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Monday, September 16, 2013

Bachelorette Party Weekend!!!

This weekend was one of my friends Keshia's Bachelorette party.
When she asked my bestie Nicole to plan her party I immediately wanted to help. 
Event planning is what I would love to do for a living!

Being a host can be fun if you plan every detail, and of course my Type-A butt helped Nicole do just that.
Everyone knows that I'm always down for a good party, 
but a lot of time and effort definitely went into making sure this party was memorable.
We planned to start at H&M (where else are you going to have a great party) 
for all the pregame festivities.

We welcomed everyone with drinks and light and hors d'oeuvres.
I think our spread looks great! Shout out to my bestie Nicole for the set up!

As people arrived we made sure to start the party as soon as they walked through the door. 
Jello shots upon entry!
We plan on implementing this "toll" anytime we have a "turn up" at our house.
You are never too old for a Jello Shot!

I was most excited about everyone using the Photo Booth.
I was going to buy some bachelorette themed pieces, but I found of them to be degrading and a little "extra" so I didn't get them. I don't know anyone who was going to be using the "dirty sl*t" sign willingly.
So then I decided to create my own.
I tried to make them as fun as possible.

Overall the Photo booth was a big hit! 
I threw up some hot pink paper on the wall and let everyone go crazy!
Ladies were using everything from the feather boa to the smiley face "friend".
I'm taking all the pictures we took to make a scrapbook for Keshia as part of her wedding present. 
I think she will really love it.

We played a couple of games which went over really well. 
If I ever get a chance to plan another bachelorette party I will definitely use them again.
All I will say is that they included shirtless men and lots of candy. LOL

There was dinner and a trip to the club after all of this, 
but the highlight of the night was definitely our house.

All in all is was a good night.

How was your weekend?


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Simply Evani said...

Too cute! I love that you made your own props, they are great!

smk053078 said...

So much fun!!! Loving the photo props...it's not a bachelorette party without them!! ;)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

How fun! You guys did a great job of planning and it's obvious from the photobooth that you all had a blast!

Thanks for linking up :)

Filiz @ Light and Sweet said...

Love your set up! So cute!

curtis03 Lewis said...

These preparations done are so cute. Pictures are all describing the fun you had with girls. Went for a bridal shower of my friend's sister last week. Liked the beautiful interior of wedding venues Los Angeles and the dinner tables managed by the catering staff. Decorations and party favors were quite attractive.