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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Blog Catch-Up

Its been about 2 WEEKS since I last wrote a post and I have to say its been quite eventful.
But in my coffee induced euphoria this morning I thought it was finally time to crack down and get back.

So to play catch up I'm making it as easy on myself as possible. Lovely list!

1. Birthday times! The 9th was my birthday and I have to say the week of events made turning 27 feel pretty awesome. If you have been following me on Instagram you probably have already seen the debauchery (okay maybe not full on debauchery) that ensued. Strip club, drunkaoke (yes that is a real thing), and a visit from the parentals. No birthday would be complete without a argument with the ex boyfriend and a cupcake. I'll do a separate post with more awesome details.

2. UNC Charlotte's first football homecoming. This was such an amazing experience. It overlapped the visit from my parents so needless to say my weekend was very busy. An alumni bar crawl started the festivities and it ended with a tailgating extravaganza that had me feeling like it was 2008 again (my Jose cuervo induced time of my life) Truly a reunion of sorts. This is the only time where it is okay for all my ex boyfriends to be corralled and it be okay. As long as I have my 49er punch to distract me!

3. I am actually writing this post in the teachers lounge of my new job! As a nice little birthday present I was hired as a teacher assistant for an elementary school. I interviewedTuesday and was hired Wednesday (woot woot)  Pro: full time status and benefits (hells yeah!)oh how the priorities change as an adult (well adult-ish) Con: now a 30 minute commute and a punch in time of 715. I am the epitome of not a morning person so it should be interesting when the children experience me without coffee. Should be a good time. Ill definitely do a post about my first week here. Very interesting to say the least.

4. Your girl is moving up in the world. And by up I mean off the floor. Thanks to ikea and the parentals no longer wanting me to sleep in my house like a crackhead (not a nice image) I am now the proud owner of a queen size pillow of heaven. My room no longer looks like a squatter made camp in our house and brought a whole bunch of shoes with them. As a hardcore sleeper and lover of naps (since 1986) I am so happy to be off of a futon and enjoying slumber like the rest of my roommates. My lower back pain can suck it.

Those are pretty much the most important things to touch on. Of course there will be more elaborate posts once my body gets used to operating from 6am to midnight (having 2 jobs is kicking my butt right now). But for now its whenever I can squeezed some time in.

Have a great rest of the week!


dela belle k said...

Congrats on the new job!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new job and bed! IKEA never fails me.