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Friday, July 26, 2013

Super Hero Bar Crawl!

 Oh yes. It happened.
Charlotte has a Super Hero Bar Crawl every summer to go with the Comic Convention that comes here.
 Since I moved back I finally got the chance to participate this year!
I was determined to go all out and I decided what better way to do that then to be my favorite DC Comic character: WONDER WOMAN. 
You all know I am obsessed with her so I had to do her justice.
My DIY kicked in after searching for the perfect wonder woman outfit and failed. 
Clearly its not Halloween season so there weren't any costumes just lying around.
Just this lovely 2 piece...which was NOT happening.

But after spending 7 hours sewing, cutting, braiding, and gluing I came up with this beauty:

That Tutu alone took 3 hours cutting and putting it together. 

I think it came out fabulous!
I made the wonder woman logo and sewed it onto the shirt because I couldn't find one already made that was to my liking and my size (the girls needed to be comfortable).
And the accessories were made with love and my own interpretation of the heroines signature pieces. 
I even had a Lasso of Truth (but it kept getting lost upstaged by my ginormous tutu).

Now onto the actual event. 
Everything fun always happens in Uptown Charlotte so we headed down there and it was chaos.

If you have never been to a bar crawl here is the rundown:
Visit several bars and clubs for about an hour with drink specials and the opportunity to schmooze and interact with other people who are as fun and crazy as you are!

 top The crew that I rolled with all night; Clark Kent, Catwoman, and Batman
left Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy were BY FAR my favorite! So creative!
right Lara Croft and Wolverine apparently are dating lol

left Take a look at this guy as the Flash...those tights LOL
bottom left She Hulk...the commitment for that costume is epic!
right He made a pretty fine Wonder Whoa-Man (that's what his shirt said)

Overall the night was amazing.
Got super drunk, and had a blast dancing.
If you check out my Vines you can see some of the madness.
If you want to follow me you can search for Renay (pronounced Renee').
Look for me in my wonderful costume.


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Stephanie said...

What a great bar crawl idea!! I LOVE your costume!!! It turned out perfect.

Jennifer said...

omg i LOVE your costume! how fun is that - i want to do a super hero bar crawl!!

♥Priiincesss said...



Anonymous said...

That is a brilliant costume! I'm a big fan of dressing up for conventions and even more of simple/cute cosplay. Way to be creative!

-Sophia @onepercentofone.wordpress.com