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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Guess what day it is...

ONE: I really want my nose pierced. I think I like the way I look with it. What do you think? I'm 99.9 percent sure that my parents would freak out. Plus I tough my nose wayyy too much (the lovely perks of allergies) and it would hurt and possibly get ripped out.


TWO: I take photos of myself in outfits because i don't trust the mirror. Its a problem. I have a perfectly good full length mirror in my room. But I choose to use the huge one in my bathroom. I think the lighting is better in there too.

THREE: Beyonce' addicted right now. That new album. Fire. I am not even a hard core Beyonce fan. I have a couple of friends who do anything to go to her concerts. But this visual album makes me want to stand in line and head to her next concert. Some of my favorites include "Haunted", "Blow", "Drunk In Love". Partition is the BEST!!! Such a great vibing album.

FOUR: These braids have reached the end. I wanted to have them last until the New Year, but I hate when my hair is not up to par; I feel some type of way. Time for something different. It may be time to bring the bangs back. I've missed them.

FIVE: I have dropped the ball with my TV shows this season. I did not watch a single episode of Glee, The Mindy Project, and New Girl and I'm so sad for it. But that's what DVR is for. I guess that's what the winter break is for.

Dateless in Dallas

Hope everyone has a great week!



Bella said...

I love my bathroom mirror too. I don't really have a bedroom mirror but I need to get one, probably from Target.

Oooh yes! Beyonce is on fire with this album. Partition is my fave and Drunk In Love. Everything else I love too and her videos are amazeeeeinnng!

I need to get caught up with The Mindy Project! I'm excited for winter break :) Thanks for linkin up!

Erin said...

I say go for the nose ring!!! I love them and both your selfie pics are gorgeous!!

Michael said...

Take it from someone who has their nose pierced - DO IT!!! I've had mine forever and it is by far my favorite piercing ever. Personally I prefer posts instead of hoops.

And what is this "visial album" thing. I don't get it. (hangs head in shame about being behind on life)

Jessica Kim said...

DON'T get a nose ring. Trust me, I had mine pierced in 2005 and still have the scar from it. Mine was constantly getting snagged on my hair and my clothes every time I changed. I do miss the look of it, but I don't think I would get it pierced again. But if you can keep up with cleaning it and not touching it/snagging it on stuff then go for it! ^_^

I haven't heard the new Beyonce' album yet, but I'm gonna check up on it right now!!

♥ Duckie.