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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

No but for real...


(my #icant face)

This is a phrase I use a lot.
I'm talking daily.
Its pretty bad.
But truth is....it suits me.
It better than saying "f*ck that" right?

So when I saw this link-up from Jenn @ Bad Luck Jenn I had to participate.
I'm always looking for new blogs and spreading the love.

So I narrowed it down to 3 very important things that I simply CAN'T.

1. Excessive Selfies.

Its really annoying when I scroll down my Instagram feed and literally the only photos I see of you are selfies with inspiring quotes. Nothing else. All within 2 hours. I'm not saying don't take them at all because I definitely love to take some myself. But unless you have drastically changed your hair, are documenting your outfits for going out, or really like a lipstick you are wearing (okay maybe not even that too much) there is no need for 3+ selfies in one day. Lets limit it to 1. Okay thanks!

2. Twerking.

Now dont get me wrong. I love to dance. I can get down when I'm out, had a couple of drinks and enjoying the music and friends. But I dont understand the hype and constant focus on "twerking" or the idea of it. So now you aren't worthy of dancing with a guy unless you bend over and make your butt move in ways I don't understand? I have even been at a low point and googled how to do it. I immediately regretted it. A black girl who doesn't voluntarily twerk when a song comes on? Yeah I might as well be a deerbra. I don't even thank Miley for that one, she just added fuel to the fire.

3. Bad Hair Weave

This might be my own personal #Icant, but it really irks me that there are still women out in the world with just terrible hair. Visible tracks, wig lines, and even nappy frizzy messes just to name a few. There are so many Youtube Hair tutorials out there that it is not possible to still not know how to do your hair. Search "how to put in extensions" and I promise 100+ videos will pop up. Education is the key to success.


Hope everyone has an amazing rest of the week!



Bad Luck Jenn said...

Miley totally didnt invent the twerk but everyone is acting lile she did... Dont understand it! Haha. Thanks for linking up!!

Jennifer said...

haha totally agree with these! omg the worst selfies are the ones with the super long paragraphs about something totally random. those kill me!