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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Weekend Woes

My weekend was pretty lack luster.
Despite me flying to Boston to meet up with one of my favorite people,
road tripping to New Jersey and New York,
spending 2 days house hopping and even playing 
"Who dressed the least appropriate for this weather?",
my weekend was pretty dull.

And now I'm sick.
I have a mild case of Bronchitis.
And mixed in with my asthma its not a good time.
So now I'm back, at work (because its not contagious) hiding my horrendous 
coughs in the work room with the copy machine.

I haven't really had to desire to post, but I did make the promise to myself I would at least post once a week until my life decides it wants to get back on track.

Now I'm off to go get my car serviced.
It decided not to start yesterday when I wanted to go to Urgent Care.


Hope every has a much better week than I am starting to have!


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Alyson said...

Oh no! Sorry you are sick! Hope you get better soon:)

Visiting from Sami's Shenanigans!


Anonymous said...

Wish you better!

Sara Elizabeth said...

ugh I hope you're feeling better!! My doctor put me on freakin' prednisone + an antibiotic because of how bad my asthma was affected and I'm hating it :(

Setarra said...

Ohhh no! I hope you feel better girl! Bronchitis is no joke :( Eat ginger! Lots and lots of ginger! It's the Asian cure for everything.

Miss.AishaLC said...

Feel better!!!!

Ill say a prayer for you :)

get good rest.




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