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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Im coming back soon!!!

I have been crazy busy but I'm going to be coming back from my blog hiatus soon....

Just as soon as I come back from New York!



Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Mother Rocks!

Happy Mothers Day!

Today I spent the first 2 hours of my day, on FaceTime with Mom.
Since she lives in Virginia, and I don't get to see her and my dad that often. 
It was really nice to catch up and see her getting ready for her brunch date with my dad.

On this day everyone is talking about how awesome their mom is, what she has done for them, or why they are the way they are because of their mom. I'm no different. I can officially say my mother is the coolest! There are so many reasons why she rocks....but Ill just share some of my favorite!

* My mother is my best friend. I can come to her about anything. Any problem, any big news she is the first person I call! There is always some form of advice, or lesson, or wisdom that is given during the phone call.

* This lady has the most amazing shoe collection I have ever seen in my life! Over 80+ shoes (not including boots) and her closet is the reason I have my obsession with Shoes and Fashion in general. She is the original Diva that I can always count for a seven hour conversation about who is wearing what, new things purchased online, and long mall trips without getting tired.

* I have never met anyone who loves cartoons and all things youthful as much as my mom. I can guarantee that any holiday that has a cartoon holiday special, she's got it on DVD. I loved spending weekends watching hours of Charlie Brown, Spongebob and any Disney movie. It was our way of escape, and now that I'm older I don't get to spend this kind of time with her.

1. Me and my mother hiking in Okinawa, Japan
2. My mothers birthday last year...at Bonefish Grill
3. Glasses Twins!
4. My wonderful parents!


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Its Ok

Its Ok Thursdays

To break 2 wine glasses in one week…but not freak out because there are still 4 more in the cabinet…

That I'm upset people are just now listening to Emeli Sande’…almost a year late people…shes amazing!!!

To stare at the pile of clothes in the corner room and hope that tomorrow it will wash itself

To eat an entire box of Kraft macaroni and cheese...in one sitting.

To read an entire month of magazines…the day I receive the next months issue

To keep all the seasons of Glee on the DVR to watch at a moments notice

That I let my students watch Magic School Bus all day
because the teacher did not leave me any substitute plans.

To be a Bulls fan AND a Heat Fan….but lets go HEAT!


Friday, May 3, 2013

Oh Yes Its Ladies Night: Bachelorette Party

I was able to cross of my 101 in 1001...

#12 Take an athletic pole dancing class!!

I was lucky enough to try it out for the first time at my good friend Tiffany's Bachelorette Party!
Her bridesmaids had set up a day for us all to try out the class, head to dinner, and then club the night away.

This place awesomely called Vertical Tease was Uptown and hidden away. 
I didn't even know it was there until the GPS found it. If anyone has already taken one of these classes before they know what the general set up looks like.

Oh yes....multiple poles. There were so many of us that we had to go in groups so there are no actual pictures of me on the pole (thank goodness), but it was a ton of fun and it was a great first experience.

Pole dancing requires a lot of strength and balance. 
I wore my heels to get the full experience and I would say that it helped me get in the feeling.

I learned a lot, but unfortunately I ended up with a battle wound. 
Its been over a week and my bruise on my ankle still hurts!!

Next we headed to Deltas, a ritzy soul food restaurant in Uptown Charlotte. 
I didnt even think you could put ritzy and soul-food in the same sentence.

But it was so good!

We had a nice surprise at the restaurant. We met Eric Benet! He happened to be eating there at the same time as him. He had a show that night Uptown. He saw that we were a bachelorette party and didnt mind us taking pictures with him.

For those of you who dont know who he is; He's a singer and he was first married to Halle Berry. Then he cheated on her and claimed he was a sex addict. Yeah he's an idiot. LOL.

Our evening was an awesome one! 
Pole dancing, Little black dresses, cupcakes, jello shots, and Eric Benet.
Oh what a night!

My dress was from Target. I'm in love with it!


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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Carabox Reveal

This month I dove right in and finally participated in my first swap!
Carabox is Kaitlyn's creation and I thought it was such a cute idea I had to sign-up!

I was matched up with the Aimee, who is the coolest. 
We vibed on a lot of things and had a lot in common.!
She is so awesome and I loved getting to know her and all the things that make up her busy life! 

Check out here blog! She is so crafty and artsy!

I have to say I loved everything about my box! The theme was "being green" and it was tough, but that's where creativity comes in and she nailed it (with the help of her daughter Bailey).

My favorite things in the box are definitely the Joe Joes
 (i opened the box as soon as I pulled them out!), my new tumbler to add to my collection,
 and the nail polishes...

All in all it was a great experience! I sent my Carabox to Kristal.
Visit her blog if you want to see what I put together for her! She owns a really AMAZING Handmade Tutu Etsy shop called Atutudes. They are so fashionable and chic. I wish they were adult sizes.

I will definitely be doing this box swap again.
I love getting mail!


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