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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Holy Boy Band!

The Package Tour 2013!
98 Degrees
Boyz 2 Men

Yes! This is happening!
June 19th they are coming to Charlotte and I am actually considering going with my best friend.
That is if I can convince her lol

I am actually pretty excited about this concert. 
More so for Boyz 2 Men and 98 Degrees. 
I was never a NKOTB fan but I did like Jordan Knight on his little solo stint.

Boyz 2 Men have the most classic R&B songs and have been around forever.
98 Degrees came out a a really good time because as long as it was in a boy band form I was listening to them.
(This included O-Town, LFO, B2K, etc)

There is only one problem...

They are missing the greatest Boy Band of all time....N'SYNC!

Now I know its merely a pipe dream to think that N'SYNC would ever get back together for a reunion but as a fan for life I don't care how old I am if it happens I'm going!

Is anyone else planning on checking out this tour?


Favorite 98 song!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Its the little things that excite me....

Today was pretty laid back. 
I went house hunting with my best friend (more on that later) and went to the mall for some "browsing" and some much needed eyebrow care. When I don't wish to spend money or don't have any to spend at all I call the trip "browsing" instead of "shopping".

Anyway I found these amazing pumps and I fell in love!

Being that they are 150 dollars I definitely will not be getting these anytime soon. But I can dream and drool over my picture! Steve Madden has become one of my favorite shoe designers and when I am able to get my finances back on track I plan to buy and bunch of his shoes!!

I also had a small accomplishment by finally doing a FISH TAIL braid.


Yes I know this style has been done for awhile but my hair has also not been long enough to achieve it.

Until now.


Since the weather has been cold I have had a lot of beanies on and this braid is just what I needed!

Yes I had to watch a Youtube video to get it and also stand in front of a mirror. *shrugs*


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Social

So today before work I decided to do a Sunday Social link up....
Its been forever and I really liked the questions this week!

Sunday Social
What is your ideal way to relax?
I love to either lay in bed and watch Hulu or any Reality TV or with a glass of wine read a book which I rarely get to do!

Where is your favorite place to be?
I love to sleep so my bed is at the top of the list. But definitely where ever my boyfriend is and my parents because they make me feel safe.

Who do you consider your biggest roll model?
My mom has always been my biggest role model since I was a kid.
She joined the military, had to discharge early to raise me so young and her life has been dedicated to taking care of my family. She is the toughest person I know and is the reason I am so independent and driven.
She has kept it together through a lot of tough things and I appreciate her so much!

What does your life look like in 3 years?
Working in my career (finally!) that I enjoy.
Being Married would be nice!
My own place and a dog!
Very simple :)

If you could go back and change one decision what would it be?
I like to say that everything happens for a reason so I know that things are the way they are for an important reason or lesson. But I would go back to college and choose a different major my sophomore year. I am now on the pursuit of becoming a teacher and if I had chosen Education as a major I would definitely be in a different place. But that would have meant different friends, different path, so my life would not have some of the people I adore now in them.

What is your biggest accomplishment in life thus far?
Graduating college is still a big accomplishment for me. I did it in 4 years and even though I haven't really used my degree to get that job I was shooting for, I made my parents so proud by accomplishing something they never got a chance to do.


Saturday Night

So I spent my Saturday night at home watching Hulu...nothing special..
Sometimes I enjoy nights like these; vegging out on popcorn and catching up on all the shows i usually miss, but tonight I really wanted to go out and be social but everyone was out but me!

Womp, womp.

I absolutely love dressing up! Getting dressed up and doing my make up is the best part of going out!
Nights like these when I crave the nightlife I miss my sisters back in Orlando who were always down to go out on the weekends.

(some of my favorite nights getting dressed up!)

Next weekend will be very different though. 
My annual trip to PA is finally here!!! 
4 days of mayhem and I'm so excited!

Soooo yeah this work week is going to be brutal :/


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nail Challenge

Lately Ive been looking at my hands thinking to myself ,
"There are so many cute nail polishes and girls out there with awesome manis. 
Why cant I keep my nails painted?"

I love looking at polishes and even love buying them. But not going through the task of putting it on my nails; Both hands and feet. Unless I absolutely have to. I think the issue is that as soon as I get a chip I am over it so I usually dont want to have to deal. And then when I do my toes, itll be there forever and I will NEVER want to change it. (TMI)
So im doing a small experiment to see how long I can keep my nails (fingers and toes) painted. I will change the color once a week and see how long I can last with the upkeep. I shall do them Sunday night and touch them up during the week if needed.
Oh boy...

So im starting off with my favorite brand lately. I love their eyeshadows and blush and I have like 5 of their nail polishes. Through the Grapevine is actually pretty cute. More of a magenta than a grape purple.
We are on Day 3...so far so good!

Hope everyone has a great Hump Day!


Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

Its Martin Luther King Day!

And its Inauguration Day!

I still wanted to get this post out while I'm watching all the Inauguration coverage. Its still so amazing that Obama is getting to serve 2 terms. This was my first election that I actually voted in and its a great feeling to see the results going in the way of who you voted for.

So before I go back to doing laundry, preparing for work the rest of the week and watching the TV like a zombie, here's my Weekend in an Instagram nutshell.

