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Monday, April 15, 2013

My Weekend

This weekend was very low-key
And I loved it.
I slept in, did some grocery shopping, and caught up on my DVR.
Nothing riveting but since the weather was amazing I was also outside a lot too.
Having a porch is so awesome!

Some other highlights.

(yes that is my finger. Love my photography skills)

Coachella was this weekend and since I obviously couldn't go I was happy to utilize Youtube's live feed.
Some of my favorites this weekend were:

Allen Stone
Major Lazer
Janella Monae
2 Chainz

This isn't a big deal but on a Friday delirious from Wal Mart I got really excited!
So I saw for the first time that Arizona Tea has CANS. 
I was seriously excited since I am addicted to their Green Tea. 
The 99 cent can you can get anywhere was a go to whenever I stopped for gas, but I never finished it. 
I think these cans are perfect! 
But yeah....I may be a little late. Did anyone else know about these?

Sunday Night dinner. 
Cooked by Moi.
My secret: Those Kraft Fresh Take breading things. I think they are genius and delicious!
I recommend the Rosemary and Garlic mix.
So yummy that I made it with Chicken and Tilapia.
I got a thumbs up from my roommates!!

Now its back to the grind. 
Working my 2 jobs and still settling into the house 
*rolls eyes*
Yes I still haven't FULLY moved in.


Amanda @ Eloquent English said...

Low key is awesome! Love those kind of weekends!!!

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Georgina said...

That dinner absolutely looks amazing! Also I'm going to have to look up 2Chainz Coachella performance (I can't help but love his rachet lyrics.) Thank you for the kind thoughts and words regarding what happened in Boston yesterday, we all appreciate it xo

Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

lol I love Arizona green tea too. I should've watched the Coachella live feed - Janelle Monae is awesome!