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Friday, October 25, 2013

UNCC Homecoming

Homecoming weekend was amazing! 
Or as I like to put things "Off the Chain"! (yes I still say that)
There was so much going on and so many people.
I loved it all!

But I do have to say that tailgating is such an exhausting ordeal that there really is no choice 
but to drink once you are all settled and finally enjoying yourself.

I was in charge of coordinating the whole thing; 
making sure everyone was assigned to bring something, finding a spot, and coordinating gear.

Aside from a few setbacks and a some time issues 
we managed to end up on the craziest side of the parking lot.

Just one side of the tailgate!

So many drinks, food, and loud music. 
It was hard not to get caught up in the madness.
We provided a tasty that we cleverly named NORM-NDY (Our schools mascot is named Norm).
We never finished the 2 coolers we brought..

The funny part was once the game started this whole section did not clear out for another 2 hours.
Apparently all of the alumni (including us) did not plan to go to the game.
We just wanted to celebrate finally getting football and reuniting with friends from years ago.

My best friend Nicole and my sorority sister Sabrina. baby's first tailgate! 
No she didn't drink but that doesn't mean she cant join in on the fun!

Shirts I made for us! Reppin our Class!

Communications Majors reunited!

I can't believe I graduated 5 years ago. Sometimes it feels longer. 
But it was really interesting to see alumni who graduated BEFORE me turn up at the tailgate. 
Makes me not feel so bad about wanting to show up for a few more weekends

Until next year!

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