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Friday, June 29, 2012

Fridays Letters #1


Dear Reality TV, I LOVE YOU. My television line up is kind of awesome right now. Chicagolicious, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Hollywood Exes, Single Ladies, and Love and Hip Hop; Atlanta take up my DVR and I relish every minute. I know brain cells die every time I turn them on but I love the drama; cat fights, rumors, etc.

Dear Summer Heat, GO AWAY! It is supposed to be in the 100s all this weekend and I cant take it. I am forced to wear the least amount of clothing just to function outside! Shopping today wasn't bad because I was inside an air conditioned mall. But I cant take a whole summer of this. Womp

Dear Chipotle, Please come closer to my house! The closest location is 20 minutes away and I don't want to have to drive that far for your tasty goodness. But keep in mind I will because you are crack! Yum!

Dear Forever 21, Stop taking all my money. But thank you for carrying such cute clothes! :D

Happy Friday!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Update #1

So a couple of things happened my first weekend in Charlotte. It was very low key but awesome at the same time. I hope there are more great things to come.

1. Friday: I haven't even been in Charlotte for a whole week and I have a new scratch on my car -_-
2. Friday: Day with the BFFF Nicole...found these "Niner Nuts" and it just cracked me up!!
3. Friday: Still unpacking! But the first thing done was my closet. I love looking at my closet and my shoes especially! But there is still more work and more shoes to be added once I pick up the ones at my parents house...yes the shoe addiction is real!
4. Saturday: BBQ with another bestie...it was great to see him and grill and catch-up. I was in the mood to get girly since I had been "roughin" it moving and such. So Mint Nail polish on the hands and feet, and a cute dress. I love prints! I don't like to wear solid colors. I currently have an obsession with leopard print; back in high school it was snakeskin (weird i know). This dress is an ode to that.
5. Saturday: Def Jam Rapstar with my girls for Keshia's birthday. If you have never played it; its basically Hip Hop Karaoke...famous rap songs that are catchy and memorable you sing with a microphone and get points on accuracy. Its so much fun and I need to update it and download more songs! But good times were had! But Girls night was great; food, drinks, and Dance Central too!
6. Sushi with my favoritest (yes i made that word up) Frat brother Carlos. He was driving home to Atlanta from VA and stopped in Charlotte to see me and catch-up. He is the BEST! Love him bunches and sushi dates are our THING
7. Silly Sunday. I was just feeling silly so I thought I would capture it. Maybe it was the Bacon Pancakes I made :)

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Confessions #2

1. I love nail polish...I just hate putting it on! I bought 2 new nail polishes this past week...both a minty color. I finally got a chance to put one of them on before I headed to a BBQ on Saturday and it is such a pain to do.But I love the end result. I think I will keep this color until the 4th of July :) What are some color ideas for July? I didn't want to do traditional Red.

2. I worry a lot that I may never find a career I'm happy with. The plan has always been to be an event planner. I love the background planning of events and the atmosphere of behind the scenes preparation. Weddings, parties, promotional events, I want to do it all. But it takes experience and trust and I am having a tough time finding someone to take me under their wing. Ugh! But I also have another interest of working in Higher Education with Student Affairs/Residence Life. I loved being an Resident Advisor when I was in school and I would love to do it professionally. But most jobs require a masters and that means....GOING BACK TO SCHOOL bum. bum. bum. ::cue evil music:: That is an option that's really not on the top of my list. But it may come back in the picture soon :/

3. Teen Wolf is an Awesome show....Empire Girls however is not. This show ended up being really good and I actually want to see what happens in the 2nd season and I haven't even finished the first! Empire Girls after watching one episode will NOT be in my reality TV rotation. All I hear is whining and complaining about past man problems and it seems only a publicity stunt for Adrienne's album that's coming out soon. Anyone seen either of these shows? 

4. I miss the nightlife. No I'm not referring to being a woman of the night. I haven't been out downtown bar hopping and dancing in a week and I'm already missing it. I love just being carefree and dancing the night away with drinks and talking and socializing. Don't get me wrong I have a blast chillin in the apartment playing Dance Central with my girls (which is actually what I did last night!) but I like getting all dressed up and strutting my stuff lol Okay not actually strutting but maybe a slight pep in my step because I am out and about with my friends. *sigh* Anyone else love the nightlife?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Amusement Park Fun!

When I was in New Jersey 2 weeks ago Gregory FINALLY took me to Six Flags. Actually I am supposed to say Great Adventure; I have to be more specific about which SF i went to when I am around people who frequent amusement parks. When I lived in San Diego I went to Magic Mountain all the time so I really was expecting it to be the same thing. Sadly I found that there are different rides and things in general have really changed about the park since the early 2000s.


