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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Busy Busy Bee

Its been 2 weeks since I last wrote a post. But I need to keep my word and do better with posts so that's what I'll do. Starting a new job has been pretty stressful. But I like it. I like the people, the food, and even the hours. Anyone who has ever worked in the restaurant industry knows the real deal. But its a great place. And this place will hopefully help me for now. I am in the process of saving money for my own apartment and just being financially stable for once. 

This weekend was busy, fun, and exhausting. Worked most of the weekend, but I was able to squeeze some free time in. I ended up getting to check out the last day of Charlotte Pride. Each year it gets bigger and bigger. It was nice to see all the love and positive vibes.

I also got the chance to head to a Panther game. Preseason, but still a good time! I'm a Giants fan through and through, but I still like to root for the home team (when they aren't playing my team of course).

Summer is coming to an end so I've been trying to get a couple more fun things in. So I'm thinking a baseball game, brunch and maybe a couple more trips to the pool. School starts on Monday but the fun doesn't have to quite yet. Anyone have any other ideas of stuff I should do before Fall really hits?

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Things that I have realized at 27

My birthday is 2 months away so I got to thinking about all the things that have changed. I thought that by this time I would be married or at least planning on it, and more permanent in a career. Currently none of those things are happening. Now as I get closer to 30 I am not as scared as I once was and I have decided to embrace my life as is. I've been telling all my friends that 30 is the new 20. Any else believe that? I have learned quite a bit over the last couple years and I have written down a few that I am willing to confess about.

1. Hangovers. They are the absolute worst. But they are more deadly now that I'm not heading to college night every Thursday. Senior year of college I was an absolute champ. Partying 3 days a week and going to class the next day no problem. I can still party into the night, but the recovery time is longer painless and fixed with a glass of water and some Advil. I need time to re-evaluate my life, roll out of bed, and eat something immediately. And now that could take hours! That means if there is any weekday shenanigans, I have to think very carefully how to approach my next day. I do work in the classroom after all.

2. The junior section of stores is 90% of the time not suitable for me. It makes me sad seeing women forcing themselves into clothes they have no business wearing. Partially in my defense the store is called Forever 21, and I am 27; but if they make my size and I wear it appropriate whats the harm? Buuuuuut not everyone can wear anything just because it comes in your size FYI.

3. Living paycheck to paycheck has become an art form. I have a full time job yes, but that does not mean I always have money. That just is not realistic. Bills Bills Bills rule my world. I certainly know how to make 20 dollars stretch for a whole week.

4. Metabolism. Oh I miss the days of devouring empty calories and staying the same size. Now to counter balance I focus more on the empty calories of alcohol mixed in with eating healthier. Yes that sounds  like a good plan. I also got myself a personal trainer and he makes all the difference. No binge eating for me.

5. Keeping up with friends in high school gets tougher every year unless you live in a small town. It's to the point where I only speak if it's their birthday, or a new baby, or a wedding. Which by the way sucks because 9 times out of 10 I'm too far away to be invited to the wedding, baby shower, or birthday party. Womp womp.

6. My love for fashion has increased ten fold. My desire to be more daring and dress for appropriate occasions have gotten better. Or maybe its my love for shoes. Yes. I just love shoes. Outfits are only necessary in order to wear certain shoes. If I could, I'd go naked and have some hot shoes on. Guess I need to move to a nudist colony.

7. I am no longer dating for fun. Lol I mean it still needs to be fun, but I'm starting to get the itch for settling down...maybe it's because of all the damn weddings and baby showers I've been seeing. I think I'm ready for someone to make an honest woman out of me.

8. My increase in jealousy has come to the forefront. This might be due to social media and the parade of "new job" and "I'm engaged" and "bought a new house". Facebook/Instagram/Twitter breeds the jealousy but I can't look away. I know it's not my time and it's okay for me to feel this way. This just means that when it happens for me I'm going to have a freakin parade. Okay maybe not that much pomp and circumstance. But there will be a party.


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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Weekend Marathon

I had a pretty hectic weekend. It has been awhile since I've had plans everyday. From Thursday to Sunday. No stopping. But it was all a good time. I'm still getting back in my "take pictures of everything in anticipation of blogging" mode. But for now check out my jam packed weekend.

these crazy kids...

Thursday: Spent the day volunteering with Nicole's church Elevation. They have something called "Love Week" every year where everyone goes out into the community of Charlotte to give back and spread the "love". I've known about it for awhile but this is the first year taking part. Me and the roomies all decided to volunteering renovating a house in East Charlotte. Painting, yard work, etc. Good times.

