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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Photo A Day June

So I love these photo a day things on Instagram (@MissNewBourgie) because they keep things interesting. June is almost over and I wanted to share my month so far!

1. My last week at my job was ridiculous! I had stacks of applications and financial paperwork to get done!
2. My roommate beat me to the punch and moved out first! She had the bigger room and closet...I was always jealous...
3. Eggs Benedict is my guilty pleasure. I need to find cute brunch places in Charlotte!
4. I either wear heels or converse...they are so classic!
5. The sign on my door made me feel official...hope I can find another job with my own office again.
6. OKC made it to the NBA Finals but I am rooting for Miami!
7. Moe's has the best queso...I have been on a quest to make white queso like theirs...sigh
8. Melanie Fiona's album rocks! I love how she is also Guyanese :)
9. Spending a weekend in Philly was awesome! South street is great...I bought some really cute jewelry
10. Miami needs to win the Finals! That would make me so happy since I am a LeBron fan
11. I love malls...even the malls in New Jersey. They don't have tax on clothing!
12. Jamba juice is crack and I was stoked they had one in Newark Airport
13. I am terrible at bowling but still love to go. Great way to hang out with friends without pressure. The art at Boardwalk Bowl is so cute....
14. I need a new watch. I usually only wear Fossil watches. Any recommendations on a new brand to try?

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