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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I spent an evening last week with my best friend in the NoDa Art District. We were at the Neighborhood Theatre and I have to say the venue is pretty cool. Very open, relaxed atmosphere and acoustically awesome (you could hear them clearly in any part of the building!)

We had the pleasure of getting to see JohnnySwim. They are a married duo from Nashville and they are amazing. The woman Amanda Sudano is Diana Ross' daughter! Talk about talent! Now I remember seeing a song by them in 2013 called Heartbeats and I loved it, but then I didn't hear about them again until this year when Nicole told me about their album finally coming out and they were headed to Charlotte on tour. Apparently I'm the last one in the house to listen to them because both of my roomies have been blasting them over the last couple of months. 

Their opener was named Liz Longley and she is great! Another artist coming out of Nashville I was really able to relate to most of her songs and my friend even bought her CD. She was out front selling them herself btw so we got to talk to her and everything. I didn't get to record any videos of her because of memory saving tactics on my phone, but enjoy this grainy action pic and a YouTube video of the song I love called "Camaro". This is my absolute favorite of hers. Mostly because I relate to it completely. Dealing with heartbreak is rough.


So before the Johnnyswim concert I listened to their new album on repeat and I have to say I quickly developed some favorites. Check out their album "Diamonds" if you get a chance. You won't regret it. I only videoed snippets of my favorites. Take the World, A Million Years, and Pay Dearly are at the top. Enjoy my videos and pics, even though they do not do them justice!

 Heartbeats Video


 A Million Years (close you eyes and the video wont be so bad lol)

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mama, I Love You...

Today is Mother's Day, so its a celebration of the woman that brought you into this world, or who raised you, or was just there for you in any capacity. Now we definitely live in a world where a "mother" can be any type of woman, not just someone who gave birth to you. I applaud all the women (and some men) who are mother figures in people's lives. Because we all need that. Someone who cares about us and has set a good example. I applaud all of you.

So this is a post about who else? My Mom...my Mommy; my Mama, or whatever name I feel like calling her at the time. I want to talk about how awesome my dear old Mom is. Okays she's not old. Actually she pretty young and its awesome the fact that you really can't tell how old she is. But she has a 27 year old daughter so that's kind of a dead giveaway of what age she is near (sorry Mom, I know you want your age to be a secret, but you can't be 35!). When I was in high school people would be like "OMG you look like sisters!" and I would just roll my eyes. But seriously. We could be.

But back to how awesome she is. There are hundreds of reasons why my mother is amazing. And if it wasn't for the fact that this post would be sooooo long and no one would read it, I've narrowed it down to 3 important ones.

My mother is awesome because....

1. She is the Queen Diva. Period. Now let me elaborate. All my shopping addictions; all my interest in fashion and shoes, and creating "looks"; that all comes from my mother. My shoe collection is not even close to half of hers. And neither is my closet. I'm pretty sure between the two of us we could provide everything for an entire season of ANTM. My mother has never been afraid to try new things with hair, make-up, etc. Now I'm doing the same thing in my 20s and I'm realizing more that at one point my mother may have already done it. I appreciate the fact that she let's me be me. And even though I'm just the Princess Diva, I'm following in her footsteps quite nicely.

pretty sure this is where my leopard obsession came from

2. She has always been my #1 support. For as long as I can remember I have always been involved in activities. Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Show Choir, Theater...The list goes on and on. These things kept me busy and ultimately out of trouble. But my mother was the one who was taking me to and from practice, in the stands of every game, and being a ear for me when I need to vent. I always knew that when I needed her she was there, cheering me on. I can even go back further and remember her being my Girl Scout Troop Leader. It was never my dad that I depended on when it came to these things, always my mom. I love her for that because I know what its like to always have someone in my corner. It has made me see how important it is.

3. She's my best friend. Okay I am not a gross mushy person (although lately I have been) but my mother has always been the one person I have wanted to turn to with all my issues. And even with good news she is the first person I want to call and tell. She listens to me and also offers advice if I need it. Most of the time its things that I never want to admit to myself. But because its coming from her, I know its the truth and from a good place. We have had a some rocky moments that have tested our relationship, but in the end it has made us closer.