Friday Night:
1. Greg competed in his first Poetry Slam since moving to Charlotte. He placed 2nd!
2. My sorority sisters Nicole (left) and Sabrina (right) came out to support. It was so awesome for them to come out and see one of Greg's passions!
3. One of my part time jobs is working for the Mecklenburg County in Charlotte, NC's Athletics Department. I go all around the city working with Recreation sports teams. This month has been Youth Basketball. So my Saturdays are spent scorekeeping. Its a long day but fun! The kids are so awesome.
4.  Greg was invited to go out to club Suite in VIP by some new friends so we headed out to Uptown Charlotte for a really good night! I love the huge glowsticks they bring out in the VIP section!
5. The weather is kind of crazy and its been really cold so I didn't do my normal cute dress. I wore a blazer and a skirt with tights. Sad I didn't get a full body pic.
6. Football time! Both Championship games were good and I was so happy the 49ers and Ravens won. We watching the Ravens game at a restaurant called Tacomac. I had been craving Nachos but I didn't imagine they were going to be this huge!

All in all a great weekend!


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday ECards


I wish I was home relaxing but instead I'm working one of my part time jobs. As much as I don't like working I do enjoy having money and shopping even more! So guess I have to deal. But to stay lighthearted through the day I have been reading ECards and they are hilarious. I selected a few of my favorites.



Friday, January 18, 2013

Outfit Crush/Fashion Friday

Happy Friday!!

This week I chose to post about an outfit that I have been dying to wear.
A couple separate pieces stuck out to me.
So i was playing around with them and decided to combine them all!
It actually worked!

Outfit Crush - Birthday Night Out

1. Sequin Jacket: The whole month of December I kept seeing a bunch of outfit planning for New Years and it included a sequin jacket. I thought it was so cute but wasn't really what I wanted for NYE (I am all about dresses!) But i think the jacket would be perfect for a nice night out for a dinner(maybe a birthday) with friends downtown. I've been afraid to wear this because I don't particularly like my arms and it didn't seem like the material would have any give. But if I had the opportunity to find one that fit and flattered I would definitely wear it.
2. Tuxedo pants: I own a pair of leggings that have a tuxedo stripe of sequins down the side. I love them! But i think the actual tuxedo pants with the satin stripe down the side is so cute! Its really subtle chic and would go really well with the jacket.
3. Ankle Bootie: The higher the better when it comes to heels for me and boots are not exception. I love these Baker booties and I was thinking closed toed shoes since its cold outside.
4. Beanie: My boyfriend calls them "Coofies" (I think its a Jersey/up North thing) but whatever you call them I love to wear them. I dress them up and dress them down. Sometimes I just don't feel like doing my hair all the way and a "coofie" is a secret way to hide it lol.
5. Chanel Purse. Enough said.


Monday, January 14, 2013

Awesome Weekend

Happy Monday!

I just returned from work and I wanted to write a quick post about my weekend. It was actually really awesome and busy from start to finish. Greg and I had a really busy work week so we didn't get to see each other that much. He made a point to surprise me with a date night Friday night and then see where the rest of the weekend goes. After work, movies, Football, and dinner I have to say it was a very successful weekend!

1. It was a rainy Friday so my outfit had to work with covering my hair (no frizz here). I simplified by wearing a sweater with a coral sheer top, jeans and some heeled boots to dress it up!
2. Greg always tries to out dress me when he takes me out on dates but I absolutely love when he dresses up! A tie is usually a must for him!
3. Greg surprised me by taking me to a small local theater that serves dinner while you watch the movie. These places are starting to become popular all over but I loved that this one had only 3 theaters that sat up to 40 people. It was nice and intimate. We watched This is 40 and it was hilarious!
4. Our evening was capped off spending some time with out friends Sabrina and her husband Wille. There was a surprise visit from one of my sorority sisters Nicole as well! Sabrina finally got a lesson on how to use her Espresso machine from Nicole so Caramel Cappuccinos and delicious Chocolate Chip Walnut cookies ended the night!
5. Battle of the Sexes is actually a pretty hard game. The women won of course but not without a good fight. I swear the questions were harder for us than the men. Even with my knowledge of sports and movies, it was still pretty tough.
6. Saturday night was date night at my favorite place called dish (I'm planning on doing a whole post on this place because I love it so much!) Great southern home cooking was exactly what we needed after both working a long day! I tried the meatloaf for the first time and it was tasty while Greg decided to stay healthy and get the blackened chicken.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Covered in Grace

Friday, January 11, 2013

Green with Envy...

So I keep hearing that Emerald is the color of 2013. I couldn't be happier! I love rich deep colors like dark blues, reds, and purples (I'm a Fall baby so it makes sense) so Emerald really will not be hard at all to integrate in my wardrobe!

If I wore Emerald in a casual outfit it would be in my accessories. This Kate Spade bag is to DIE for! I would carry it all the time and I love that its two toned. I am on a mission to get some leather leggings. I think if I find the right pair for my body type I would rock these with everything!

Emerald casual

Now dressing it up I would want to make a statement; and that means Emerald as the focal point!
This dress is HOT! I also saw this phone case and thought it would be cute to be able to match my cases to my outfit. Easier said than done but still great! I love dresses that cling to curves and with a great pump I always feel so sexy so I wouldn't mind having this one in my closet!

Looks like I've got some work to do!

Emerald Night Out

Happy Friday Everyone!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Look for the New Year!


So as promised I decided to change up the look for my blog. I love the color turquoise so I wanted to showcase that. The all black motif was getting hard to read!

I made it very simple but I'm still in the process of sprucing up things like adding a Navigation Bar and Social Media Icons. I'm telling everyone what I am wanting to do because if anyone has any tips or advice for creating these things I would love to hear from you!

I love seeing everyone's blog designs and how quickly they can change them up. I am just wanting to have my blog be more user friendly for me and others. HTML is tough, but i'm going to get through to add my special touches to my blog!

Thank you to everyone who is going to continue reading my blog! I know that I have been MIA for a hot minute but now that I have had time to gather thoughts and get more organized in other aspects of my life, I can fully merge my blog in.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

~ Nikki