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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Busy Busy Busy

Since school started on Monday my substitute teaching gig has already began (woo hoo money)
And that means not having as much time to blog like I was hoping to do this month (womp womp)
But I wanted to check back in with my August Goals to see how I did.
I cant believe its getting ready to be September. 
I know I always say this but man this year is really flying by!

sooooooooo I didnt do so well this month.
I crossed out 3 things...because I was only able to get to 2 things. Who knew how hard it was to make time to sit and watch Harry Potter. Most people wouldn't mind doing that!
But I was able to go to Charlotte Pride Festival this past weekend (post on that later) and I bought a flattering bathing suit TECHNICALLY in July but I wore it like every weekend in August so it kind of counts.
"Thats a far stretch Nikki"

I was however doing a lot of reading this month and I was finally able to read several books that had been looming on my list. Gone Girl was awesome I finally understand the hype and I cant wait to read the other books that follow. Girls in White Dresses is funny and sarcastic so I was really laughing out loud when I read this. Very cute I think everyone should give it a chance.

So I was only actually get 2 things crossed on my August goals.
I really wanted some Empanandas too. :(
But that's okay. September is coming and I will. do. better.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I Want You Back!

Breaking News! Rumors!

So there has been lots of talk that *NSYNC may have a reunion at the VMAs this weekend!
This is the most exciting news I've heard all year!
I really hope this happens *crosses fingers*
I may even wear my shirt for the occasion.
Still in good condition after 10+ years.

Every girl in the world that grew up with these men will revert back to their preteen self and just lose it!
That was such a great time to be a girl!

I was personally a JC fan.
I thought he sang better, dressed better, and looked better.
That man could do no wrong.
And when he did this on my concert DVD...

I wanted to marry him. O_o

Moving on....

So In honor of the best boy band of all time (its a fact not my opinion)
I thought I would share my Top 5 NSYNC song of all time list.
Its ridiculous to narrow it down to 5, but it forced to really think about it.
Plus it gave me a chance to dust off my old CDs turn on my Ipod and jam out!

I was all about what songs were the catchiest, 
had the sexiest music videos, 
and evoked emotion.
At least from my 11-15 year old self.

I've included all the videos for your viewing pleasure.

Five. Girlfriend
I love this song. I will say that about every *NSYNC song on this list just warning you.
I especially liked the fact that there was a remix with Nelly which made it fun.
But I was jealous of the girls up close and personal with the guys in the video.
And considering this is pre-Bieber, I think its a lot more desirable to be asked to be someones girlfriend, then for you to tell me all the reasons you should be my boyfriend. 
No thanks Bieber.

Four. This I Promise You
Such a sweet song and I have such fond memories of this song being performed live.
I went to the No Strings Attached tour when they came to San Diego. 2000 was the best year of my life because of that tour (okay well not my life, but when you are 14 that was the best moment).
They traveled across the moving stage into the audience and threw flowers out into the audience *swoon*
I'm sure when this came out it was a popular wedding song.

Three. Its Gonna Be Me
No Strings Attached is my favorite NSYNC album and this song tops the list of favorites from it.
I will let my obsessed fanatic flag fly and say that I knew all the choreography from this music video, I had the puppets and I suddenly became into snakeskin because JC wore snakeskin pants in the video. 
I would do it in my room all the time whenever TRL played it. 
(OMG do you remember TRL?)
Plus this was also during Justin's fro look and I swear every white boy I knew in middle school wanted his hair so the girls would pay attention! LOL

Two. Tearin' Up My Heart
Yep its not Tearing...its Tearin'. You gotta love the slang. And 90s music videos.
A classic! If you don't know the words to this song you didn't have a fun childhood.
Just kidding (not really)
Even the guys I knew liked this song. *NSYNC was an epidemic when they came out. But can anyone explain to me why they were in a warehouse and why there was a bed?
I don't know but they looked so cool, cute and fun!
They were so baby faced. I miss them like this!

and the greatest *NSYNC song is...

One. Gone
The best. Point Blank.
Even though I was not going through relationship angst in middle school (no dating for me until wayyyy later) I thought this song was amazing and I have cried on more than one occasion hearing this song.
We will blame it on hormones. I was 14.
Even the Spanish version of this song was so pretty.
I love love love this song.

So that's my list. Runners up included "Bye Bye Bye", "I Want You Back", and "Pop", but I needed to choose. But we all know that any *NSYNC song is a good one.

If its been awhile since you have listened to these me sing;
You're welcome!

What songs would you put on your list? 
Who is your favorite guy?