So I celebrate my mother today, and everyday. I love you!

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Currently...

Hope everyone is having a nice relaxing Sunday. I am absolutely loving this weather! The sunglasses have not been put down this whole weekend and today is no exception. I plan on getting some meal prepping and the gym in today so it will be a busy day for me, but with the sun shining who can be upset about it. Here's to the last week of April!!!

Thought I would get back into some of my favorite link ups....I love Lauren from Siddathornton's Currently Sunday....so here is mine!

R E A D I N G  Where She Went by Gayle Forman. I have a long list of books that I have been interested in reading in the year 2014, and Gayle Forman's books were at the top of the list. Her first one What if I stay was pretty good and I am now reading the follow up. I like them. But I wished she went into detail with more stuff. But I still can't put the books down so they are definitely interesting.

W R I T I N G  my meal plan for the week. Since I got a personal trainer last week, I've had to also transform my eating habits. Now I was already doing that a little bit, but having to track 30 separate meals is a little time consuming especially calorie counting.

L I S T E N I N G to a lot of Hip Hop. I mean I listen to everything but I have been hitting the Rap hard. I guess it is just a energy lifter for me. I spend a lot of time in my car dancing and getting pumped for school or the gym. Gotta get the motivation from somewhere.

T H I N K I N G  that I really need to follow up on my 101 in 1001 days list. I'm sure I have accomplished some things in the last 4 months. 2014 has been such a roller coaster but I need to still keep some things going for me and this list gives me life.

S M E L L I N G  my Sexy Little Things Black Noir by Victorias Secret. My favorite right now.

W I S H I N G that I could lay by the pool all day...I think I should have done that yesterday. Duly noted for next week. I think I may do that before my Cinco De Mayo Bar Crawl. But my skin in peeling from my Miami trip so I WILL be wearing sunscreen. I should be using it all the time anyway.

H O P I N G that this week will go by fast! Only 5 more weeks of school left. The countdown is on! 

W E A R I N G  Gym clothes. I worked out today...keeping it up...but I need more cardio in my life!

L O V I N G The weather lately. I love the Spring has finally arrived and its time to have my legs out and get a nice pedicure!

W A N T I N G  Chipotle....and then I took a break from this post and got some. I am being healthy with it though...cutting out sour cream and chips and flour tortillas...all not good!!

N E E D I N G  a re-evaluation of my friends. I found out some news today that didnt sit with me well. I know my life is pretty chaotic right now, but what I do need is my closest friends by my side..and i dont have that right now...

F E E L I N G  ready for the week. As soon as I finish packing all my lunches and dinners and take a trip to Walmart I will be ready to start it.
C L I C K I NG Twitter Follow Me @MissNewBourgie


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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Been gone for a minute now I'm back with the Jump Off...

Wow that was an old Lil Kim song reference....those who don't know it shame on you! 
(just kidding Lil Kim is pretty awful). But hey, it seemed fitting...



It has been a crazy couple of months, busy as hell, but I felt really ready to come back to my blog. I want to approach it differently and have more fun with it. It was starting to make myself post just to say I did and keep my tiny gang of followers when really I should be writing on this thing because its fun and I feel inspired and I want to continue my connection to the world (or maybe North America...I'm not quite global yet.)

I've already got some great post ideas lined up so I am excited about those. 
Ideas that have been sitting in my Iphone waiting to be used. Well they are about to be!

But this post is strictly a little baby catch up...

It's my blogs 2 year anniversary and as cool as that sounds, it sucked that I haven't even been writing on it! I feel like men have popped in and out of my life like that. Here for awhile, drop off the face of the Earth for 2 months, then hit you up like it was nothing. Ugh. Tell me I didn't just do that.

So rather than make a whole bunch of promises that I will be held accountable for (or at least hold myself accountable for) I will just be making small changes when I can. No fuss, no announcement...just do it.

