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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Awesome view of the Football Stadium!

Charlotte finally has football! 
Last weekend we headed to the new Charlotte stadium for a scrimmage game. 
I have to say it was such a good time.
Armed with Straw-ber-ritas in hand we headed to the game for a historical event.

Charlotte Tickets!!

Great seats! We shall see once the season starts!

The stadium is great looking. Glad my student fees paid for it lol. 
I have to say that there was a lot more alumni out there than undergrad.
I think it was because everyone in the community is finally excited to rally together for a college team.
Our city is definitely split down the middle between Duke and UNC.
Now hopefully we can focus on our team!

My and my BFFF Nicole

It was a beautiful day and there was a good crowd out. Everyone was very school -spirited and wore their Niner Green. Or in my case Niner Blue lol (for some reason I had a navy blue Charlotte shirt).
For alumni it was mainly a reunion, catching up with people we hadn't seen in forever.
But since it was a scrimmage, no one really paid attention to the game.

My awesome friend EJ

We missed out on the tailgating. 
We didnt want to pay the extra money since we lived right across the street. 
But we do make our own plans to do a pre-game gathering at the house when the season starts.
I cant wait until August 31st!

My bestest buddy ever BJ!! 
Yes I have close guy friends named EJ and BJ :)

What are you looking forward to the most when it comes to college football?


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Georgina said...

So exciting congrats to your school! I loved going to football games at Umass :)

Jessica L said...

That's a nice stadium! I've been getting out and going to games,too, but for me it's baseball. -Jessica L