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Saturday, April 13, 2013

I Love Packages!

 I had been meaning to write about this for awhile I just kept forgetting. 
But I wanted to share my cute package my mother sent to me!
Everyone loves getting stuff in the mail, so of course I got excited when my mom sent me a box just because.
Check out the neat stuff I got.

1. My mom makes cards from scratch. Its her thing. Any holiday, any occasion, she will make one. She has a craft room and locks herself in there to make cards. Believe me that I get a handmade card every birthday. I keep them all! Even the boy has started getting them.

2. As if I didn't have enough shoe related things in my room, My mom managed to find a SHOE CALENDAR. A different shoe for everyday of the year. Some of them are really snazzy, but others are just really interesting looking and kind of strange. But nonetheless cool.

3. Since I got my first Pandora bracelet for my 26th birthday I have trying to find some cute charms to fill it up. I love turtles so when I found this charm I showed my mother. I guess she listened. I also really like the breast cancer ribbon. It is very important to me since BC is very high in my family. It is also the philanthropy of my sorority right now.

4. I have been using this cup since the day that I got it. I think it is awesome because of Smurfette (who I love) and these cups are so convenient. I am growing my collection quickly.

5. Leopard Sperrys: So Cute! They are Leopard enough said.

6. DVDs. My mother is a movie fanatic and she is constantly buying movies. But sometimes there will be doubles. So who gets all the doubles? Me! :)

7.  My new Curry Pot! I am determined to make my own pot of curry. As someone who has a Caribbean background it would be important for me to know how to do it. 



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