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Monday, September 30, 2013

Good Times with Good Friends

This was a weekend/week of celebration!

Saturday was spent celebrating the union of my friends Keshia and Darius in Greensboro.
The wedding was so beautiful and the reception was so much fun!
We were definitely the "Turn Up" Table!!
So much food, drinks, and dancing.
And to top it off there was strawberry wedding cake...yum!!

Before that a couple days previous we all celebrated my girls Tiffany's birthday!
It was a surprise thing so we all gathered to have drinks at Osso in the NC Music Factory.
She was so surprised and excited to see us all there.
We were able to enjoy the night and everyone's company. 

It was a very low key weekend (Sunday I sat and watching football all day!) which I was thankful for because this past week was so busy!

Next weeks adventure: Virginia Tech for their Homecoming and early birthday celebration!

Stay Tuned!

one The happy couple Keshia and Darius!
two The beautifyl reception decoration. Purple and White motif!
three Me and my other married friend Tiffany
four Lauren and my bestie Nicole round out the "WonderFriends"
five Sealing the deal!
six Whiskey and Coke all night!!!
seven Tiffany's birthday crew
eight The birthday girl!!
nine UNCC alumni girls!


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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day to Night Series

I am definitely not a fashion blogger.
 I love fashion. And blogging. 
But I would never put myself in the category of doing them together. 

Then I saw Laura's idea of a taking 2 different bloggers and having them create an outfit 
for a "Day" look and a "Night" look using the same item. 
I loved it! I had to get in on it.

My item of choice: Black Leggings
Everyone has a pair.
 If you don't you should be very concerned.
Whether they are work out leggings, lounge leggings, or party leggings, 
all women should have this staple hanging around in their room.

(i threw a filter on my pics to be fancy)

I was excited to do the Night look because I tend to always dress up more than be casual.
So I decided to prepare a Fall outfit that was still great for going out to dinner or drinks but also was going to keep me warm.
That meant sleeves!
Cobalt blue is one of the awesome colors of the Fall (and my favorite color to wear right now) so I immediately wanted use that.
In another variation of my outfit I could throw a blazer on with this outfit if it got a little chillier.

(is this a fashion blogger pose?)

Top: Forever 21
Leggings: Target
Shoes: ShoeDazzle
Bracelet: Forever 21
Watch: Express
Clutch: Ashley Stewart

(background choice is everything...enjoy my porch)

Check out Laura's outfit on Walking In Memphis!


Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Fancies

I have a soft spot for Fall.
It's my favorite time of year!
The fashion, the weather, and my birthday (October 9th)!

Even though it hasn't gotten cool yet, I am already thinking of all the things that I want to get.
There are some key things that I definitely need in my closet once a chill comes into the air.

Fall Wish List

one Sweater/Cardigan.
I need to get a whole bunch in several different colors.
I have been looking at some crew neck sweaters with cute patterns,
 so I think this year I may try those.
But a classic black one is always a good option.

two scarves.
I want some long ones and infinity ones, and some to wear in my hair.
I love that a scarf can keep me warm and help me through a bad hair day.

three Jeans. 
The darker the better. I love me some boyfriend jeans, but in the Fall I like for my jeans to hug me nicely. But depending on the occasion I may be able to sneak some rolled -up jeans into my rotation.

four Boots 
Tall, Short, Heeled and flat. I love boots because they make any outfit look put together.
Even if you just threw them on to go.
I think Floral boots will still be nice looking in the Fall because of the contrast.
Bright flowers against the fallen crunchy leaves.

five Tote Purses 
I get really busy in the Fall (substitute teaching and sorority stuff) so I like to have everything with me.
I can fit a snack, umbrella, and a couple books in there.
Maybe even a pair of shoes. Perfect for a road trip!
I have asked for this Michael Kors tote for my birthday.
Crossing my fingers I get it.

What are some of your go-to fall pieces?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

This or That

Happy Thursday!

this is my "This or That" face

I'm linking up with Erin and Whitney for a random post called "This or That". 
I actually just played this game at my friend's bachelorette party. 
The choices were "very risque" to say the least. But these ones aren't so bad.


Vacationing in Florida or vacationing in NYC: Definitely in Florida. I miss Orlando. But I do want to vacation someone new in Florida like Key West.

iPhone or Droid: iPhone clique! I got the new operating system today. I love that they made it brighter and smoother to transition to things.

NSYNC or Backstreet Boys: *pssh* Do I really have to answer that?
Being forced to delete Facebook or being forced to delete Twitter: I would delete Facebook. But thats a CRAPLOAD of pictures I would lose. Like we are talking over 3,000 photos!

