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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Amusement Park Fun!

When I was in New Jersey 2 weeks ago Gregory FINALLY took me to Six Flags. Actually I am supposed to say Great Adventure; I have to be more specific about which SF i went to when I am around people who frequent amusement parks. When I lived in San Diego I went to Magic Mountain all the time so I really was expecting it to be the same thing. Sadly I found that there are different rides and things in general have really changed about the park since the early 2000s.


I was really excited to go and as soon as we got there...it started to rain. And not a downpour or a drizzle; it was that horrible mist/spray that makes you miserable and damp and creates that weird layer of water droplets on your hair and makes you just feel awkward. Maybe that's just me. Because of this rain we didn't ride as many rides as I had hoped but it was still a great time.

The Green Lantern was first and I must say that it was awesome. However the ride decided that the rain was cramping its style and broke down RIGHT before we were supposed to get on. Now any normal person would have chucked it up as a loss and left but based on principle we waited until it was working again. The ride would have been a new favorite had it not been for; the rain pelting my face after Gregory convinced me to sit in the front, and the mere fact that right before the last loop we got STOPPED. Not stuck but STOPPED because the car after us wasn't working....smh that made me not happy with the Green Lantern at all. So i really cant say if I will ever be back on it...its been tainted.

To make me feel better about the situation we headed to Rolling Thunder which was a great ride don't get me wrong but riding WOODEN roller coasters in the RAIN is not the smartest idea. But they were working so I couldn't complain right? Well as luck would have it the ride broke down AGAIN right before we were about to ride. I started to really think it was us, but I still decided to get on the ride. YOLO right? LOL Well the ride was really fast and I didn't expect it to actually scare me a little. There was no warning and all we had was a little handlebar across the waist. The security did not match the intensity of the ride.

I will say my new favorite ride is Bizarro. This ride was fun and no lines always make the ride experience better. Gregory was so excited explaining to me all the changes of the rides at Great Adventure over the years. Since he has been coming to Six Flags since he was a child, he has deemed himself an expert in the park :P and seemed to know everything about everything. It was so cute.

I think I got the most excited about Batman. This ride is my FAVORITE for multiple reasons. No Floor. Super Fast. and its Batman. What more could you want? It was so good we rode it twice. Wasn't exactly the best idea after eating lunch with all the loops but it was so damn fun! So that was a good end my day. I wont even talk about the Dark Knight we rode that was a huge disappointment and yet we rode that one twice as well. :(

All and all a good day despite the weather. In the future I would love to travel across the country visiting parks! What are some amusements I should check out?

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Stacie Gray said...

Sounds amazing despite the rain. Living in Australia I am always so jealous reading about America's theme parks - Someday I will make it to Disney lol!

I am also a huge batman fan :D