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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Instagram Overload

This summer has been jam packed and full of trips, BBQs, and soul-searching. 
Well more like job searching. 
But it still has been fun. 
I wanted to write multiple posts about all my weekends and misadventures, but I need to be realistic and my posts are going to be very few and far between since I haven't really had the motivation to write since I still haven't got my life in "order".
But that still doesn't mean I cant post some pics about my antics lately.
Bigger for your viewing enjoyment.

So Enjoy!

(Left to Right)
1. Food Truck Friday on the South End of Charlotte. Last time I tried a Shawarma from the Herban Legend. It was delicious!
2. Jack Honey is a regular staple in the house. Along with Hookah nights.
3. Great nights with my friends. Orlando was a blast. #TeamSpicy was reunited again.
4. Summer Food! Hotdogs, Watermelon, Assorted Desserts and Chips. All bad (except maybe the Watermelon) but ALL so tasty!

1. More great BBQ essentials; Meat to grill, Adobo seasoning and beer!
2. Fireworks! Definitely still hearing random fireworks being set off around our neighborhood.
3. Guacamole master in the house! Ask me about my recipe if you want to have an amazing food-gasm!
4. The Shoe Addiction is real! My latest pair from ShoeDazzle. Feena is beautiful and colorful! Perfect for the summer!



Nnenna said...

It looks like your summer is involving lots of yummy food! :)

star-crossed smile

Tranae said...

LOVE those shoes.

Alyx said...

Those shoes are so cute!!! And it looks like you're having a pretty great summer so far!