shopping in Washington D.C.
62. Visit 3 museums
63. Take a trip to the zoo
64. Buy a designer bag myself
65. Learn how to play poker
66. Decorate a room fully
67. Have my hair natural for a month
68. Play the lottery
69. Own a pair of Louboutins ;)
70. Get my car detailed
71. Go snorkeling
72. Learn how to drive stick shift
73. Get someone else to do a 101 in 1001 list
74. Take a yoga class
75. Go to a Charlotte Bobcats game
76. Watch 10 "classic" black movies (list to come later)
77. Get a turtle as a pet
78. Buy a flattering bikini/swim suit
79. Take a picture in time square
80. Organize my music collection computer/physical
81. Get a dog
82. Get a bikini wax
83. Watch a sunset and a sunrise in the same day
84. Light Fireworks
85. Participate in Bar Trivia (with no cheating lol)
86. Take a trip to Las Vegas
87. Go on a Cruise
88. Run up the Rocky steps in Philadelphia
89. Purchase a pair of RayBans
90. Get a Crock Pot and make 5 delicious dishes
91. Make a pizza from scratch
92. Downsize my Facebook friends
93. Go to a farmers market
94. Get a Costco card :)
95. Watch entire seasons of 5 shows (list to come later)
96.Visit Kings Dominion
97. Finish an entire scrapbook
98. Get engaged ;) (put on here as a dare)
99. Go to a blogger meet up or blog conference
100. Throw a surprise party for a friend
101. Take a trip back to Hawaii

So that't it. Let. It. Begin.

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simplyevani.com said...

What a great list! I like so many of them. :)