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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Confessions #1

Lets Go Heat! So excited for the Finals!

Im excited to be double posting today because I actually have something else to write about. While spending my evening reading blogs and watching movies I came across another Link-up that I wouldnt mind doing. Sunday Confessions: Since I am one who doesn't go to church I thought it was an interesting choice of words for this one. I am jumping on this so there goes all my Sunday posts. Maybe ill mix it up every other week. This Sunday however is themed to match my current vacay in New Jersey with Gregory and his family. Thank you Alyx from Every Day is a New Adventure!

1. I really wanted to attend Greg's friends' wedding today. Short story: Greg invited me to a wedding months in advance and I was excited to go because I love weddings and seeing people in love. (plus I also like to plan my own in my head) They were running behind on a lot of things including the invitations to the wedding itself. Once he received it he saw that there was no +1 on the invitation. When inquiring about wanting to bring me as his guest he was told that they "overbooked" and they assumed because we weren't dating when the seating arrangements were made that Greg wasn't going to bring anybody. Is it just me or is that the oddest thing ever? I feel like you should take certain things into account when you invite people to weddings (but that's just the event planner in me)

2. I may be a moderate shopaholic. So my friends know my obsession with shoes (ALL shoes) and how much I love shopping for clothes. But most people don't know that I love to shop in general. Grocery, Shoe, etc, I love it. I get a rush just picking up a few items at Target. I constantly have a Things to Buy list because I'm always needing/wanting something. I joke with my mother about being a shopaholic, but what if I really am?

3. The sound of the flip flop when it slaps against the bottom of someones foot makes me cringe. That noise just absolutely irritates me. I cant explain it but I can honestly tell you that when I walk in my flip flop no ridiculous noise is made. And I have tried to make it several times. It comes from letting the flip flop just hang on your foot. I cant hear that sound without getting agitated.

4. I'm happy for Miley Cyrus getting engaged. For 2 reasons; 1, Liam Hemsworth is gorgeous and someone needed to snatch him up. 2, you cant help who you love and if he proposed and her first feeling was yes then why not? My parents got married at 18 and 21 and this year they will be married for 27 years. I believe in love. Plus she doesn't have to get married right away.

5. I dint get tired of food very easily.oI realized this after this past week. I had pork 4 days in a row! When I cook its only for me now so I have enough to have it for lunch and dinner for the next 2 days, but then I went and ate Chinese food with Pork fried rice and Pork Potstickers...lol But it was all yummy and most of the time I am okay with eating the same things. But being such a foodie I am willing to eat something different everyday just to experience new flavors and places!


Ochi Bernadas said...

Hey, I'm a new follower! Found you thru the BLT blog hop! I'm your 6th follower, looking forward to more posts!

Visit mine if you have time! :)


Alyx said...

1. That is the weirdest thing ever. You'd think they'd account for a +1 for everyone they invited. Who knows.
2. I am so behind, I had no idea that Miley Cyrus was even engaged.
3. I hate flip flops in general, unless you're at the pool. Then they're acceptable.

Thanks for linking up!!

Tanesha-Marie said...

From one shoe addict to another I really like this post, it's nice to read a little bit about the blogger :)

Tanesha x

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Go Heat!