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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Currently...

Reading: Allegiant. The 3rd and newest book in the Divergent Series. I have to say I am liking this book the least. My favorite is the 2nd one Insurgent. But I am really looking forward to the movie. But I feel like I'm the only one!

Writing: catch-up blogs. I was MIA almost the whole month of October so now I'm working on a plan to blog better in November. My random blog just got more random.

Listening: to the silence in the house after all my guests have left. Plus my house is officially clean so now I can relax and be on my computer for the rest of the night.
Thinking: that I need to start my budget. My first nice paycheck was 2 weeks ago and now I can figure how to spend this money every month. Maybe Ill be able to start the new year with less debt!

Smelling: popcorn that is a little burnt :/ The bag says 2 minutes and 30 seconds but I guess my microwave is nuclear and cooks everything in 1 minute. I can't ever walk away from the microwave. I'm always afraid it'll explode.

Wishing: that the weather would stay a little more consistent. Friday night it was in the 30s, Saturday night was in the 50s and today was in the freaking 70s. This is how you get sick. I am so confused.

Hoping: that this week is a good one! The new job is holding steady and I will finally be getting a rotation schedule for classes. I'm praying I like the new girl that starts Tuesday and the classes I will be spending the year with.

Wearing: Basketball Shorts and a T-shirt. I have been super lazy today because this weekend was so eventful. I just wanted to lounge around.

Loving: having groceries in the house. Shopping for food is something I enjoy since I love to cook, but not when a chunk of my paycheck disappears just like it does with rent. But having snacks to blog with again is awesome.

Wanting: a cupcake. I have been craving sweets lately. I think its because my roommates and I steadily don't buy it. I also always crave chocolate after Chipotle. Its the perfect end to my meal. Ugh now I want some Chipotle. 

Needing: Some new sweaters! Old Navy has had some really cute inventory this Fall and I have been meaning to go down there. But I'm afraid to go too crazy and spend all my money. I did however order a Navy Blue Peacoat from Old Navy.com so I'm looking forward to it coming in the mail.

Feeling: Exhausted but Excited about all the Sorority Events that went down this weekend. I got a total of 8 hours of sleep but it was still a great time bonding with my sorority sisters! I'll definitely do a post about it later.

Clicking: Zooshoo.com is a Shoelovers Dream. I have been staring at these boots for a month now. These need to be purchased soon.

Hope everyone has a great week!


Erin said...

Oh I like this idea! Might have to steal it. And I wish I could constantly smell and taste popcorn. I got it at the Giants game yesterday and my bf was like that is the worst thing you could get at a stadium. RUDE!

Anonymous said...

Love the braids!

Scarlett Wonderland said...

Ohhh, I didn't know the final Divergant book was out yet, I need to read it! (PS. just found you're blog, how fab, I'll be coming back!) x

Simply Evani said...

Ahhh I haven't read the 2nd one yet, now you're making me excited!!! :)