The evening was really long and exhausting. But so much fun. Met up with some friends to see a Michael Jackson cover band...but it rained out and no performance. So what do you do when that happens? Bar hop around the city and try to avoid the rain (the weekend ending up being so gray and rainy). Highlight of my night. Eating some amazing Queso at VidaVida. Good food moves me to photograph it, so it only makes sense that this is the only picture I have of the night.

Friday: Had a friend in town so I mustered up the energy to go out again. Hit uptown to Cosmos. Thought I was really being creative with my Snapchat right here. Plus my makeup looks on point. 

Saturday: Early morning work. This time; Senior Basketball 3 on 3. I'm talking 50 and over running up and down the court (well half of the court) and shooting 3 pointers better than a lot of guys I see my age. They've still got it and it goes to show you that even though you get to a certain age, you can still do what you love. Just take care of yourself.

I spent my night with some of my favorite people. I met up with some of my best friends from college who are in my sorority with me for dinner and drinks afterward. It was so nice to catch up! The Plaza Midwood area of Charlotte is pretty nice. I had been to a couple places but not on a weekend. I love the casual atmosphere even though my attire didn't match. I wish I had gotten a full picture of my outfit that night. I was channeling the 90s with my high waited acid wash jeans, white pumps, and black blazer. I was taking it out for a test spin and it was a hit! Anyone else getting more into 90s fashion? Or just taking more risks in general?

Sunday I started my Job #3 as a hostess (more on that later), so my morning was spent training. And in the evening I watched the Giants play in their first game of the season. Its preseason, but still a win is a win. My GMen were looking pretty good out there! Lets hope that its a preview of great things to come. Anyone else overcome with joy that its time for football????

Hope everyone has a great week!

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Hello August...I'm back!

So it’s a new month.  My Hiatus is over, again. This time I’m going to stay on the plan. I may sound like I’m an addict trying to stay sober for the umpteenth time, but that’s okay. I realized in the last 2 months how much I need blogging. It’s become something that I use for sanity, strength, and clarity. That’s a lot of pressure on something that is supposed to be just a fun hobby. But with all the things I have going on right now, it’s very much needed. Summer is almost over and I plan to spend these last couple weeks developing my “habit” again. But I am not going to be over ambitious and blog every day. For now, I’ll give myself 3 days a week. Maybe 4 if there is a special occasion. We will see how that goes.

My need for structure (military kid) and lack of stability in my life recently (job, friends, money) has caused me to miss what blogging did for me. It became work and I avoided it as much as possible. But when I got a chance to read some of my favorite blogs, I suddenly was recharged again and wanted to comment and use some new blog ideas I had. Very quickly the motivation fizzled out as soon as something frustrating happened in my life. That actually should have been the time that my computer was attached to me; using writing as an outlet and giving me something positive to focus on.

So this time I want to blog again because it makes me happy and I enjoy that connection I have made over the years with the community. I want to build that back up again. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for me.

Now being that it is Friday, I thought I would also do a little recap of how my week went so I can say goodbye to July on a good note.

1. Tried 2 new Pinterest recipes this weekend. 1 was a success and the other was a mere “Eh”. I will definitely be doing posts on those because I need to share with the world the improvement of my cooking skills. Or maybe the improvement of following directions.

2. I got a call on Tuesday that I got the Hostess position I interviewed for last week! I’m excited because I needed for more money coming in. 2 months late but it’s still happening. I am now officially a “Jamaican” with all the jobs I have now (if you have never heard that joke, don’t worry about it. It’s a Caribbean thing, being that I am Guyanese).

3. I’ve been on 2 dates with the same guy. I’m starting to branch out and be more open to the idea of new people.  Dating such a trial and error. I can’t believe I wanted to do it so bad when I was IN a relationship. Grass is always greener on the other side I guess. But we will see how things go with this guy. For now he’s someone I can continue chilling with.

4. It’s not exactly a highlight, but things have been going well with my personal trainer, but I suffered my first “injury” with him. Box jumps are not for the faint of heart and I was able to reach my goal of hitting the highest box, but not before achieving an abdominal strain. Right below my bellybutton feels like something ripped. Luckily it’s not too serious. But me and icy hot have become very good friends lately.

5. NSYNC released a compilation album. Well the record company did, not actually the guys. If that’s not a great highlight to my week I don’t know what is! This will be ordered ASAP!

High Five For Friday
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