I was really excited to go and as soon as we got there...it started to rain. And not a downpour or a drizzle; it was that horrible mist/spray that makes you miserable and damp and creates that weird layer of water droplets on your hair and makes you just feel awkward. Maybe that's just me. Because of this rain we didn't ride as many rides as I had hoped but it was still a great time.

The Green Lantern was first and I must say that it was awesome. However the ride decided that the rain was cramping its style and broke down RIGHT before we were supposed to get on. Now any normal person would have chucked it up as a loss and left but based on principle we waited until it was working again. The ride would have been a new favorite had it not been for; the rain pelting my face after Gregory convinced me to sit in the front, and the mere fact that right before the last loop we got STOPPED. Not stuck but STOPPED because the car after us wasn't working....smh that made me not happy with the Green Lantern at all. So i really cant say if I will ever be back on it...its been tainted.

To make me feel better about the situation we headed to Rolling Thunder which was a great ride don't get me wrong but riding WOODEN roller coasters in the RAIN is not the smartest idea. But they were working so I couldn't complain right? Well as luck would have it the ride broke down AGAIN right before we were about to ride. I started to really think it was us, but I still decided to get on the ride. YOLO right? LOL Well the ride was really fast and I didn't expect it to actually scare me a little. There was no warning and all we had was a little handlebar across the waist. The security did not match the intensity of the ride.

I will say my new favorite ride is Bizarro. This ride was fun and no lines always make the ride experience better. Gregory was so excited explaining to me all the changes of the rides at Great Adventure over the years. Since he has been coming to Six Flags since he was a child, he has deemed himself an expert in the park :P and seemed to know everything about everything. It was so cute.

I think I got the most excited about Batman. This ride is my FAVORITE for multiple reasons. No Floor. Super Fast. and its Batman. What more could you want? It was so good we rode it twice. Wasn't exactly the best idea after eating lunch with all the loops but it was so damn fun! So that was a good end my day. I wont even talk about the Dark Knight we rode that was a huge disappointment and yet we rode that one twice as well. :(

All and all a good day despite the weather. In the future I would love to travel across the country visiting parks! What are some amusements I should check out?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Sports Moment from the Bourgie one...

If you are not a sports fan you dont have to continue reading...Ill spare you :) But sometimes I love to talk about sports!!!

Woo Hoo!!! Sooooo excited that Miami Heat won the NBA Finals!!! Even more excited that LeBron James finally got his ring and was named Finals MVP!! I have been on twitter for the last hour reading the craziness.

If you didn't already know I am a HUGE Sports fan (mostly Basketball and Football). I am a straight girly girl who also loves a good game and a good drink. You would be surprised how many men look at me funny when I actually watch a bball/football game alone. No, I don't watch sports just so I can be around guys! ::side eye::

Anyway back to the Heat winning...

Its funny that I JUST left Florida to come to NC and now I am missing all the parties. But I'm actually glad I'm not there because I know it gets crazy during sports celebrations. Riots and such; not my scene. But for Christmas I asked Greg for a new LeBron jersey (i get dirty looks wearing my old Cavs one) so cross your fingers I get it! The all black one is pretty great!

Now that basketball is over...

Time to get prepared for Football season. I don't watch too much baseball...really only when the Yankees play and I am around enough people to want to watch it. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Hideki Matsui though (known as Godzilla) and OF COURSE he now plays for the Tampa Bay Rays and I'm no longer in FL *sigh*

So to set the record straight at the end of the night here are my teams:

Lets go Giants!
Lets go Yankees!
Lets go Duke!

For basketball its a little more complicated...because I like players rather than teams. I feel I am exempt from having a "home team" because I've lived in several different places so I cant recall one that I have constantly rooted for. I remember in high school I had 4 jerseys...a Tracy McGrady (when he played for the Magic), old school design Kobe Bryant, LeBron James (original Cavs jersey), and a Jordan (Bulls) jersey.

Now aside from my loving Lebron since day 1 of his NBA career, I like the following players and always choose them over teams. Its my madness that makes me happy. 

Derrick Rose, 
Kevin Durant (Durantula), and 
Chris Paul (CP3)

Now since I'm back in Charlotte the Panthers and the Bobcats need to get it poppin this year! I'm ready to go to some games! Its time for a Cam Newton jersey!!! That shall be my birthday present to myself :)

Alright, sports talk over...
Does anyone else watch sports like I do?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Photo A Day June

So I love these photo a day things on Instagram (@MissNewBourgie) because they keep things interesting. June is almost over and I wanted to share my month so far!

