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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Confessions #2

1. I love nail polish...I just hate putting it on! I bought 2 new nail polishes this past week...both a minty color. I finally got a chance to put one of them on before I headed to a BBQ on Saturday and it is such a pain to do.But I love the end result. I think I will keep this color until the 4th of July :) What are some color ideas for July? I didn't want to do traditional Red.

2. I worry a lot that I may never find a career I'm happy with. The plan has always been to be an event planner. I love the background planning of events and the atmosphere of behind the scenes preparation. Weddings, parties, promotional events, I want to do it all. But it takes experience and trust and I am having a tough time finding someone to take me under their wing. Ugh! But I also have another interest of working in Higher Education with Student Affairs/Residence Life. I loved being an Resident Advisor when I was in school and I would love to do it professionally. But most jobs require a masters and that means....GOING BACK TO SCHOOL bum. bum. bum. ::cue evil music:: That is an option that's really not on the top of my list. But it may come back in the picture soon :/

3. Teen Wolf is an Awesome show....Empire Girls however is not. This show ended up being really good and I actually want to see what happens in the 2nd season and I haven't even finished the first! Empire Girls after watching one episode will NOT be in my reality TV rotation. All I hear is whining and complaining about past man problems and it seems only a publicity stunt for Adrienne's album that's coming out soon. Anyone seen either of these shows? 

4. I miss the nightlife. No I'm not referring to being a woman of the night. I haven't been out downtown bar hopping and dancing in a week and I'm already missing it. I love just being carefree and dancing the night away with drinks and talking and socializing. Don't get me wrong I have a blast chillin in the apartment playing Dance Central with my girls (which is actually what I did last night!) but I like getting all dressed up and strutting my stuff lol Okay not actually strutting but maybe a slight pep in my step because I am out and about with my friends. *sigh* Anyone else love the nightlife?


Nikkiana said...

I'm the same way with nail polish. I love how it looks when it's on, but I tend to get it all over my fingers when I try to put it on thus... I hate putting it on.

Breenah said...

I also hate the process of painting my nails, but if they're not painted I tend to bite them. And I just do NOT have the money or time to get a mani every time I need one. I totes wish there was an easier process. What about coral for July? It's one of my faves at the moment.

Malou Morgan said...

I think anyone with a bit of West Indian blood in them will agree with you on No.4 :)

RB Mitchell said...

I might have to try coral...i just dont want it to be too orange. Thanks for the idea!

simplyevani.com said...

I totally align with #2! Finding a future job is harder than I thought. And I love that nail color!!


Alyx said...

I love polish, but suck at painting my nails and don't have the time to do it!
Thanks for linking up!