Fireball or Miller Lite: Fireball all day! Its a new favorite (yes im late to the FB hype) and I love shots. Gets the job done faster. And I'm not as full.

Full House or Family Matters: Family Matters. But I've been channeling Michelle Tanner lately saying everything and everyone is "rude".

Dumbledore or Gandalf: Dumbledore of course! Harry Potter is the greatest book series of all time (dramatic much?) and every character has a special place in my heart.

Dying Easter eggs or Carving pumpkins: I've never actually carved a pumpkin myself but I am fascinated by them and hope to one day soon. Then I can cross it off my bucket list.

NFL or NCAAF: When I was in college my school did not have a football team (now we do!) so I never got into the whole college football thing. So NFL was it. Giants fan since birth and college basketball lover :) (Go Duke!)

A hangover forever or sobriety forever: Sobriety. Hangovers are too unpredictable. They can go from very mild to wanting to throw away every bottle of liquor/wine in the house!

January or July: Tough one but I have to say January. It has New Years. A fresh start and new beginnings. Even though depending where you are its freezing, I'm not a fan of summer so it wins.

Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus: I love the trainwreck that is Miley Cyrus.

Shark Week or Fashion Week: I've never actually sat down and watched Shark Week. I never saw the hype. I'm weird I know. I choose Fashion week, but its only awesome if you get to go to any of the shows and sadly I haven't had the chance.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or Saved by the Bell: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Hands down. I had a crush (maybe still do) on Will Smith. I tend to be attracted to guys that make me laugh and he was that guy.

Britney or Christina: Christina takes this one. Only because her vocal talents and the fact that I played "Genie in A Bottle" and "Come on Over" on repeat in middle school.

Burrito or Burrito Bowl: Burrito bowl wins! They are just so awesome. I only get burritos when I am in a rush and don't have time to sit down and enjoy. But as long as its Chipotle Ill eat it.

Reading blogs on your phone or reading blogs on your computer: I tried reading on my phone but I never really get to enjoy the reading because my eyes hurt reading so much so small. Ill stick to my computer. Ill read my comments on my phone though.

Angelina or Jennifer: Jennifer. Shes awesome.

Doug Funny or The Rugrats: Doug Funny was a little emotional. I understand he was a hormonal teenager, but I can just do with out it. I would rather be with a group of adventure seeking babies where everything always worked out in the end. Sounds like a sweet deal.

An open mouth chewer or a heavy breather: Heavy Breather. I can say that I am guilty of this. Especially when I am sick or having asthma/allergy issues. When people chew with their mouth open its pretty gross. Stick might fly out of there and onto me. Gross.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Food Fun: Cabo Fish Taco

Cabo Fish Taco is one of my new favorite spots in Charlotte.

Whenever I think about fish tacos I always imagine the West Coast.
So its pretty great that this place popped up in North Carolina.

I love that there are only 2 locations; here and Blacksburg, VA. 
So its a nice little special gem for us.

I don't get to go that often but I think that helps me enjoy it even more.
Its almost like my first time when its been too long!

Any place that sells tacos should definitely have some good chips and salsa. 
This corn salsa gives me life!
It takes different from Chipotle's; probably because of the tomatoes. 
But I get full on just the salsa.
So yummy!

I love trying new things,
 so when I was told Shark was the Special for the evening 
I didn't even look at the menu.
I always get the blackened mahi mahi so I of course got both.

Shark tastes just like chicken (doesn't everything) but then at the end it does just taste like fish. 
Overall I loved it. Especially with the jalapeno avocado salsa mixed with it.
I hope they put it on the menu permanently.

Has anyone else ever had shark?


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

That One Time That I Went to a Maroon 5 concert...

(please excuse the awesome iphone pics that are included in this post)

So last week I went to the Maroon 5 Concert with some of my close friends.

One Word.


Going to see Maroon 5 has been on my "bucket list" for years. I can recall multiple conversations with people, and me saying that the 3 concerts that I needed to see in my life were Maroon 5, Ryan Leslie, and NSYNC reunion if it were ever to happen. I know have 2 out of 3. Ryan Leslie was back in October of last year. My parents bought me tickets for my birthday and I drove up to Washington D.C. to see him.

Freakin fantastic!

Anyway so this concert was one of the last of the summer before the Verizon Ampitheatre shuts down for the colder seasons. It was packed and we had lawn seats so we made sure to have as much padding as possible.

These girls were hilarious in front of us. They proceeded to take pictures of themselves the entire intermission between Kelly Clarkson and Maroon 5. I decided to capture it on about picture #50.

