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Saturday, July 28, 2012


Today is the start of the Olympics and since I am not working a full time yet, I do have some time to watch the sports I actually like. Last night I watched the opening ceremonies with Nicole and I have to say I got pretty hype.

Guyana has 6 people representing in the Olympics this year :) How awesome is that? Being a Guyanese-American I think its cool that I get to cheer on 2 countries!! I hope that Guyana gets at least one medal. But I will say that the USA teams this year are pretty awesome. I am currently watching the Women's Volleyball team kick major butt!

What are the teams to beat this year?

I'm rooting for USA Women's Gymnastics, Track and Field, Tennis, and of course Men's Basketball.

But back to the real reason behind this post...

I know its really been about a week since i have really posted. I have been busy working my part-time and trying to get back on a schedule. But i promise that this weekend will be an overload of posts. 
*shrugs*...I need to catch up.

So today will be spent watching the Olympics, doing Laundry, and post prepping. I still need to post about my awesome weekend in NYC and my experience working at a Kids Sports Camp this week.

Have a great Saturday!


Georgina said...

Bloggers get busy - I hope things are going well :)
I'm excited about Team USA gymnastics, track + field and tennis of course!

Nnenna said...

You already know that I love the Olympics- that's pretty much all that I did this weekend! :)

simplyevani.com said...

Don't feel guilty about not blogging! It makes it less fun. And YAY the Olympics! I love it.