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Friday, April 12, 2013

Let's Get Some Shoes!!

When I found out that this weeks Friday Fancies was Shoes I was so estatic! 
Anyone who knows me KNOWS that I am the Shoe Queen. Not Shoe Addict, Shoe QUEEN. 
But I decided to choose 4 shoes that I think are very important for Spring/Summer.

1. Wedges: I love wedges because they always make me feel so feminine. All my spring/summer dresses will be worn with wedges. I love heels, but I tend to only wear my pumps at night when I'm out on the town. Wedges are a nice alternative and there are so many to choose from!
2. Sperry's: I had to throw some leopard in there. I have a pair of leopard Sperry's that I'm so excited to wear when it warms up. These ones are just as cute.
3. Sandals: Enough said. Sandals = toes out and cute bright colored sandalsAldo has a great collection. My favorite color Teal is everywhere!
4. Sneakers: Converse are my favorites so whenever my legs can come out I throw them on. I have some in every color, except white. This summer I may venture out and get some!



WhoisthatgirlMo said...

I love chucks too! I used to have every color and plenty of prints. I was the chuck queen. :-) I have everything on your list except the wedge sandals. Maybe for summer. ;-) Have a great weekend.

Who is that girl Mo?

Julie Vong said...

Those wedges!! I've always been obsessed with wedges and straps. These are so fab!

Amber (classy ever after) said...

Honestly the title of this post, so much LOL!! I like the mint colored flat sandals. I bought a pair that are kind of similar... I'll come back and share when I've done a style post featuring them!!

I'd love for you to come check out my blog, too sometime!