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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nail Challenge

Lately Ive been looking at my hands thinking to myself ,
"There are so many cute nail polishes and girls out there with awesome manis. 
Why cant I keep my nails painted?"

I love looking at polishes and even love buying them. But not going through the task of putting it on my nails; Both hands and feet. Unless I absolutely have to. I think the issue is that as soon as I get a chip I am over it so I usually dont want to have to deal. And then when I do my toes, itll be there forever and I will NEVER want to change it. (TMI)
So im doing a small experiment to see how long I can keep my nails (fingers and toes) painted. I will change the color once a week and see how long I can last with the upkeep. I shall do them Sunday night and touch them up during the week if needed.
Oh boy...

So im starting off with my favorite brand lately. I love their eyeshadows and blush and I have like 5 of their nail polishes. Through the Grapevine is actually pretty cute. More of a magenta than a grape purple.
We are on Day 3...so far so good!

Hope everyone has a great Hump Day!


1 comment:

Jillian said...

Oh man, I haven't been able to keep my nails painted for a loooong time! Almost all of my nail polishes are all goopy from how long they've kept. Good luck to you!