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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Food Fun: Cabo Fish Taco

Cabo Fish Taco is one of my new favorite spots in Charlotte.

Whenever I think about fish tacos I always imagine the West Coast.
So its pretty great that this place popped up in North Carolina.

I love that there are only 2 locations; here and Blacksburg, VA. 
So its a nice little special gem for us.

I don't get to go that often but I think that helps me enjoy it even more.
Its almost like my first time when its been too long!

Any place that sells tacos should definitely have some good chips and salsa. 
This corn salsa gives me life!
It takes different from Chipotle's; probably because of the tomatoes. 
But I get full on just the salsa.
So yummy!

I love trying new things,
 so when I was told Shark was the Special for the evening 
I didn't even look at the menu.
I always get the blackened mahi mahi so I of course got both.

Shark tastes just like chicken (doesn't everything) but then at the end it does just taste like fish. 
Overall I loved it. Especially with the jalapeno avocado salsa mixed with it.
I hope they put it on the menu permanently.

Has anyone else ever had shark?



Anonymous said...

That plate looks delish!
I never had fish tacos because ehhh seafood is not really my thing, but after looking at this I just might have to try some!

Lady Luck said...

wow! looks YUMMY!!!

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