Friday, August 16, 2013

Whats in my Bag. The Bourgie Edition

I love to travel. 
Because I do it so often I have developed habits and rituals;
Things that I need to survive the journey and make it go a lot smoother. 
I don't understand why its such a hassle for some people. 
I guess I'm usually travelling alone so I worry about what I need rather than a group. 
But I always have the same things with me every time I fly/ride the b.us
Driving is a little easier but still ultimately the same.

Kindle/charger: Filled with several books. I have made the mistake of only having one book on there. Sometimes i get in a mood where I will devour a book so quickly, but then I'm bored for the rest of the time. I like to be prepared. I don't want to be on my phone the whole time. But it does suck that on my kindle I can only work my apps if there is Internet. So that means no Fruit Ninja unless there is wi-fi. Sadness.

Umbrella: the one time I needed it in NYC I didn't have it so now because I am superstitious I always have it. Keeps my mind at ease.

Mini clutch: I always have my giant travel bag but not a real purse. In order to keep my wallet contents together the clutch comes in handy. No one wants to be that person in line that cant find their ID or debit card and proceeds to dig to the bottom of their purse. That bugs me!

Jewelry holder: I like to keep my jewelry with me. I think it really is a personal thing. Saves time at the airport so I can just throw my stuff back on without it ending up at the bottom of my bag.

Hygiene bag: traveling all day your mouth starts to taste funny. Or you feel like you get off the plane smelling like the airport or the people around you (gross) so as soon as I land I freshen up a bit. I am a serial deodorizer. B.O. is the worst thing that could ever happen to anyone on a the plane.

Makeup bag: these bags under my eyes are not going to cover themselves. For some reason traveling is so exhausting. All the removing of clothes and trudging through the terminal. Buying food. Waiting and being bored creates these "travel bags" and it takes me days to get rid of. I at least try not to look like hell when I get off the plane.

Sunglasses: I don't care if its 1030am or 1030pm. If I'm sitting at a gate, usually my sunglasses are on. I like to people watch. It keeps me from being on my phone and draining my battery. But I dont like people watching me do whatever I am doing lol I'm such a hypocrite. So i like to do it through sunglasses so people don't feel eyes on them. And if I am sleep you will never know. Plus I feel like it makes me look important and diva-ish. Maybe that's just in my mind.

Cell phone/charger: Duh. I'm writing a post about what gripes me about the airport later, but before I post that I just have to say; its 2013, why in the hell is it so hard to charge my phone???? The ratio of outlets to gates and passengers is awful.

Ipod/headphones: I need music to focus my attention when I am done people watching. I do often wonder what people listen to while sitting in the airport. Personally I tend to listen to really ratchet music (when do I not!) It keeps me awake and makes me feel really pumped. Impromptu lip syncing concerts may happen. Especially with 2 Chainz.

Sweater: I am always cold. Like always. And modes of transportation are usually always air conditioned. So being the educated woman that I am I bring a light sweater whenever I travel. I hate those people sitting near me complaining how freezing it is or how they don't understand why they have to have the temp so low. Would you rather be in a hot box with everyone's body heat and hot mouth and other scents or smells that may come about? Not me....i'm good with the air conditioning.

Brush: I tend to not care what my hair looks like travelling home because it always gets messed up anyway. But on the way to my destination I'm such a maniac about making sure I dint look like I've been on a bus or a plane all day.

Notebook: sometimes a random list needs to be made or a blog post idea. Either way I gotta write it down.

Snacks: Yes I am such a Fatty Mcgee. I need to snack to keep me sane. I am a huge b*tch when I'm hungry. I'm just keeping it real. My fave travel snack? White cheddar popcorn, Gummy worms, and pretzels. Salty sweet salty sweet. I always need the back and forth.

What are some essentials you NEED to have in your bag when traveling?


Monday, August 12, 2013

My Weekend!

And its Monday again...
This past weekend went by so quickly!
I swear it was just Friday.
But time flies when you are having fun and I guess that's the case this time.
It was nice to actually do something with friends and just be out and about in the city.
The weather was amazing too!

 one My linesisters, Shamecia (left),Sabrina (middle) and I on our Day Date! 
We all live in the same city but barely see each other. 
We are definitely going to change that! 
two After lunch we stopped at a bakery and had some amazing cupcakes! 
We sat down and talked about Sabrina's upcoming baby shower!
three Shopping for fashionable maternity clothes was the next thing on the agenda. I wore the wrong shoes to walk around the mall in :( Blisters happened. But at least I looked cute in them!
four Ru San's was the restaurant of choice for lunch. I hadn't had sushi in so long so I was so ready!

