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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holiday Cheer

It's December so that means...
 time to spread all that holiday cheer!

Secret Santas are sprouting up all over the place.
I have one for my job, one with my group of friends, and another one with my roommates.
So I will be spending these next couple weeks on the hunt for some really great gifts.
Now usually Secret Santa gifts usually have a limit like 20 bucks or so, but I created my wishlist as if there was no limit! Wouldn't that be great if we were all rolling in the dough?
So here are a couple things that I think would be great to get from my "Santa".

one Naked Palette 3. 
I've never tried any of the other ones but there is no better time to start than now! 
I love the variety of colors and guaranteed I would wear this palette all the time!
two Kardashian Kollection. I cant believe their collection is at Sears! 
This cutout dress is definitely not made for the winter but could be a possibility for New Years.
three Michael Kors Watch. Everyone has one. I don't care. I want one. I think I saw a really cute one in gunmetal too. But they are so classic its pretty much a staple piece of jewelry.
four Ipad Air. This thing is so cool. 
So light and perfect for my giant purses and trips on the plane.
five Ray Ban Eyeglasses. I need some new specs and the bigger frames are in right now so I thought these were super cute! Now I just need to try them on and see how they look...
six Infinity Scarf. Old Navy has amazing scarves! 
I love Royal Blue and Grey so those will be the two I plan to get! *When I made this post I hadn't been shopping yet. I wasn't able to get the Royal Blue, only grey*



Anonymous said...

I love every single one of these things! I'm so out of the loop. I had no idea a Naked 3 was even in the works, let alone out for purchase. Ugh, this is me. Just sucking at life!

Sarah Thompson said...

Very beautiful very cool,the latest Michael Kors to see here

Lovelyladyjb said...

Secret santas are so fun! My family does one now and it's a $100 limit so you can get some good gifts! It definitely helps to save money in a big family when you only have to buy for one person!

Kristen said...

That dress is gorgeous! Hope you secret santa is good to you :)

Jessica Kim said...

Never had any of the Naked Palettes either or a MK watch but I still want them! I've actually seen the MK watches at Ross for about $80 and I still beat myself up over not grabbing when I saw it!! If I see them again, I will definitely not pass up that opportunity!!

♥ Duckie.