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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Busy Busy Busy

Since school started on Monday my substitute teaching gig has already began (woo hoo money)
And that means not having as much time to blog like I was hoping to do this month (womp womp)
But I wanted to check back in with my August Goals to see how I did.
I cant believe its getting ready to be September. 
I know I always say this but man this year is really flying by!

sooooooooo I didnt do so well this month.
I crossed out 3 things...because I was only able to get to 2 things. Who knew how hard it was to make time to sit and watch Harry Potter. Most people wouldn't mind doing that!
But I was able to go to Charlotte Pride Festival this past weekend (post on that later) and I bought a flattering bathing suit TECHNICALLY in July but I wore it like every weekend in August so it kind of counts.
"Thats a far stretch Nikki"

I was however doing a lot of reading this month and I was finally able to read several books that had been looming on my list. Gone Girl was awesome I finally understand the hype and I cant wait to read the other books that follow. Girls in White Dresses is funny and sarcastic so I was really laughing out loud when I read this. Very cute I think everyone should give it a chance.

So I was only actually get 2 things crossed on my August goals.
I really wanted some Empanandas too. :(
But that's okay. September is coming and I will. do. better.



Carla said...

I've wanted to watch the Harry Potter movies as well. I've only seen one. And for my summer reading? I definitely didn't read all of the books that I had planned to. I do plan to do a lot of reading and resting this weekend though.

Simply Evani said...

Gone Girl has been on my list! I just need to do it now.

Jasmine said...

Hi Nikki, I'm you're newest follower! Follow me at www.weigh2gomom.blogspot.com

Nnenna said...

I think you did pretty well with your list :) Also, Gone Girl was so good- I almost want to read it again!

star-crossed smile