Saturday Night/Sunday
five The weekend was good to me hair wise since I had freshly taken out my weave on Friday. 
I miss it! But I rocked this bun!
six A group of us made it out to Carolina Ale House and it wasn't bad! We tried the loaded fries Carolina style and it was very interesting. Pulled pork, BBQ sauce, bacon, and cheese. Not my favorite but it was nice to say I tried it. I'll stick to my regular order.
seven How many Ale Houses are there? So far the best ones have been in Florida. I used to eat at Orlando Ale House every week! The best everything!! Especially during Football season!
eight After work I headed to my friend Aleesha's house for dinner. She whipped up a quick chicken fettuccine alfredo and it was delicious. Top it off with some wine and we are in business!


{linked up with Sami for Weekend Shenanigans and Leeann for monday morning gossip}

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Instagram Recap

This week has been a straight roller coaster.
But I wanted to focus on some happy things that made it a little better.
Check out my Instagram pics from this week!

I'm linking up with Sara for my Saturday Instagram Recap!

I made corn salsa and it tastes just like the one from Chipotle. Its not perfect, but it definitely satisfied my craving that I had this week.

I couldn't resist and ordered ANOTHER shoe from ShoeDazzle. This one is more practical for work but I think it would be really cute with all my cuffed jeans!

Ive taken out my weave and for the time being I am going to rock my hair natural. Its a pain but I need to give my hair a rest and my scalp needs to breathe! Last night I attempted a high bun and I think it came out great!

Last nights dinner choice was a restaurant called Boudreauxs. It was my first time and the Cajun food here is excellent! I got the Cajun Carbonara pasta and it was Spicy and sooooo delicious! I couldnt eat all of it the plate was so big!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I'm Greek and Proud of It!

Carolina Fireflies

Greek life is something that people usually only associate with college.
When it comes to being Greek, for me...its for life.
So I was really excited about this link up!
I can share things that I have been doing even after my time in school!

The organization I became a part of (Mu Sigma Upsilon) 
focuses heavily on alumni interaction and the impact we have on our universities and communities.
Even after I graduated college I have been very active in my sorority.

My sorority is a Multicultural organization (meaning that my founders were focused on having sisters from every cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds). Me being Guyanese and African American I was fascinated the fact that I could be around so many different women from different places brought together for one purpose. We are spread all over the country but it doesn't matter. We always come together for big events and even for just some fun.

Now onto to what I wanted to share...

Awhile back I talked about something called Strolling.
Also known as "party hopping, or party walking" this along with stepping is something that I love to do with my sorority. I've competed in step and stroll competitions since I became a sister in 2007.
I was even Captain of our Step/Stroll team when I lived in Florida from 2008-2012.

This is a perfect opportunity to show those of you who don't know what the hell I'm talking about.
I have some pics and videos that showcases the awesomeness that is Greek stepping and strolling.

 Check me out 2nd from the left :)

can you see me??? 3rd from the left

Greatest moment since I've been a sister!

Being on this team was stressful but so much fun and it was all worth it in the end! The hard work and dedication required is not for everyone so its not a requirement in our organization to step or stroll.

Now on to stepping...

Check my sisters up North out. (sisters from PA, NY, NJ, and VA all on one team!)
If you have time to watch the whole thing you can see the theme, costumes,
and steps were well thought out and planned.

We won 1st place here as well. (2011 was a good year!)
Glad I was in the audience in PA to see it live!

So there you have it.
A little insight into what fun opportunities I have to do in my sorority.
I think I'll be strolling and stepping for as long as my body will let me.

Some of our lovely sisters at the 30th Anniversary banquet in Orlando, FL in 2011


Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Goals

Hope everyone is having an amazing Thursday!
Today is the first of August and I wanted to get out some goals I have for this month.
I am very hopeful that I will accomplish this list!

1. Complete at least 3 things on my 101 in 1001
I'm really trying to go to the shooting range and finally have my Harry Potter Marathon!

2. Get A Full Time Job!
I will always have this on my goal list until is gets accomplished! I'm constantly interviewing I just need someone to take a chance and hire me!

3. Obtain some furniture for my room.
I think its a sign that I received the IKEA catalog in the mail yesterday!!!

4. Finish books on summer reading list.
I don't have many left!
* Gone Girl
* Midnight and the Meaning of Love by Sister Souljah
* Girl in White Dresses

5. Accomplish making some Empanadas! 
If you didn't already know I am obsessed with food from cultures other than mine. Latin food (whether its Puerto Rican, Peruvian, Brazilian) is so yummy and I miss having constant access to it like when I was in Florida. So I am determined to AT LEAST learn how to make some empanadas on my own. I tend to craze them at the most random times! Anyone have a good recipe?