Now its time for my baby recap. Just a small glimpse in what I'm doing and what keeps me soooo busy!

*Got in the GYM! Got myself a Personal Trainer. 
It's been a week, but i'm still going! So far so good.

* Joined Tinder (DO NOT LAUGH) Yeah I'm way late....
It's actually pretty comical and interesting to say the least.

* Went to Miami (not real breaking news but still so much fun). 
I had a reunion with some of my closest girls and had a weekend of chaos!

* I'm on a Weave Strike. Well more like a hiatus.
 My money is disappearing daily to "Nikki's long list of things that I need in my life".
So I can't exactly afford to get my luxurious locks done. This won't last very long. I can feel it.

* Two jobs are still the worst. Since its getting closer to summertime I NOW have to find a new job to take place of school. I kind of wish I was working at a year round school. 
No muss, no fuss. And their vacation time is awesome! 
Hopefully I won't end up in retail, but if I have to....Ill do it.

So things are still hectic for me right now...
and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Great to be back!
 Hope everyone had an awesome Easter!


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Monday, February 17, 2014


This has been a crazy last couple of days. Being snowed in made me a little crazy, but I still made the most of it with my roommates. I know everyone has been talking about over the last week but its my turn and I want to share all my lovely pictures! This is the most snow I have seen in over a decade, and my roommates and I decided since we couldn't get out of our neighborhood we would make the most of it.

Now that its the end of the weekend, most of it has melted and now its no longer a struggle to leave the house. Overall I was happy the snow came. I know we were lucky; no power outage and plenty of food and supplies, so it was basically just a couple days off that I could relax and recoup. Since I returned from Chicago last week work was pretty gloomy, and the snow day(s) gave me some time to myself and get some more focus.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day

Today is not only about declaring your love for your boyfriend or girlfriend, your wife or husband. It's about LOVE overall. I know I'm single this Valentines Day, but I know that I am loved by a lot of people. I will be honest and say that the little jealous bug on my shoulder pops up every time I see a bouquet of flowers or a sweet message to someone on Social Media, but it will pass shortly. I feel like its normal and we all want to be spoiled on any day. But if you Love and are LOVED let the people you love know. Doesn't have to be materialistic, just something simple goes a long way...

I'm letting my nerd flag fly and I found these JL8 (Justice League 8 years old) Valentines. Me being the Wonder Woman Fanatic that I am, I had to post these. If I had to work today I definitely would have tried to print these out and give them to my students. If you have never read JL8 before check it out!

Hope everyone has a great Valentines Day!

To go with Valentines Day I picked one of my favorite songs right now for #backthatazzup Friday. 

Unconditionally by Katy Perry on Grooveshark photo signature2014_zps775e1636.png

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Life is tough...

I just recently had a death in the family and it has really shaken me up. Its hard to get back to normal so I have really just been taking it slow. I appreciate all the love I have been receiving at my job and friends though. Everyone deals with loss differently. For me I tend to keep myself busy, but some things just fall by the wayside. And that of course that has effected my blog. I love my blog and miss it, so I will be getting some new stuff written. I miss reading and commenting on some of my favorite blogs. I apologize, but Ill be back I promise.

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Friday, January 31, 2014

Gotta get down on Friday...

Its Friday!!! Work week over!!! Due to a half day dismissal from school on Tuesday and 2 days off from school due to snow, my week was pretty short. But it was nice to have a moment to relax and be trapped in my house for a couple of days.

I've been meaning to do a post reintroducing myself since I have gotten some new followers over the last month or two, so when I saw that Leslie from A Blonde Ambition was having a "Getting to Know You" link up I though that this would be the perfect chance, plus maybe get to know some more awesome bloggers!

But before I tell you some things about me, myself, and I, a shameless plug has to happen. I still have my GIVEAWAY on Frikken Duckie. Check it out! You have a really great chance to get a fab Beyonce' shirt. I am currently obsessed with her and the album has become my "getting ready" music. Love her!