Kelly Clarkson had a great set. But I was sad she didnt do "Darkside". Thats currently still my favorite song by her. Aside from "People Like Us". Her voice is still great.

okay so here is the awesome iphone pic finale...

High Points:
Maroon 5 performed almost every favorite song I have of them including 
"Lucky Strike" and "Sunday Morning".
I also loved their rendition of "Get Lucky" and mixed "Harder to Breathe" with a Jay-Z beat. 
Pure genius!

Low Points"
I would have loved to have a better view. 
But when you are on the lawn you appreciate listening to the awesome live music 
and being able to move around.

not bad huh? 

I wonder if you could tell who it was if you didn't already know it was supposed to be Adam Levine.
But nevertheless I wasnt worried about taking a lot of pics since I wasnt in the front row.
And even then I would just be staring at Adam's body with his shirt off and forget I even had a camera.

Has anyone else seen them in concert? 
If not I recommend!
I'm also excited to be crossing off another item on my 101 in 1001 list!


Monday, September 16, 2013

Bachelorette Party Weekend!!!

This weekend was one of my friends Keshia's Bachelorette party.
When she asked my bestie Nicole to plan her party I immediately wanted to help. 
Event planning is what I would love to do for a living!

Being a host can be fun if you plan every detail, and of course my Type-A butt helped Nicole do just that.
Everyone knows that I'm always down for a good party, 
but a lot of time and effort definitely went into making sure this party was memorable.
We planned to start at H&M (where else are you going to have a great party) 
for all the pregame festivities.

We welcomed everyone with drinks and light and hors d'oeuvres.
I think our spread looks great! Shout out to my bestie Nicole for the set up!

As people arrived we made sure to start the party as soon as they walked through the door. 
Jello shots upon entry!
We plan on implementing this "toll" anytime we have a "turn up" at our house.
You are never too old for a Jello Shot!

I was most excited about everyone using the Photo Booth.
I was going to buy some bachelorette themed pieces, but I found of them to be degrading and a little "extra" so I didn't get them. I don't know anyone who was going to be using the "dirty sl*t" sign willingly.
So then I decided to create my own.
I tried to make them as fun as possible.

Overall the Photo booth was a big hit! 
I threw up some hot pink paper on the wall and let everyone go crazy!
Ladies were using everything from the feather boa to the smiley face "friend".
I'm taking all the pictures we took to make a scrapbook for Keshia as part of her wedding present. 
I think she will really love it.

We played a couple of games which went over really well. 
If I ever get a chance to plan another bachelorette party I will definitely use them again.
All I will say is that they included shirtless men and lots of candy. LOL

There was dinner and a trip to the club after all of this, 
but the highlight of the night was definitely our house.

All in all is was a good night.

How was your weekend?


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Monday, September 9, 2013

My Weekend was better than your weekend!

I had a busy weekend.
I loved every moment.
Had some great time with some great friends.
Even though the weekend is over, I have some fun things to look forward to this week including a Bachelorette Party and a Maroon 5 concert.
If I'm blogging you can always catch me on Instagram (@MissNewBourgie) or Twitter (@MissNewBourgie). Its very easy to keep tabs on me.

Hope everyone has a great week!

one World Market has a ridiculous beer collection. It was so hard to decide. So we ended up getting some sodas instead. We stuck with good old Yuengling for tailgating.
two Friday night was spent at the Food Truck Park and I tried The Tin Kitchen for the first time.
three While tailgating I was introduced to the Do-Que. Donuts topped with barbequed pork. 
Survey says: NO. Never again.
four Saturday night I was in NoDa (North Davidson Art District) and dined at Cabo Fish Taco and hit up a few bars. Yum Yum Yum!
five Me, Kayla and the Bestie Nicole at Food Truck Friday. We waited in line for 40 minutes for food but it was worth it at least for me)
six Pork Belly Tacos from The Tin Kitchen. They were amazeballs!!
seven The only other person that has more school spirit than me is the guy bestie BJ! Tailgating was a blast with him!


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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Currently #4

Week 1 of NFL football is here!! 
I am a HUGE Giants fan so I have been repping NY all day. I love reading blogs around this time of year because its awesome to see everyone rooting for their favorite teams. 
Tonight is a BIG game. 
The G-Men play the Cowboys (or Cowgirls are they are commonly known) and they are one of the biggest rivals. So tonight is going to be a good game.
Right now I am also dominating on my Fantasy Football team (thank you Peyton) so I hope to keep it up tonight! The Amazon Army will pull out a victory this year!

