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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I Want You Back!

Breaking News! Rumors!

So there has been lots of talk that *NSYNC may have a reunion at the VMAs this weekend!
This is the most exciting news I've heard all year!
I really hope this happens *crosses fingers*
I may even wear my shirt for the occasion.
Still in good condition after 10+ years.

Every girl in the world that grew up with these men will revert back to their preteen self and just lose it!
That was such a great time to be a girl!

I was personally a JC fan.
I thought he sang better, dressed better, and looked better.
That man could do no wrong.
And when he did this on my concert DVD...

I wanted to marry him. O_o

Moving on....

So In honor of the best boy band of all time (its a fact not my opinion)
I thought I would share my Top 5 NSYNC song of all time list.
Its ridiculous to narrow it down to 5, but it forced to really think about it.
Plus it gave me a chance to dust off my old CDs turn on my Ipod and jam out!

I was all about what songs were the catchiest, 
had the sexiest music videos, 
and evoked emotion.
At least from my 11-15 year old self.

I've included all the videos for your viewing pleasure.

Five. Girlfriend
I love this song. I will say that about every *NSYNC song on this list just warning you.
I especially liked the fact that there was a remix with Nelly which made it fun.
But I was jealous of the girls up close and personal with the guys in the video.
And considering this is pre-Bieber, I think its a lot more desirable to be asked to be someones girlfriend, then for you to tell me all the reasons you should be my boyfriend. 
No thanks Bieber.

Four. This I Promise You
Such a sweet song and I have such fond memories of this song being performed live.
I went to the No Strings Attached tour when they came to San Diego. 2000 was the best year of my life because of that tour (okay well not my life, but when you are 14 that was the best moment).
They traveled across the moving stage into the audience and threw flowers out into the audience *swoon*
I'm sure when this came out it was a popular wedding song.

Three. Its Gonna Be Me
No Strings Attached is my favorite NSYNC album and this song tops the list of favorites from it.
I will let my obsessed fanatic flag fly and say that I knew all the choreography from this music video, I had the puppets and I suddenly became into snakeskin because JC wore snakeskin pants in the video. 
I would do it in my room all the time whenever TRL played it. 
(OMG do you remember TRL?)
Plus this was also during Justin's fro look and I swear every white boy I knew in middle school wanted his hair so the girls would pay attention! LOL

Two. Tearin' Up My Heart
Yep its not Tearing...its Tearin'. You gotta love the slang. And 90s music videos.
A classic! If you don't know the words to this song you didn't have a fun childhood.
Just kidding (not really)
Even the guys I knew liked this song. *NSYNC was an epidemic when they came out. But can anyone explain to me why they were in a warehouse and why there was a bed?
I don't know but they looked so cool, cute and fun!
They were so baby faced. I miss them like this!

and the greatest *NSYNC song is...

One. Gone
The best. Point Blank.
Even though I was not going through relationship angst in middle school (no dating for me until wayyyy later) I thought this song was amazing and I have cried on more than one occasion hearing this song.
We will blame it on hormones. I was 14.
Even the Spanish version of this song was so pretty.
I love love love this song.

So that's my list. Runners up included "Bye Bye Bye", "I Want You Back", and "Pop", but I needed to choose. But we all know that any *NSYNC song is a good one.

If its been awhile since you have listened to these me sing;
You're welcome!

What songs would you put on your list? 
Who is your favorite guy?



Victoria Talia said...

During the time when they were popular, I was more of a Spice Girls fan but I definitely loved N Sync's songs as well! I didn't have a favorite guy, I just loved them as a whole group. My favorite songs that I still listen to today are "Want You Back" (I think that's what it's called- their first hit), "Tearin' Up My Heart", and "Bye Bye Bye" :)

Jennifer said...

AHHHHH love this post. i would die if they perform on sunday. i'm dying over the thought of it. they are my all-time fave too! BUT, i'd include i want you back in the top 5 songs.

Nnenna said...

Ummm, N Sync was definitely my fave in middle school! I think "Gone" would also have to be #1 on my list :)

star-crossed smile

Simply Evani said...

GAH I'm so conflicted on this. You know I have maddd love for you but you know my stance on BSB vs. Nsync. Let's just sayyyyy I did like "tearing up my heart" and leave the rivalry at that ;)

Xlovehappyx said...

Omg...I'm seriously holding back tears right now. LMAOOOO I am sniffling, that's how hard I'm holding back these tears! I can barely see as I'm typing this *blinks rapidly*

Ok. Thank you for letting me know about the POSSIBLE N*Sync reunion performance, I'm going to mark this on my calendar.

And WOMAN you MESSED UP by not including "Bye, Bye, Bye" on your list---that is #1!! haha

Btw, this is my first visit to your blog and you got me, hook line sinker. I'm Galaxia :) Have a great day!