1. My last week at my job was ridiculous! I had stacks of applications and financial paperwork to get done!
2. My roommate beat me to the punch and moved out first! She had the bigger room and closet...I was always jealous...
3. Eggs Benedict is my guilty pleasure. I need to find cute brunch places in Charlotte!
4. I either wear heels or converse...they are so classic!
5. The sign on my door made me feel official...hope I can find another job with my own office again.
6. OKC made it to the NBA Finals but I am rooting for Miami!
7. Moe's has the best queso...I have been on a quest to make white queso like theirs...sigh
8. Melanie Fiona's album rocks! I love how she is also Guyanese :)
9. Spending a weekend in Philly was awesome! South street is great...I bought some really cute jewelry
10. Miami needs to win the Finals! That would make me so happy since I am a LeBron fan
11. I love malls...even the malls in New Jersey. They don't have tax on clothing!
12. Jamba juice is crack and I was stoked they had one in Newark Airport
13. I am terrible at bowling but still love to go. Great way to hang out with friends without pressure. The art at Boardwalk Bowl is so cute....
14. I need a new watch. I usually only wear Fossil watches. Any recommendations on a new brand to try?

Moving Mayhem!

Goodbye Orlando.....Hello Charlotte!!

I am now I'm in Charlotte officially!!! I arrived Tuesday night and it has been non-stop action unpacking, cleaning, purging, and napping. It is so true when people say "you never really know how much stuff you have until its time to move". Its crazy how much stuff I have accumulated over the last 4 years.

Is there a perfect way/smart way to pack? Because I need someone to fill me in...My car was absolutely PACKED to the brim. I couldn't even see out the rear-view mirror! But I needed to make sure everything got to NC. So I just shoved it all in there. I have driven the 7 and a half hour drive multiple times so it wasn't a big deal, but when you are in a small area with no room to move and the possibility of everything shifting and squashing you, the trip seemed more exhausting. But I made it safe.

My favorite part of moving is unpacking and more importantly decorating!! I have a clean palate to work with so I can add little things to make it mine. Living in my cousins house I cant paint or anything crazy, but I do plan on putting up picture frames and getting little knick knacks for my nightstand and dresser :) I am definitely most excited about my closet. Its double the size of the one at my last place and everything fits. I can honestly say that 65 percent of my car was filled with clothes and shoes.Once everything is complete I will take some pictures!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Slight Disappearance

I have been gone for 7 days running around crazy preparing for my move to Charlotte, hanging with friends, chillin with the boo and a whole bunch of other stuff. I will be back this week to recap and get back in the habit of writing. I guess I am starting to like blogging more now because the entire time I wasnt I was thinking  "dang i need to blog about this!" But there will be more to come soon because I need to make sure my life continues to get documented :) So ill be back later this week...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Confessions #1

Lets Go Heat! So excited for the Finals!

Im excited to be double posting today because I actually have something else to write about. While spending my evening reading blogs and watching movies I came across another Link-up that I wouldnt mind doing. Sunday Confessions: Since I am one who doesn't go to church I thought it was an interesting choice of words for this one. I am jumping on this so there goes all my Sunday posts. Maybe ill mix it up every other week. This Sunday however is themed to match my current vacay in New Jersey with Gregory and his family. Thank you Alyx from Every Day is a New Adventure!

1. I really wanted to attend Greg's friends' wedding today. Short story: Greg invited me to a wedding months in advance and I was excited to go because I love weddings and seeing people in love. (plus I also like to plan my own in my head) They were running behind on a lot of things including the invitations to the wedding itself. Once he received it he saw that there was no +1 on the invitation. When inquiring about wanting to bring me as his guest he was told that they "overbooked" and they assumed because we weren't dating when the seating arrangements were made that Greg wasn't going to bring anybody. Is it just me or is that the oddest thing ever? I feel like you should take certain things into account when you invite people to weddings (but that's just the event planner in me)

2. I may be a moderate shopaholic. So my friends know my obsession with shoes (ALL shoes) and how much I love shopping for clothes. But most people don't know that I love to shop in general. Grocery, Shoe, etc, I love it. I get a rush just picking up a few items at Target. I constantly have a Things to Buy list because I'm always needing/wanting something. I joke with my mother about being a shopaholic, but what if I really am?

3. The sound of the flip flop when it slaps against the bottom of someones foot makes me cringe. That noise just absolutely irritates me. I cant explain it but I can honestly tell you that when I walk in my flip flop no ridiculous noise is made. And I have tried to make it several times. It comes from letting the flip flop just hang on your foot. I cant hear that sound without getting agitated.

4. I'm happy for Miley Cyrus getting engaged. For 2 reasons; 1, Liam Hemsworth is gorgeous and someone needed to snatch him up. 2, you cant help who you love and if he proposed and her first feeling was yes then why not? My parents got married at 18 and 21 and this year they will be married for 27 years. I believe in love. Plus she doesn't have to get married right away.

5. I dint get tired of food very easily.oI realized this after this past week. I had pork 4 days in a row! When I cook its only for me now so I have enough to have it for lunch and dinner for the next 2 days, but then I went and ate Chinese food with Pork fried rice and Pork Potstickers...lol But it was all yummy and most of the time I am okay with eating the same things. But being such a foodie I am willing to eat something different everyday just to experience new flavors and places!


