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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Random Thursdays #1

I'm excited to be participating in this link-up this week!

So this weeks topic is: Find Your Doppelganger.
Over the years I have heard that I look like several people, most of which I don't even see a slight resemblance; but others I do see it a little bit and when more than one person says it, the confirmation is kind of clear...

I have 2 possibles that I have heard more than once...

#1 Jazmine Sullivan

I have heard several times that I look like her. From Gregory and his friends, to random drunken strangers downtown. LOL One of my friends who works at a bar was even able to convince a few people that I was her and they actually got excited! For the record I think I have moments but I could never be an impersonator or anything.

#2 Sanaa Lathan

Now even if no one thinks I look like her. I think she is GORGEOUS! She is one of my favorite actresses and if I had a movie made about my life she would definitely play me!!!

So what do you think?
I'm excited to see what other people link-up as their doppelgangers!

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!


Tia said...

I think you resemble Jasmine Sullivan quite a bit. I definitely see it!

natalie blair said...

Oh wow... you look like them both when you make certain face expressions! I have no idea who they are but they are gorgeous! As well as you are!

Thanks for linking up with us!

Katrin said...

Found you at the link up!
You definitely look like Jasmine Sullivan! Absolutely!

Lin said...

I have to agree with Natalie, you definitely look like both of them!

Thanks so much for joining the fun & linking up with us, sweets :)

kailyn marie said...

I think you look like Sanaa Lathan more, but that's just me :)

Thanks for linking up!!!

simplyevani.com said...

I can totally see both of them! Maybe a little more Jasmine. But how fun, lol I love seeing peoples doppelgangers