Hope everyone has a great Sunday filled with family friends and football!

reading... "The Transfer" another Sub-book from the Divergent Series. If you haven't read any of those books you need to!
writing... my list of blog posts that I'm hoping to get done this week before I get busy.
listening... Ariana Grande's album is awesome. Go listen!
thinking... I need to finish preparing for the Bachelorette Party I have this weekend. Lots to do!
smelling... Sugar Blossom. My new candle from Target. Not too strong but very nice and sweet.
wishing... I could get a new tattoo. I am ready for my next one! 
hoping... the Giants pull out this win against Dallas and that my FF team gets a win as well!
wearing... Giants gear (sensing a theme this Sunday)
loving... the feeling of not working on a Sunday and just enjoying relaxing and preparing for the week
wanting... some wings and some cheddar popcorn. They don't go together but I want some salt and cheese!
needing... money. I would like to get my hair done in the next 2 weeks.
feeling... anxious. Maroon 5 concert is this Wednesday and I'm so PUMPED!
clicking... on Spotify trying to update my music. I need some new tunes to get me through my cleaning sessions!


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Friday, September 6, 2013

Excited for the weekend...kinda

Happy Friday All!

It's the weekend and its the last one where I don't have any concrete plans with friends, i'm not going out of town, and no one is getting married, etc.
But next week the madness begins. 
I made a lot of commitments this Fall so I just need to make it to November and I will be good.
Oh boy.

Tomorrow I will be spent tailgating and cheering on my 49ers as they play their 2nd Home football game. I was able to score some tickets this weekend so me and the bestie are going. We couldn't pass on this opportunity because we figured it might be the only time we get to go this season.
I am praying to the football gods that we get to go to the Homecoming game.
Either way we are tailgating and the parentals are coming in town for the birthday.
Talk about a party!

In honor of such awesome luck I am finally getting a chance to participate in #backthatazzup Friday with Whitney. I love her blog more and more everyday.

But I've been jamming to Jay-Z's album since it came out and this song is beginning to be the top 3. Right behind F*ckwithmeyouknowigotit :)



Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day Weekend 2013

So my Labor Day Weekend was pretty awesome.
Lots of driving, spending time with friends and family, and drinking. 
Lots of drinking.
The weather wasn't exactly ideal, but we made it work.

UNC Charlotte's first EVER football game was this weekend and it was such an awesome experience. The ticketing fiasco didn't deter me and my ladies from heading to the local bar and cheering on our Alma Mater. It was such a fun atmosphere and the tailgating drunkies came in droves inside to where it was nice and cool. I was really sad to not be in the stadium, but you have to make the most of it.
My girls and I proceeded to plan out how Homecoming is going to go. That's the weekend of my birthday so it will be quite a celebration. We are making shirts, a signature drink, and tailgating all day (since we wont be able to actually GO to the game).
It was such a great time!

one Me and the girls showing our school spirit
two Free Coozies at the Bar!
three 49ers won 52-7! It was 32-7 by halftime!
four 49er shots every time they scored!

Now I didn't want to miss out on my LDW ritual of heading down to Atlanta so as soon as the game was over I drove down to Georgia (same day) to be with my sorority sisters. My line sister Melissa just moved there this year so it was nice to have a new place to stay!
We went out for dinner at my favorite Korean Taco place and headed out for drinks and dancing. 

one My sisters who live in ATL except for Tammie (far left) 
she came down to visit the boyfriend from New Jersey.
two I learned about Prohibition. This bar is a secret and you have to know the code to get in. 
No code. No entry. 
Place was straight out of the 20s and the drinks were delicious!
Next time I'm going to try a cigar.
three Wet Willies. Always a good time. Music was on point. All from the Dirty South.

I spent my last day in ATL with my family. My parents drove down from VA to visit my grandmother and BBQ with my Aunt and cousins. With my parents I took a trip to the Dekalb International Market and got some really cool things. I was ll the way mad that they have a strict NO TAKING PICTURES policy. Ugh.
Before we headed to my Aunts for a BBQ we stopped to get all my essential West Indian foods that I love. Curry powder, Plantain Chips, Pholourie, Patties, and Cheese Straw. Yum!
It was such a nice time and so awesome to see everyone. I hadn't seen most of them since New Years Eve. Last stop of the day was to visit my grandfathers grave. It was my first time back there since the funeral. 
one it was a rainy day but still nice and warm. I have been loving my jean vest these days!
two My grandfathers beautiful headstone
three Meet Jet! My line sisters awesome Lab
four Franks Caribbean grocery where I can get most of my yummy goodies!

Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend!