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Friday, June 22, 2012

Sports Moment from the Bourgie one...

If you are not a sports fan you dont have to continue reading...Ill spare you :) But sometimes I love to talk about sports!!!

Woo Hoo!!! Sooooo excited that Miami Heat won the NBA Finals!!! Even more excited that LeBron James finally got his ring and was named Finals MVP!! I have been on twitter for the last hour reading the craziness.

If you didn't already know I am a HUGE Sports fan (mostly Basketball and Football). I am a straight girly girl who also loves a good game and a good drink. You would be surprised how many men look at me funny when I actually watch a bball/football game alone. No, I don't watch sports just so I can be around guys! ::side eye::

Anyway back to the Heat winning...

Its funny that I JUST left Florida to come to NC and now I am missing all the parties. But I'm actually glad I'm not there because I know it gets crazy during sports celebrations. Riots and such; not my scene. But for Christmas I asked Greg for a new LeBron jersey (i get dirty looks wearing my old Cavs one) so cross your fingers I get it! The all black one is pretty great!

Now that basketball is over...

Time to get prepared for Football season. I don't watch too much baseball...really only when the Yankees play and I am around enough people to want to watch it. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Hideki Matsui though (known as Godzilla) and OF COURSE he now plays for the Tampa Bay Rays and I'm no longer in FL *sigh*

So to set the record straight at the end of the night here are my teams:

Lets go Giants!
Lets go Yankees!
Lets go Duke!

For basketball its a little more complicated...because I like players rather than teams. I feel I am exempt from having a "home team" because I've lived in several different places so I cant recall one that I have constantly rooted for. I remember in high school I had 4 jerseys...a Tracy McGrady (when he played for the Magic), old school design Kobe Bryant, LeBron James (original Cavs jersey), and a Jordan (Bulls) jersey.

Now aside from my loving Lebron since day 1 of his NBA career, I like the following players and always choose them over teams. Its my madness that makes me happy. 

Derrick Rose, 
Kevin Durant (Durantula), and 
Chris Paul (CP3)

Now since I'm back in Charlotte the Panthers and the Bobcats need to get it poppin this year! I'm ready to go to some games! Its time for a Cam Newton jersey!!! That shall be my birthday present to myself :)

Alright, sports talk over...
Does anyone else watch sports like I do?

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simplyevani.com said...

I love me some Cam Newton but it's all about the Broncos!!! Haha I can't wait for football season, I'm done with all these other sports.