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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Things I'm looking forward to in April

1. Spring Break! It is finally here! A break from the children. And getting up early. Warm weather has finally arrived so its time to go shopping for some maxi skirts and shorts. There may be some boo time squeezed in there too ;)

2. Visit to Arizona. During my Spring Break I have the opportunity to visit the boo who is out in on the west coast for work. I lived in California for several years but only drove through Arizona on the move there. I'm so excited to travel there and go sight-seeing. Cross your fingers that I get to make it out to the Grand Canyon. That's all I've been telling A that I want to do so we shall see.

3. Dhyani Chapter Anniversary. Its been 8 years since I became a sister of my sorority, Mu Sigma Upsilon and 8 years since I helped create a chapter at my Alma mater UNC Charlotte. 8 years is QUITE a long time and now we are at 16 lovely ladies in our chapter. Its so awesome to see how much we have grown and all the women who have come into our family.

4. MARGARITA MARCH This is probably one of the coolest things I've found this year. As we all know I LOVE me some bar crawls (if there is a holiday most likely there is a bar crawl for it and most likely I am there!) so I was given the idea for this great thing called the DC Margarita March. Its a bar crawl with margaritas. Enough said. And even better its going to be a reunion for me and a few of my friends. Its also awesome that my parents live up there so of course they will be getting a visit as well. Stay tuned for a post and of course my Instagram will be filled.

5. Spring Break! I'm ready to sleep in and go out during the week!But I also need to do some housekeeping like Spring cleaning! A major overhaul is needed on my room!

6. Personal Training completion. I still haven't gotten a chance to put up any posts about my fitness journey, but I will soon. I signed up for a personal trainer in April 2014 and we are coming to a year. I only had a contract for that long but the progress I have made and the things that I have learned are amazing and I'm excited to be on my own in the gym to see how much further I can go!

7. Cheer Competition. Its year 2 of coaching my elementary schools cheerleading team and I have to say it has gone better than expected. We haven't had many basketball games to cheer at but sadly the season is almost over. The ladies are going to one more game and ending things with a cheer competition! I'm nervous for them but really excited to start choreographing. The end of the month should be interesting!

8. Blog Anniversary. The Bourgie Chronicles turns 3! Hopefully I will be able to celebrate with a new blog design. I'm thinking that I may just gift myself a paid design. Any takers? I've got some sweet color schemes that I want to do!

9. Parents Buying a House! This is a huge accomplishment for my parents! Since my dad is retiring from the Marine Corps its time for the parentals to settle down and stay put. This means getting a place of their own. Yesterday they signed the paperwork and finally had the keys in their hand (on April Fools Day!) They are already choosing paint and jotting down ideas. My mother has also gone Pinterest crazy and is excited for her own dressing room. I love decorating so I'm looking forward to helping her decorate this summer.

10. Spring Break! You don't understand how ready I am! I am still working some jobs (I need money) But Netflix is about to be my friend. I still need to finish Parenthood, watch season 3 of House of Cards, and maybe retry Breaking Bad. Anyone have any other suggestions?

Sunday, March 15, 2015

New month, new relationship, new goals, new friends, new ME!

Well not entirely. I'd been already working on myself for a year now. So many negative things were surrounding me in my life at the time and I knew something had to give. And then I realized that it was me who had to give. I gave up negativity, gave up dwelling on the past, and I even gave up fried foods. But it was all for a better me. And even though it's only 3 months into the new year I already feel like this one will be one to remember.

I'm in a new relationship and it has put me in a state of mind that is so positive. I have kept it pretty low key; not many friends know about him so I won't refer to much on here. I guess I'll just call him "A" (cure Pretty Little Liars theme).

My main focus now is creating goals that when accomplished should help me in the long run. I'm getting up there in age so I want to "start my life". First up; taking my test in order to start teaching. Being a teaching assistant has been awesome (winning Teacher Assistant of the Year made it all worth it!) but I'm  ready to get my own students and start molding children's minds!

I also really want to make moves to my own apartment. It's about time to spread my wings and move to bigger and better things. This also may improve the relationship I currently have with my BFFF/roommate.

Is anyone else making big moves this year? What are some new endeavors or projects you are working on?

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I must confess...

2014 was definitely not my year for blogging. That is the understatement of the year I'm sure. I seem to recall doing a lot better In 2013 even though that was one of the worst years for me.

18 posts in 11 months. Pretty crappy if I do say so myself. But towards the end of the year my heart just wasn't in it. I was trying to blog all these awesome moments happening and then when I remember I either didn't have time to fully commit to a post, or another adventure came around. And then even worse I would have this great post about coming back and what I wanted to do, but then laziness would kick in and I would read a bunch of blogs and not write any of my own.

I wanted to blog about my fitness/weight loss mission, my relationships woes (and there has been a lot) and any other wonderfully chaotic things going on, but no dice. Then around my birthday in October I realized that when I started back up again blogging I wanted it to be because I actually enjoy it instead wanting people to care about stuff that might only be interesting to me.

And now on my 3rd try (third times a charm) I'm going to come back with a vengeance. Well not as intense, but of course I plan on revamping myself and my blogging ways that work with my busy life right now. I'm ready to blog for me and use it for what it was originally intended. A chronicle of my Bourgie life.

I've got a...

New layout in the works
New blog time (Aside from tonight, Sundays should be my day)
New outlook on life.

So to all my old blog friends I hope you haven't seen the post pop up and roll your eyes. This won't be the last one for months again I promise.

To the new blog friends that I hope to make now that I'm back, hey there! Welcome!!

I guess 28 is looking good on me :)


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