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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Black Friday Madness

This is pretty random but I wanted to post about it.

Black Friday.

Yeah it was a week ago but it just keeps on popping back up.

In the last couple years of shopping with my family, 
I have been lucky during this chaotic time.
No issues. No fights. No fuss. 
The biggest drama we have had is not getting coffee at Starbucks for the wait time in line.
I love the thrill of a sale, but nothing is going to make me fight or act crazy over some $100 TVs, 
or some 5 dollar headphones. (Even though I kind of wanted that TV)

So when my mother asked me about if I had heard about the fights that broke out over the country during this popular shopping time I wasn't surprised.
What I was surprised about was where.

Victoria's Secret.

A freaking Victoria's Secret.

I read the news report and there really wasn't even a real reason for it.
Just too many people in such a small space.
But this isn't even that bad compared to what happened in a mall in Philly.
A stun gun was used.
For real.
As funny and mind blowing these videos are I couldn't help but also be annoyed that these videos were all women and that they were acting bat shit cray
Its not that serious.
I don't know what the stun gun fight was about, but clearly it was in a mall,
 so shopping had to be involved somehow.
Bottom Line: Chill out and shop on Cyber Monday. Unless they are giving out $100 TVs again. Because that's just crazy for a 32"!!!! lol (jk)

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Erin said...

it is insane how some people act over a few dollars off an item!! get some class people

DeborahYanni said...

OMG!! I'm watching those videos with my mouth wide open!! That's why I stay my ass right at home. I cant deal. lol

Nnenna said...

This is exactly why I no longer shop in stores on Black Friday- too much craziness! I'd rather shop from the comfort of my bed :)

Lauren said...

I love a good sale too! I don't mind going to the mall before Christmas!!