So I'm Nikki and I live in the beautiful city of Charlotte, NC!!! I work as a teacher assistant at an elementary school and I am in preparation to start my Masters so I can become a fully certified teacher! I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a degree in Communications and wanted to be an event planner. I never thought my life would head in the direction of becoming a 4th grade teacher.

I'm an only child so I am very close with my parents. My father is in the military so I spent my entire life moving all across the country. I've lived in California, Hawaii, and even Japan for a little while. This definitely has had a huge impact on my love for travel and my desire to explore new places. Guess that'w why as soon as I graduated college I headed down to Orlando for an adventure.

I love selfies...

I have had my blog since April 2012. 2 years is coming up fast! I started this blog originally out of shear boredom. I was living in Orlando, bored with my job, and wanted a place to vent. Once I saw that there was a whole blog community out there I was hooked. I immediately started reading other blogs from women from all walks of life and different backgrounds and even better, women who were like me. In my 20s trying to figure out my life!

I currently write about food, fashion,and the fun I'm having back in the QC. Check out my Instagram for my real time shenanigans!

Random Tidbits

  • Coffee makes my world go round!
  • My hair changes all the time. My blog shows the evolution of all my styles.
  • I'm Terrified of Frogs! 
  • Cooking is relaxing for me. Apparently I'm weird because I think that way.
  • I’m Guyanese-American. My dad is Guyanese and my mom is African-American
  • Love watching Sports. NY Giants! Miami Heat! Duke!
  • I'm a shoe junkie. Heels, converse, I love it all.
Well that's all for now. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January is almost over...

Hope everyone is having a nice Wednesday. It's snowing here in Charlotte (or at least snowed yesterday) so school was cancelled for today. But I wanted to still get back to my blog for a second. Jessica "Duckie" at Frikken Duckie, let me take over a post on her blog today so go check it out! I'm co-hosting my first giveaway and I'm super excited about it! But over here...its time to confess.

my neighborhood. only an inch but still hard to get out!

*I love snow (sometimes) Yesterday it finally happened. Our lovely city shut down because a winter snow "storm" hit the South. I was so happy that Charlotte had a really great plan to figure out everything before the snow came. But I feel so awful about Georgia and all the issues they had with highways, people being stranded and having nowhere to go, car accidents. I pray that everyone is okay and got to their destinations safely.

*I'm ready to date again A lot of drama over the last couple months have shown me that i need to not backtrack; I just need to move forward. I found myself going back to the same kind of guys that either I have already dated (and stopped dating for very specific reasons) or staying within my "type" which didn't exactly work out for me either. So I'm making plans to try new things and date "new" people. Lets see how it goes.

*The Super Bowl does not excite me this year Seahawks and the Broncos *rolls eyes* I love me some football, but I'm a Giants fan so this game isn't really going to do it for me. However Peyton did amazing for me during Fantasy Football so I will be rooting for the Broncos.

*The Chipotle app is my favorite If you don't know about this app, you should. Its not a secret that I am obsessed with Chipotle but some days I just don't feel like waiting in line. That's where the app comes in. Order on line and skip everything when you pick it up. I've had Chipotle 3 days in a row. I have a problem.

*I joined a gym Eek! I took the plunge and signed up. I had buyers remorse for about an hour, but then I remembered the reason why I joined. I wanted to get started with Yoga and Pilates and even a little kickboxing. I wanted to start this week, but this snow seemed to stop all that. Oh well. Maybe next week.

Linking up with Humpday Confessions
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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Random Thought

This month has been really tough to write. There are only 10 days left of January and I've only written 3 times! I hope this isn't a preview into what the year is going to be like. I have a lot of post ideas, but I need to iron them all out and ust write them. I think I may lock myself in a room soon until I come up with some good posts. I've realized that I get on a roll with posts in the beginning, and then fall off and spend a whole week running around living life. But that's what I want my blog to be about. So I guess this coincides with my goal of working on a blog schedule. I need to figure out something soon. 

Okay random thought over.

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