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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Yes its the 6th of November and yes I'm posting about Halloween...

So lets talk a moment about my favorite holiday....


I love dressing up, the planning, the fun, and of course the adventures.
This year I was rather busy so I didn't get to go ALL out,
but I have had a long standing ambitious costume in mind and I decided that I would do my best to create it.


Now since its not 1995 I wasn't able to track down a matching jacket and skirt I needed to think outside the box and think 'What would Dionne wear?"

I had to include a hat of some sort even though I really don't wear them.
But once I got a hold of that plaid skirt my outfit took off from there.

My favorite part to hunt for though....the nose ring.
I'd always wanted one and this gave me a preview as to what I would look like with one.
I kind of dig it.

I posted several pictures on Instagram and I was glad to get a really good response.
It made me feel so much better about my interpretation of this iconic character.

So much fun!!!

In usual celebratory fashion, the crew headed downtown for the Halloween Bar Crawl. Who cares that it was on a Thursday? Luckily I didn't have to work on Friday (Thank You Teacher Work day). Our entourage included Clark Kent, a Greek Goddess, and Michael Jackson as a detective (don't ask).

Until next Halloween!


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Lauren Zimmerman said...

such a good idea! way to pull it off!!

Trish Forant said...

You're ahead of me! I STILL haven't posted about it. ARG!

Was looking for NC bloggers and found your site. Love it. I'm in NC too. Your costume is adorable!

Michael said...

I STILL can't get over how awesome this costume was! You totally rocked this!