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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Me from Z to A

Basic blogging is happening again today....im really trying to catch up on a punch of posts so bare with me. Since Google Reader is no more I hope my followers transitioned over to BlogLovin and are able to still see my lovely face whenever I remember to post. If not thats okay too. I did one of these about a year ago when I first started blogging. I decided it would be nice to do it again but I found a new one with different questions. And its backwards lol 

Z. Zodiac sign? Full blown Libra. I'm talking  very charming, easygoing, balanced and artsy yet sometimes indecisive, lazy, and selfish. (guilty). I pay attention to astrology only because I fit the description to a T.

Y. Your favorite food? Okay here comes the judgement. I've narrowed it down to Cheese and Mexican Food. If i made a list of some of the foods I could eat all the time 98% have cheese as an ingredient. Smh. And most Mexican food has cheese on/in it so I guess my answer will still be cheese as the number one answer. But i also would love to jump into a giant tub of guacamole. Just sayin.

X. Xray or Ultrasound? I guess Ultrasound. There really aren't many words that start with X so this is kind of a stretch lol. I've also never broken any bones so I have never had any really cool X Rays to look at. Just my teeth when they were being fixed during my time of braces imprisonment.

W. Worst habit? Hmmm this is setting me up to give all my stuff away. My worst habit is probably i tend to procrastinate. A LOT. I also don't like to wash dishes. Is that considered a bad habit? Well my roommates tend to think so...

V. Vegetable? I remember the days when I hated them. Now that I'm older they are necessary for life and I enjoy them and even cook them on the regular. But I will say that the world would be a better place without peas. For Real.

U. Unknown fact about me? When I was in the 4th grade I was in a musical where I played a singing clown (i know) Our first performance was during the school day, and before we went on in front of my peers I had a full blown asthma attack and had to be rushed to the hospital. I was also dressed in my costume full clown make-up and all. I was mortified, but of course since it was involving my health, no one else cared that I wanted to remove my make-up before the doctor took care of me. I wish I had a picture of the whole clown get-up.

T. Treat Well a good treat would be anything sweet of course. I do have an incredible sweet tooth so holidays involving baked goods or candy is always a favorite. But a nice treat would be flowers. I like the gesture and how sweet it is for someone to remember your favorite flower and put a smile on your face; even for a day.
S. Season of choice? Fall. Always. Summer is cruel and Winter is evil. I am most fashionable in the Fall. And covered up. And not sweating.
R. Reasons to smile? I have a roof over my head, a job, a family that loves me, and I'm alive to see another day!
Q. Quotes?  "Everything Happens for a Reason"  I have the quote tattooed in between my shoulders and I really believe it but also struggle with it. Things of course happen for a reason but its so frustrating when you don't get to know what the reason is right away.

P. Phobias? Frogs. Don't mess with them. At all.

O. Oranges or Apples? Apples. Pie. Sauce. Fritters. Butter. I love it all.
N. Number of brothers/sisters? I am an only child!!!!
M. Marriage date? I am not married. One day. But not today.
L. Life isn’t complete without? Love. Someone to love you and you love them back. It doesn't matter who it is. It could be family, friends, or a significant other.

K. Kids? My baby fever comes and comes at my ripe old age of 26. I am back and forth about it right now. I'm sure that when I find the right person the fever will be at an all time high! 
J. January or July? January. Its winter. But I would rather wear a cute outfit with boots and a jacket than sweat my butt off in shorts. Boob sweat is not cute.
I. Favorite Indulgence? Reality TV! I am not ashamed and I am literally sitting here writing this while watching "Keeping up with the Kardashians" ::shrugs:: Its all awesome. Especially the Bad Girls Club. Its a masterpiece.
H. Home town? Born in Chapel Hill, NC and raised all over the USA!
G. Gummy bears or worms? Gummi Bears are a classic and will always be my favorite. But Gummi Sharks are now coming in a close second!
F. Favorite color? Purple and Turquoise. See how nothing can ever be one thing for me? Yes...I am a Libra.

E. Essential Item? My iPhone. Say whatever you want. I love it in my life. I have it under my pillow when I sleep. Its my current child and my connection to the world.
D. Day of choice? Friday. A hard day at work, heading to happy hour, and then a night out whether its a date or out dancing. Then Saturday you can sleep in and still have fun because the weekend isn't over yet!

C. Cake or pie? Lets go with Cake Pops. Or Cup Cakes. Both have the word cake in it so I guess that's my choice.
B. Best Friend? I have 1 bestest friend. She happens to have the same name as me. Nicole was such a popular name in 1986. I wish I only had friends named Nicole. That would be really weird and cool at the same time. Could you imagine 6 girls all named Nicole at a party?

A. Attached or Single? I am newly single. Its scary, but it needed to happen and now I am going to be exploring the world of dating. Again. Ugh.



Anonymous said...

I totally understand "basic blogging days". I like the list though. I might have to reserve this for later. August looks like it's going to lack blogging material :)

Simply Evani said...

I'm a Libra too and I'm the SAME way. Never 1, always 2. Loved getting to know you better!

MIH Janise said...

Stopping by from THE Collective Social Blog Hop to say hi. Thank you for linking up. Have a fabulous day!

Janise (co-host of The Collective Social Blog Hop)

Jennifer Hughes said...

Visiting from Ahola Friday. I'd like to invite you to my Friday Flash Blog, where you can share your best blog entry of the week! The party goes on ALL weekend at thejennyevolution.com. And who knows, you may just get featured next week.