So I've been in New Jersey since Thursday and I will be here until Wednesday on "Vacation". I don't know if you can really call it vacation because my last day at my job was Thursday. If anyone follows me on twitter they know that I complained and griped a lot about my job and was very unhappy. I stayed there for 2 years and since my movement to relocate back to Charlotte started I was on a mission to get out of there as soon as I could.

But the sad part is now that I don't have a job I need to be proactive and find a new one in Charlotte. Thank goodness I saved up money before I head down there. I leave Orlando in 9 days. I'm nervous, excited, frustrated, scared, etc, but it will be a great time!

Well I will now get back to my vacation consisting of eating a whole bunch of food, hopefully a trip to an amusement park, and lots of dancing!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Life Via Instagram #1

So I absolutely love Instagram. I got my iphone in January and it was one of the FIRST apps I downloaded. I love taking pictures and since I don't carry my camera around as much anymore (even though I should) I am so happy that I am able to use my phone to do so and post it! Its amazing what a world we are living in now where most people in your life can know whats going on with you just by reading a couple lines on Twitter, or checking out pictures on Facebook. A picture is worth a 1000 words( especially when it comes to my friends and family!) and I love that everyone can enjoy them in one place. So my first ever link-up is going to be using my favorite app on my phone....Life Via Instagram. I got this from Ashley at After Nine to Five. Enjoy!

From Left to Right:
1. My cute top that I wore to Brunch with two of my sisters Wendy and Lisette. I love taking pictures of my hair and my top of the day! Its hard to do a full body shot! lol
2. Peach Bellinis! These were delicious. We had brunch at this cute little place called "The Briar Patch" on Park Ave in Winter Park...so cute and quaint (never thought I would use that word!)
3. Ginos Pizza downtown Orlando...where I tend to always end my night of bar hopping and dancing the night away with my friends. We always meet some characters!
4. I tend to always take at least one picture of myself a week. This is just because my mother is always asking for pictures to send to her and I am and avid Facebook profile pic updater (i like people to be updated on how I look *yes you can laugh*)
5. Another eventful Saturday night. Since we travel in a pack (like 6-7 deep) we tend to always find people who want a bunch of girls to dance around in their VIP and drink their champagne. Its not an everyday thing, but that night was really fun!
6. Sunday night I was able to cook a really outstanding meal for myself and watch the Heat game! I love to cook and any chance I get I try to improve my skills :) Pork Chops, green beans, and butter herbs noodles were on the menu that night.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Blog Hop!

Happy June!

I decided that the month of June was the perfect time to join a weekly a Blog Hop that I have been looking at for a couple weeks now....I think it will be a great way for me to get my blog out there along with finding new blogs to read every week. I plan on sitting down and really figuring out what blogs I'm addicted to reading, because today while going through Reading List I found out I follow 118 on Blogspot!!! I love reading blogs but that is just crazy! Bloglovin doesnt seem to back up as much and is sooo much easier to read so I think thats why I mentally want to check it more. I just don't get a chance to read everyone's entries because I get so overwhelmed. Especially if its been a couple days since I have posted myself. I know that I would still read those that follow me, but until then I need to cut back a little. I do have my favorites already, but I'm sure every does! So check out the Blog Hop...its done every week. My goal is the do it every week for the summer. I hope to find some great blogs and get some awesome ideas on how to improve my own blog.

<3 RB

Monday, June 4, 2012

Lets Go Yankees!

So for Gregory's birthday his second surprise (on top of me visiting) was a trip to the new Yankee Stadium to see them play the Reds. It was an awesome day filled with Hot Dogs, Pizza, and Cracker Jacks. The Yankees lost but it was still a good day! I had to head back to Orlando the same day so it was bittersweet and I didnt want the day to end. So here are a couple pics we took that day!

The entryway we walked through...
 I was soooo excited...Greg's mother even bought me a Yankee shirt for me to wear at the game!
 The Birthday boy caught on quicker than I did, but he was still ready to go!
 We had amazing seats! I took this pic with my photosynth app on my Iphone :)
Derek Jeter is my mothers favorite so I had to get a pic of him up to bat!
 Such great weather and an awesome day at the stadium!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Blog Catch Up

So I know I have been seriously MIA for the last couple weeks but I have been doing SO much...which gives me the content in order to catch up on all my blogging. Since this regular blogging is still new to me I am trying to find a way to get this habit going on blogs every day or at least every other day...

So this is a heads up...this week is definitely going to be overload on blog posts...I need to catch everyone up on my Memorial Day Weekend, Baseball Game Birthday Trip, Sorority Outings, and wrap up May and Welcome June...

Get Ready!