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Friday, July 5, 2013

Amateur Fire Work Pics...and a Fashion post

So I hope everyone had a great 4th of July....
I definitely did.
It was very low key. 
My friend Nicole and I went over to my other friend BJ's house where he put a bunch of meat on the grill and we just drank and chilled (not bad at all!) 
My buddy Craig also came along for the ride. 
Then we headed uptown to catch a huge fireworks show.
Its crazy how every year people sit in traffic and do all this preparation for MAYBE a 20 min show.
::shrugs:: its all part of the holiday i guess.

Usually we always have big gatherings with friends and music and food,
 but this year a lot of people were out of town so we kept it small.

Plus next week I am heading to Myrtle Beach with the ladies!!!!

The ongoing theme last night on social media was the posting of pictures of fireworks.
I love fireworks; anytime, anyplace. I think they are so cool. 
Of course everyone makes their attempt to capture amazing shots with the sky filled with lights.
Most of us end up with normal phone camera shots like this:

I love that I was able to get the Charlotte skyline

I wish I had thought about getting closer lol

My favorite type of fireworks!

I had a very boring week since I was not scheduled to work at all (against my will) so when it was time to celebrate I was super excited! I woke up in a really good mood and started the party early. 
2pm isn't too early right?

Well I made sure that Nicole and I were dressed in festive attire.
I wanted to be comfy yet stylish.
I decided this would be a great time to bring my flower back. I used to wear them EVERY day, but now I've toned it down to special occasions.

Please excuse my "made up" bed in the back 

Stripes make me nervous..but I loved this dress!

Rizzo decided she wanted to be in the pic too!

Earrings/Necklace/Jean Vest: Forever 21
Dress: Burlington Coat Factory
Shoes: Converse
Watch: Express
Flower: Icing


Jessica L said...

Looks like a wonderful July 4th. I love fireworks and wish I could have seen some that night. -I didn't do much of anything, but I did get a lot of sleep, which I never get, so that was a positive! Love the nautical stripes, vest, and red converse as well. I am really gravitating towards that theme, and definitely stripes. =) -Jess L

Kiki said...

Oh la la! i love this outfit! i love that you added the red flower and jean vest! so cute!

HoneyLushy said...

cute outfit! I love anything jean paired with stripes.