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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day Weekend 2013

So my Labor Day Weekend was pretty awesome.
Lots of driving, spending time with friends and family, and drinking. 
Lots of drinking.
The weather wasn't exactly ideal, but we made it work.

UNC Charlotte's first EVER football game was this weekend and it was such an awesome experience. The ticketing fiasco didn't deter me and my ladies from heading to the local bar and cheering on our Alma Mater. It was such a fun atmosphere and the tailgating drunkies came in droves inside to where it was nice and cool. I was really sad to not be in the stadium, but you have to make the most of it.
My girls and I proceeded to plan out how Homecoming is going to go. That's the weekend of my birthday so it will be quite a celebration. We are making shirts, a signature drink, and tailgating all day (since we wont be able to actually GO to the game).
It was such a great time!

one Me and the girls showing our school spirit
two Free Coozies at the Bar!
three 49ers won 52-7! It was 32-7 by halftime!
four 49er shots every time they scored!

Now I didn't want to miss out on my LDW ritual of heading down to Atlanta so as soon as the game was over I drove down to Georgia (same day) to be with my sorority sisters. My line sister Melissa just moved there this year so it was nice to have a new place to stay!
We went out for dinner at my favorite Korean Taco place and headed out for drinks and dancing. 

one My sisters who live in ATL except for Tammie (far left) 
she came down to visit the boyfriend from New Jersey.
two I learned about Prohibition. This bar is a secret and you have to know the code to get in. 
No code. No entry. 
Place was straight out of the 20s and the drinks were delicious!
Next time I'm going to try a cigar.
three Wet Willies. Always a good time. Music was on point. All from the Dirty South.

I spent my last day in ATL with my family. My parents drove down from VA to visit my grandmother and BBQ with my Aunt and cousins. With my parents I took a trip to the Dekalb International Market and got some really cool things. I was ll the way mad that they have a strict NO TAKING PICTURES policy. Ugh.
Before we headed to my Aunts for a BBQ we stopped to get all my essential West Indian foods that I love. Curry powder, Plantain Chips, Pholourie, Patties, and Cheese Straw. Yum!
It was such a nice time and so awesome to see everyone. I hadn't seen most of them since New Years Eve. Last stop of the day was to visit my grandfathers grave. It was my first time back there since the funeral. 
one it was a rainy day but still nice and warm. I have been loving my jean vest these days!
two My grandfathers beautiful headstone
three Meet Jet! My line sisters awesome Lab
four Franks Caribbean grocery where I can get most of my yummy goodies!

Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend!


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MakeupWithTea said...

This is awesome! Looks like you had a really fun day! :D

Btw thanks for joining the Blog Hop! Hope you're having fun! :D
-Your Co-host, Lynn @ MakeupWithTea