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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Confessions #6

Sunday Fun day!

I wish I was sitting by the pool today...
instead im in NYC with no pool in sight!!
But I wanted to make sure to link up with Alyx because this is one of my favorites!

Sunday Confessions!

one I am sad when I don't get invited to weddings.
Recently Facebook has been shoving updating my TL with pictures of my friends from high school who have been getting married and it made me actually kind of sad that I didn't get invited. Since I am a a military child I spent my life moving around, making friends, and then leaving them. Most of my friends were not military so they stayed where they were their whole lives and pretty much only stayed connected to those who still lived in town. Womp womp for me.

two My French fry love is getting out of hand.
I ate french fries at least once everyday day last week. Smh

three I don't tell people about my blog. 
I've realized that I post my blog URL on a lot of social media profiles, and I talk about blogging all the time; But i have never actually promoted my album in tweets or anything. 
Don't ask me why. Maybe I don't want anyone to judge.

four The older I'm getting I'm wanting to hang out with my parents more.
My parents currently live in VA. Only 6 hours away. And I NEVER see them. Like maybe once a year. When I was in school it never bothered me. I was busy with so many things. I saw them during holidays. But now I am wanting to be there for the smaller things (birthdays, 4th of July, Mother/Fathers Day) because I missed out on so many of them. Let me tell you how IRONIC it is that my parents have gotten so used me not being around. I have to remind them sometimes that they have a daughter because they love to go on trips and make plans with just the two of them.
Hello! Remember me??? (they don't actually forget lol)

five I'm scared to continue my education.
I have decided that i am going to start the quest of pursuing my Masters.
Dun. Dun. Dun.
This means that I need to start studying for the dreaded GRE. But I am freaked out about it! I was never a great student (i spent too much time sleeping procrastinating) and now that it coming back to bite me because I have to take that test! I don't want to pay the money and not do well. Anyone have any tips or advice about going to graduate school?



Christina said...

Just found your blog! I am now following!!
Super excited to continue reading and getting to know you through your blog!!


DeborahYanni said...

I'm right there with you on #3. SMH I just can't do it.

Great goals for the month! Good luck!