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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Carabox Reveal

This month I dove right in and finally participated in my first swap!
Carabox is Kaitlyn's creation and I thought it was such a cute idea I had to sign-up!

I was matched up with the Aimee, who is the coolest. 
We vibed on a lot of things and had a lot in common.!
She is so awesome and I loved getting to know her and all the things that make up her busy life! 

Check out here blog! She is so crafty and artsy!

I have to say I loved everything about my box! The theme was "being green" and it was tough, but that's where creativity comes in and she nailed it (with the help of her daughter Bailey).

My favorite things in the box are definitely the Joe Joes
 (i opened the box as soon as I pulled them out!), my new tumbler to add to my collection,
 and the nail polishes...

All in all it was a great experience! I sent my Carabox to Kristal.
Visit her blog if you want to see what I put together for her! She owns a really AMAZING Handmade Tutu Etsy shop called Atutudes. They are so fashionable and chic. I wish they were adult sizes.

I will definitely be doing this box swap again.
I love getting mail!


Cara Box


Aim Cutler said...

Oh! You said such nice things about me! :) Glad you loved it! I still haven't told Bailey you liked the Tumbler! hehe. :) I've never had a Jo-Jo. Guess I need to get some!

Deana Rose said...

You got some great things! I am doing the Cara box for the first time with month. I am excited to try it!

I am stopping from from the Bloglovin Collective Bloghop and now following! Your blog is great!

TesoriBelle on Bloglovin

Robin Hardeman said...

I've enjoyed the Cara Box too. Having a theme really helps pick good things for the giftee.
Saw you on the collective blog hop