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Friday, September 6, 2013

Excited for the weekend...kinda

Happy Friday All!

It's the weekend and its the last one where I don't have any concrete plans with friends, i'm not going out of town, and no one is getting married, etc.
But next week the madness begins. 
I made a lot of commitments this Fall so I just need to make it to November and I will be good.
Oh boy.

Tomorrow I will be spent tailgating and cheering on my 49ers as they play their 2nd Home football game. I was able to score some tickets this weekend so me and the bestie are going. We couldn't pass on this opportunity because we figured it might be the only time we get to go this season.
I am praying to the football gods that we get to go to the Homecoming game.
Either way we are tailgating and the parentals are coming in town for the birthday.
Talk about a party!

In honor of such awesome luck I am finally getting a chance to participate in #backthatazzup Friday with Whitney. I love her blog more and more everyday.

But I've been jamming to Jay-Z's album since it came out and this song is beginning to be the top 3. Right behind F*ckwithmeyouknowigotit :)




Anonymous said...

Sounds like it will be a an overall good weekend! Have fun at the game!

Simply Evani said...

I got SO confused when you mentioned the Niners because I know you're not from CA! Okay, I get it now. Haha have a great relaxing weekend girlfriend!

Sara Elizabeth said...

Looks like a fun weekend plan! Enjoy it!