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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Me and Santa

When I think of Christmas as a child I think of doing 2 things; putting up the Christmas Tree and meeting Santa. I would get so excited about the idea of pulling out the tree (we had a fake tree) and going through all the ornaments to figure out which ornaments are worthy of being viewed by all for a whole month. My handmade ornaments from school always made the cut...until about the age of 10 and then they started to be replaced by embarrassing awkward school picture ornaments. I also always got to put the star on the top. My father would lift me up and it would be such a signature moment that to me as a kid and it wasn't really the holidays until I did that.

5 year old Nikki!

Since I am an only child I was really close to my parents. I still am really close with them, but most of our Christmases were spent with just the 3 of us. To me it was awesome. Throw in a couple of puppies to join in on the action and my memories are complete. But then it was time to meet the man in charge. Old Saint Nick himself. And for some reason I was never really down to do it. I refused to do it because he was creepy and I guess I didn't like the idea of sitting on a strange man's lap. Go figure lol. But I did it. Because I knew that this was my only chance to talk to him about my list. LOL So I took one for the team so to speak. I would have rather just written a letter and called it a day. But year after year I did it. And there was a picture to capture it. Don't let the smile fool you. I loathed it.

1987 I had to sit on my moms lap because I refused to sit on his.

I was only 2, but I knew what was up.

Over it. But mom wanted a picture. And I had a cute outfit on so....cheese!

Despite dreading meeting mall Santa, all of my Christmas' as a child were awesome and magical. Exactly how they should be. As I got older I definitely took them for granted, especially when we started visiting family and travelling to see them. Being in college the holidays to me were more of a time off from school going home because that was supposed to happen. Instead of enjoying my time with my family since I rarely saw them anyway. I feel like now I am at an age where I look forward again to being around people I love and enjoying giving gifts instead of giving them. Well that's not entirely true....I mean who doesn't love presents?!?! And this year will be no different.

What are some things you looked forward to as a kid during the holidays?


Helene in Between


Jessica Kim said...

Omg how cute! I love that you have so many pictures of when you were younger!

I'm one of five, so getting a Christmas picture of all of us together was a huge feat for my parents to accomplish. Lol.

♥ Duckie.

Helene in Between said...

ohh you were such a cute little kid!! i loved sitting on santas lap (still do ;)